AOL - AOL - billed for purchase without purchase confirmation

Posted on Thursday, April 1st, 2004 at 12:00am CST by e82e4459

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

In January, somehow, not being skilled with a newly acquired computer, and after having because of dissatisfaction with the service, cancelled AOL, I hit a button (An AOL icon, I think) and was immediately thanked for returning to AOL. There was no way to cancel that misconception, but I did not worry, wrongfully thinking that there would have to be some kind of confirmation process before I could be billed. However, in March I got word from the credit card company (the credit card which was first used to set up the AOL account) that AOL had been paid for a service never utilized.

I guess we just have to say,"Fine, my mistake," though I am convinced that AOL's practices are very unethical and manifest what it wrong with contemporary American businesses. I was informed by a lady rep of AOL, when I complained of finding it difficult to simply uninstall AOL altogether so as to never be bothered by them again, she informed me that that could only be done through their technical department, with which we are presently trying to work, with great difficulty. ...

Be that as it may, should people not have to confirm a purchase before being billed? Would that not be an ethical thing to do by such companies as AOL? .... The lady rep also informed me when I opined that AOLwas truly an undesirable company as indicated by many many e mail complaints I read on line, -- as well as by my own experience with the company-- that there are 36 Million AOL customers and AOL couldn't therefore be that bad. I immediately thought of how many at one time believed that the sun went around the earth and that the world was certainly flat. ....

I was encouraged by the news that shareholders are concerned about a projected 10Million dissatisfied people who intend to drop the service and about Germany which is warning against using AOL. ... Apparently, American businesses can now only be moved by a drop in the bottom line, and are certainly not guided by a true desire to satisfy customers nor by ethical principles. And we worry about outsourcing!



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