AOL - AOL - called to cancel - convinced by phone rep. to take free trial - then received letter from AOL that read would be charged $ 9.95 per month as agreed

Posted on Monday, March 29th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by a10bb988

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

On 2/2/04 I contacted AOL to cancel my service because I recently subscribed to Road Runner Broad Band service. I told the AOL representative that I have always been happy with the service but was not using it any longer.

He told me he could downgrade my account to a $9.95 plan. I said thanks but I'm not interested because I didn't think I would be using it at all. He then suggested that he would give me the downgraded plan free for a trial until April 14th to see if I would use it. He said if I still decided I wouldn't use it all I had to do was to call before the billing began 4/14.

A few days later I received a letter dated 2/6/04 from AOL stating the same thing: "This letter confirms that on 2/2/04 you agreed to continue your America Online, Inc. Your service will be continued and you will be charged $9.95 per month as agreed. These charges will resume after your period of free service expires, UNLESS YOU CONTACT US TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION BEFORE THIS DATE."

On March 26, 2004 I called AOL and spoke first to a customer service representative named Kala. I explained that I was calling to cancel my service because I had not used aol once while on the free trial and I didn't think this would change. She told me that I was committed for a six-month period and that she was sorry for any misunderstanding.

I explained that neither the representative nor the letter I was sent stated such a thing. She apologized again but said there was nothing she could do about it. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was then connected to Jessica.

I explained the problem and she stated she too was sorry for the misunderstanding but that there was nothing that could be done. I stated there had not been any misunderstanding and that AOL completely misrepresented themselves and that I was extremely disappointed in the company and that an apology is nice but that I expected this to be cancelled without any charges as I was told.

Jessica went on to suggest that I could get around this by going to a survey page on AOL twice a month and answer questions and my account would be credited $9.00 each month. I was to do this for six months. I said I would not do this and to cancel my account immediately.

I am very disappointed in AOL. It is not about $9.95 a month but how they misrepresented themselves. I feel that I have been scammed and I will not tolerate it. Any help you could provide would be appreciated.

Tina L


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