Westlake Financial - vehicle repossessed after being told all needed to do was pay and it would clear up the whole thing - car later returned by the repo guy after contacted the Corporate Office

Posted on Monday, March 29th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by a1a85e8c

Company: Westlake Financial - vehicle repossessed after being told all needed to do was pay and it would clear up the whole thing - car later returned by the repo guy after contacted the Corporate Office

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Westlake Financial - vehicle repossessed after being told all needed to do was pay and it would clear up the whole thing - car later returned by the repo guy after contacted the Corporate Office

Westlake Financial is the most unprofessional company I have ever had the displeasure of working with. Previously I had my first auto financed by Ford Motor Credit, however, I ran into some unforeseen financial problems which adversely effected my credit. Therefore when it became necessary to acquire another vehicle the dealership chose Westlake Financial to finance my vehicle. There were many problems from the start. The first thing was that the finance charges were so high that I will end up paying double for a used car and basically I am paying more money for this car used than if I had gone with another finance company and bought a new car. The greater issue is the way Customer Service handles their business. I will not go into to much detail but I am going to list the problems that I have encountered with this company in reference to Customer Service. (1) Westlake Financial's CSR staff have disclosed my personal financial information to friends and family members when trying to collect a debt without my verbal or written permission. (When they could have just contacted me in writing or by phone. I have been at the same address for over 3 years!!) Thereby violating some legal privacy act - I am sure. (2) Westlake Financial's CSR staff have left very angry and unprofessional messages on my answering machine. And when I have spoken to them one on one on the phone they have been more than rude, they have been verbally abusive which is completely unacceptable, I will not take that kind of treatment from them. ( I will need to find out if it is legal to record such conversations in my state) for legal reasons. (3) Westlake Financial's CSR staff have stated that they would not post money to my account that I had already sent by check until fees were paid. Which is not only illegal I am sure, also it was a lie because my bank verified that the checks had been cashed. I asked to speak to a supervisor and every time my requests were denied with a lie or just an abrupt - No ! With a dial tone to follow because the reps hangs up the phone!! (4) Then the worst part was that after payments were made in their entirety including late fees, wired per their requests, all hoops jumped through - Westlake Financial repossed my vehicle after they had stated that all I needed to do was pay them and it would clear up the whole thing. (5) The car was later returned to me by the repo guy after I contacted the Corporate Office - and even he said that they would never work with Westlake Financial again because they had cost them money and that they were unprofessional and had given them wrong information. He even suggested I take legal action against them. (6) The final thing is that the billing and accounting system has been very difficult to keep track of. Statements always arrive after the due date. And when I tried to get a password from customer service to check my information on the internet they have ignored my requests. How totally unprofessional. Why should I keep sending a company money if I do not know if they are posting my payments. I will be taking up my issues with the Corporate Office and the Better Business Bureau. What they need to realize is that even people with second chance financing have rights! And that as long as they are doing business in the USA they have to abide by the fair trade agreements that our government has in place. In the old days the MAFIA and other illegal organizations use to handle their business in this similar strong handed and unprofessional manner when dealing with the poor. It is a shame to see a so called professional business operating this way.

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217f7cda, 2008-06-06, 03:50PM CDT

I recently had bought a car from a dealer here in arizona and it did go thru westlake I had paid them now two yrs and they still harrass me about payments when I had already sent it out

aa2694c6, 2008-08-08, 04:35PM CDT

yes is trut i have the same problem with this asshoss

afe252a2, 2008-08-19, 01:02PM CDT

i have had the same problem with them ialmost ecaxtly to yours and what was funny when i asked to talk to a supervisor she did connect me but i was an a conference call or something and the csr bad mouth me i dont think she knew i was on the line when i finally spoke the csr said that i didnt care about my car and didnt need to have it after i cursed her out and talked to the supervisor i got things straightened out but still the service is very rude and if i could have went to LA to meet these people i would have punched that lady and i dont hit women lol

853cd924, 2008-09-04, 06:12AM CDT

i dont know of any law suits but i do know that i am trying to refinance my car thru some one else they are so rude and nasty to people i dont even know how they are still in business they gave me 1000 dollars to help with repairs to my car which is the dealers fault buy i am dealing with that but in giving me the money they waited until my next payment was due and then asked for a payment and said they wouldn't give me the money to fix my car until i gave them a payment times are hard now and no one needs this type of harrassment

5b56d564, 2008-11-02, 09:50AM CST

My mother in law and father in law have an auto loan through Westlake. It has been two and a half years and they have only received 6 account statements. They are both hearing impaired, so I am authorized to speak on their account. I have inquired about their missing statements only to be disconnected or hung up on. My in laws are running about a month behind on their payment because they can only make the payment when my father in law gets his disability check on the 3rd of each month. They call me about 5 or 6 times a day wanting to know when the payment will be made, only for me to give the same answer each time they call. Help!!!

40e53b05, 2008-11-20, 09:18PM CST

This is very true, this loan company sucks to the 10th power! Im wondering does anyone still have the number to their CORPORATE office?

775da290, 2008-11-18, 09:47AM CST

I am amazed that I came across this information. I ran into the same problem just yesterday 11/17/08. I was told to make a payment and they will not repo my vehicle. But in my case an agency was sending in payment and Westlake would not wait 10 days for the payment. My payment was due on 10/19/08 and the agency was paying for Oct and Nov. The customer service from the collection department was very unprofessional and just down right rude and nasty. The agency called and spoke with the collection department and when she was displeased with the information that was given to her she asked for his manager, from there the collection agent hung up on her. I called back and spoke with that paticular person and was dissatisfied with his actions and asked to speak with his manager. I spoke with the manager and to my surprise he was rude also. All along they knew that the agency was making the payment and they would not return her calls nor contact me. When Westlake contact you it is an unknown caller on the caller ID. I do not answer unknown calls. They also lies and say that they have left several messages in which they have never left messages on my voice mail. So, i was not a happy person. If I could refinance my vehicle with another finance company I would. I hope that everyone who reads this do not use Westlake Finance for any type of financing. They are not a good finance company to work with. Even if this is a second chance finance for you. Please seek other financing.

b309a44e, 2008-11-26, 02:22PM CST

I agree these people are beyond unproffessional and rude. I have never even done business with them and i had their supervisor FRANK yell at me, curse at me, and threatned to have the police called on me and all i did was answer the phone and say hello. You know its really unprofessional when the so called supervisor calls someone else's house demanding for a payment without even asking for the person who really owes the money.

8dbce55d, 2009-01-06, 02:06AM CST

i bought a chevy surburburn through westlake, i wish i can give it back. the dealer told me i can refinance my car after six months only to call them and say no. am thinking of giving it up but they bitching at me so much i wish i can fuck them up

169aeece, 2009-02-19, 01:57PM CST

I cannot believe the same complaints the same old story about WL Financial and they are still in buisness & they are part of the BBB.

Im not even on this car loan, its my husbands and they contact my family regarding it....everyday!!! What can we do about this?

c250936f, 2009-02-23, 11:45PM CST

I am a current customer with WLF and they have treated me the same way I called and inform them of my situation and they refused to deal with me, I have called for extension they would tell me to write a letter and fax it explainning my situation and they would give me a deferreral and then they would call back talking very disrespectfully to me and say they never got the fax and that I am lying they are very unprofessional and now they charged off my account and will not take payments.

eb439554, 2009-02-26, 09:17PM CST

I currently have a loan with Westlake Financial. The problems started in August of 08. I got a call for them and the lady said that if I sent them $288.00 via Western Union the would defer the September Payment. With bank and Western Union Fees it cost me approximately $100.00 to send it to them. Towards the end of August, after I had sent the money, they called me and stated I would have to send them a deferal fee. The original verbal aggreeement was if I sent the $288 they would defer the September payment. There was no mention of any fees on the first call. I didn't send them the September payment. Now everymonth I get 4 or 5 calls about the late payment. I have sent a monthly payment evvery month since October, and they cash the check every month.

Also I have told them,since October, to come and get the car. All I get from them is harrassment and threats. They never have the correct address or know the what the car is or looks like. I haven't received a statement from them in over a year. Them have called some of my refferences as well.

today was thew last straw my wife received 5 calls wanting to know where the car was so they could come and get it. This is about 2 hours after I had told them to come to my house and I will give them the car. The male caller stated he would keep calling until my wife told him where the car was and who was driving it. I had my wife stop payment on this months payment and they can come and get it. If will be contacting some news station consumer investigators as well.

Today was the last straw

d7d030ff, 2009-06-17, 08:33PM CDT

I am actually in a lawsuit with Westlake for false statements on our credit, never getting title to the vehicle, forging my husband and my names on a financial statement, and never getting a copy of our contract!!!! Talk about Unprofessional! I did research for a year, then went to DMV investigations who helped so much, then I got a lawyer! It's such a long drawn out story, but it comes down to bad business and Westlake being totally lazy on their end for two years before they ever even filed for title and still have not gotten it resolved! So I couldn't even legally drive the vehicle because of no registration stickers, but yet I paid up the ying yang in registration fees???? Go figure!They tried to strong arm me, even came and took the vehicle but I never gave up!

daa08cbf, 2009-07-24, 02:33AM CDT

I would love for you all to come together with me on this matter i am filing personal suits if i can against them. i have talked to a few different guys there is this one guy JOE who is an amazing and helpful rep at westlake but every one else has called me pathetic i am 20 yrs old didnt even get my car till i was 19.5 and got my first credit card 2 months before i got my car i have had it not even a year and i have been called pathetic by my "low" credit score and by my hours being MANDATORY cut by my company i work for. i asked for a 2 day hold on my credit card and the reps have all told me no. a Mr. Eiles called and harassed me horribly i dont even know how they got my cell phone number He called my mom fat and called me a low life/ then on another day a Mr. Rameriz called and again called me pathetic for living paycheck to paycheck being 20 yrs old and not knowing a single thing. i am supporting myself my son and my boyfriend due to the economy and his job loss. I have taken it to the Better Biz Burral and they are activingly working with me i just need every one else to help with this and get this company to get a wake up call. this is NOT right what they are doing with there action!

email me at

MUNCHKIN(underscore)2007 at LIVE dot COM

c43fd2c8, 2009-07-27, 08:52PM CDT

yes Westlake Financial will take the money from a bank using a card and then say they did not get it,which the bank shows it did, so i had to make another payment to keep them happy they are not nice to deal with, lot of head aches, and they will try to play repo but i guess they forgot about the caller id with 3 numbers which i knew it was them so i play along, i think they just do this game to make more money from people they got lot more money then what the contract say, they will find numbers that you have not giving them,

4a2bd0f8, 2009-11-20, 08:41AM CST

I am currently going through the same thing..We need to get together and banned this company from doing the collections they are doing

f2cac9a2, 2010-01-19, 09:40PM CST

Here you go, I would love to take them to court . My number is 5093680971 Pasha

Anonymous, 2010-08-10, 09:28PM CDT



691efc14, 2010-09-29, 09:49AM CDT

I bought my car thru Westlake Financial - Oct, 2009. I wish I had seen these comments before doing business with this unethical company. In July, 2010, my car was involved in an accident. Now I take full blame for not having full coverage on the car and I advised Westlake as such. I ask for assistance in getting the car fixed. Which they agreed too. I even said I would increase my payments from $400 a month to $600 a month in an attempt to pay them back. Five days later, I received a letter from them stating they had picked up my car from the repair shop and it would be sold in a private auction on a particular date. When I received that letter I assumed they'd retracted on the agreement and did not want to work with me. Now understand, I was not late on my payments nor had I ever missed a payment but I did not pay August or September payment because I had received the letter stating they were selling the car. Since then, I've received calls everyday...all day...on my cell and at work. I have ask them to stop calling my job (to no avail) and have explained to them I would not make another payment since they (in essence) repo'd the car. Since I am a 'Paralegal', I'm investigating what avenues can be taken to stop this harrassment. I have found that you can write the company and advise them to only contact you via letters (as long as your address has not changed or if it does, you notify them of the new address). I am initiating that avenue today (via certified/return receipt letter). I would recommend all who have problems with this company, send their complaints in writing and make sure it is certified/return receipt. If I find out anything additional to do, I will advise all.

4b1bd2f7, 2011-01-26, 03:52PM CST

im probably a little bit late since you posted this, but yes you do have rights, i currently work for ally financial and there is a privacy act all financial companies have to abid by on our customers information and the company can be sued for it.. just thought i'd let you know bc im bout to look into it, bc my dad has a vehicle with these idiots and they are giving out his personal info to relatives and friends and leaving unappropriate msg.

056aeb89, 2011-06-20, 01:42PM CDT

yes they are very unprofessional.They have unexperienced customer service reps who are very rude and constantly speak over you and argue with you when you are trying to explain something to them so you can get thier mistake fixed. I was upset when I called in as it was but was being polite to try to get the issue resolved. Westlake has not and does not have my social security number and i pulled my credit and saw they have not been reporting my timely payments for each month so i called in to inquire on this and the rep constantly kept speaking over me interuppting me and after a few times of him doing this it began irritating me so I began raising my voice and he continued telling me it was not thier problem or responsibility to call me and try to get my social corrected on thier files. can you believe this! After asking to speak to a superviser whom never even came to the phone to see what the problem was the rep began saying im not going to keep argueing with you and hung up on me. I called back and started speaking to another rep trying to explain this to him and he started doing the same thing speaking over me! what kind of business is this! i regret doing any business whit any of these yahoos. I gaurentee you if any of my payments were late they would surely figure out how to report the late payments on my credit! This is the saddest company i have ever conducted business with and totally regret it. never again will this happen and i will put word out about this company to every person i know.

ab49ae1f, 2012-03-22, 01:33AM CDT

it seems this company is in the business

of taking property and profit after

getting your payments and for me

a very large down payment

anyone get lawyer info

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