Marketing Masters Inc. - Apple Blossom Company - Marketing Masters Inc., Stauton, VA - got phone call saying won one of three prizes - told have to go to Fredericksburg and take a tourn of resort to redeem prize

Posted on Sunday, March 21st, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 1775c057

Product: Apple Blossom Company

Company: Marketing Masters Inc.

Location: STAUTON, VA, US

Category: Scam Contests

This is concerning the Apple blossom Company - Marketing Masters inc., P.O. Box 2562, Staunton VA 24402. I just wanted to complain about a prize drawing. I got a phone call saying I won one of 3 prizes, $30,000 towards any vehicle I choose, $25,000 cash, or $500 cash. All I had to do was wait for a pink envelope in the mail and it would tell me how to redeem my prize.

I got it and now it says I have to go to Fredericksburg and take a 90 minute tour of some resort. It also added in another prize, a one-year family ski package something-or-another. Funny thing is - the odds of winning this prize they neglected to mention are 199,989 in 200,000. Interesting, right?

Yeah, this is a scam to get people to take a tour to pressure them into buying something with the resort to go along with their little ski package promotion, I just think it's wrong for them to try and take advantage of people like this. I saw someone else post a similar comment on this site so I thought I'd write one too. Sincerely,



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Anonymous, 2007-09-19, 02:37PM CDT

I don't even enter these things because I did it many years ago and learned that it was a scam. We are on the do not call registry, so when a phone number came in listed under MRKNG MASTERS I* I answered and said that we do not take sales calls. The witch had the nerve to call back and leave a message on my machine saying "then don't fill out entry forms". I called the number back and asked for the supervisor and got the same reply. I did NOT fill out an entry form I think that they lied or someone decided to enter me in it because I DO NOT enter those mall things because they ARE a scam. What irritates me the most is being Marketing Masters, they are SELLING not calling to tell me that I won a car. I am contacting the BBB.

19b3fd94, 2008-11-19, 06:43PM CST

Thank you so much for putting this on the internet. I just got the same call. What a scam.

994e97fa, 2009-06-11, 05:41PM CDT

Still doing it as of 6/8/09. Thank you for this complaint, I found it about 2 minutes before they called. Slightly different prizes, but same place that called, same location to tour and everything.

9cc74e1a, 2010-11-28, 02:17AM CST

Yea they did the same to us but we werent told everything they said we needed to pay 25 dollars to hold our room which they debited from our checking account. Then we get our yellow envelope and it says per our request. Ding Ding a light went off and I started checking it out because our letter said we had to take a 90 minute tour. I also got to thinking if you are only 1 of 3 winners why did you have to pay to hold your room if it was suppose to be paid for. And we thought we entered for a car. I told my husband we werent driving 5 hrs and take days off from work because after reading there little paper in the envelope that said per your request and we were the one called and told we won. we knew the tour would lead to if you won it was everybody winning a ski and gulf package. so if there was 3 winners why have to hold our room with a deposit. what a joke and big scam

ce6f32d0, 2013-12-26, 12:02PM CST

Have you ever been in a shopping mall and there was a bright, shiny car up that a drawing was being held for? And all you had to do was fill out an entry card and drop it in a bin. Well, generally that is really a front for crap like the OP wrote about, that and time share sales. And then your information is passed on to other low-life companies that contact you for all kinds of BS. People need to realize that businesses aren't just handing out money and prizes for the heck of it. There is always an underlying motive, i.e. money in THEIR pockets. YOUR money!

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