SBC 411 Telephone Directory Information - SBC 411 Telephone Directory Information - trouble getting telephone number for a doctor in the small town of Wharton, TX

Posted on Sunday, March 21st, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 245a3c65

Company: SBC 411 Telephone Directory Information

Category: Government, Police

Called directory assistance 1 411 to get a doctors phone number in a small town, Wharton, Texas. Not too many doctors there so it can't be that complicated, I thought! Twice I was told that there is no such doctor and immediately got hung up on. I thought maybe I had the incorrect spelling.

The third time I reached somone who was about to hang up again when I pleaded for help. Maybe I have the incorrect spelling? He very reluctantly checked three spellings for the last name. One "s" two "s"es and maybe it was an "f"?.

After I was told again that there is no such person or doctor I was informed that I was being charged $3.75 for this call due to "three look ups".

I found it on my own with the very first spelling on the net immediately thereafter. The pros gave me "NO" phone number for a doctor and O was charged $6.25 total. The rude behavior and quick hang ups of the operators is gratis!

There is a free website which looks this up for you.

Had I known I could have saved some money and aggravation. Never 1 411 again!

Thank you

Cookie G


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