Classic Spas Manufacturing, Inc., Marysville, Ca - building dream pool turned out to be a nighmare

Posted on Tuesday, March 16th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 62f60a77

Company: Classic Spas Manufacturing, Inc., Marysville, Ca - building dream pool turned out to be a nighmare

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Classic Spas Manufacturing, Inc., Marysville, Ca - building dream pool turned out to be a nighmare

Classic Spas Manufacturing, Inc.

Eduardo R

Fiberglass Pools spas and bathtubs

1400 Melody Road

Marysville, CA 95901

My husband and I waited 7 years to build equity in our home to get a equity loan out to build our dream pool which turned out to be a nightmare.

We thought classic spas would be the perfect place to have our dreampool done with . They came to our house and made it sound like they would do a really great job. We payed in advance one third to hold our spot for starting our pool.

Clasic spas showed up and started digging in june 2003. and it all seemed ok . Then they left an 8 foot hole in our back yard for 3 weeks came out and dumped sand on part street and part of our front lawn it was tracktored over our front lawn and destroyed patches as we had put plywood on the lawn to help it from digging it up but the part they didn't drive over the plywood destroyed the parts of the lawn. We excepted that we would just resead .

Classic spas would show up once or twice a week and rush plumbing, cement, electrical, etc. they were her a total of aprox.10 days working and the pool was not finished until the 3 week of august 2003. I feel they took our payments and once they got to total of our money which was paid in advance for each step of the jobs they just put us on hold for the up coming siduation of the spa pipe not holding the presure to keep water in the spa which was reported to them in november.

In two and a half months our dream pool was not working after paying 25,000.00 for a pool that didn't turn out like I expected but excepted in disapointment. I was not happy that every weekend they put us off for appointments and would never show on the date they

stated. It is now March 14 2004 a sunday .

We called last week and they stated they would be out on the 13th and we called when there was a no show to fix the spa they claim the bad rains kept them from coming to fix it 3 months ago. The past week of the month its been all 80 degree weather as it was still nice in november when it was first reported. We

were very upset in calling saturday the 13th as they said they would once again be here to fix it and again another no show. Classic spas said they would be out sunday at 8am 2004 they arrived at 10.00 am with

not the right tools to even fix it and are at the store buying tools to dig .

They are going to dig under the cement which was poored arround the spa as its connected to the pool all in one piece of fiberglass pool. I feel this will cause the cement to shift and crack as parts are allready

cracking from the winter. I feel they are not even knowing how to repair it. To me we are average income poeple and it was a big splerge for us to get a pool we always had dreamed of and they have really ruined our dream and made it into never wanting to even have had it done . To us for 25,000.00 was a heck of alot of money which we will be paying on for years for this desaster. Its not even enjoyable knowing they dont even know how to do there service of putting in fiberglass spas.

I wish I could do it all over I am very sad and want to move now.


Its still not fixed in march

Michelle R

Dixon CA

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