Arbys - Arbys, Wilton Mall, Saratoga Springs, NY - long wait in line - advised employee of this fact and got rude response

Posted on Sunday, March 14th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by cf5581c9

Company: Arbys

Location: Wilton Mall

Category: Restaurants, Bars

I want to wage a complaint against the associates at Arbys at Wilton Mall, Saratoga, N.Y.

After waiting in a long line to be waited on, the associate from the other long line, asked us all from the line I was in to move over to his line, which was already terribly long,( I guess the girl associate from my line was going on break, which was not the right time for this, as they were very swamped) All of us customers were not happy about this, as we had been waiting a long time, just to be told to move over to the end of the other long line, to start all over, waiting.

When it was finially my time to order, I politely let the guy know, it was rude of the girl to do that, when we all had been waiting so long. The teenage guy flipped out, yelling at me. I was very upset about this treatment, and when I joined my family at the table in the food court with the food and began trying to digest my food in my upset stomach, because of the episode that had just happened. I had all the associates, looking over at me the whole time, saying things about me, and laughing etc.

I finished my food, and went to speak with the shift supervisor (no Manager on) about all of this, and she gave me the name of the manager. I went to customer service to complain, because they told me from Arbys to go to the Mall office to complain, knowing darn well the office wasn't opened on a weekend.

I never did call Arbys Manager, because I could tell by their attitudes at Arbys that I wouldn't get anywhere with her either, as the shift supervisor, didn't even apologize for the associates actions. I have since stopped eating at Arbys, which I did every time I was at the mall. But I won't be treated like this. The saying of "the customer always being right" doesn't apply here evidently.

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