Kirby Vacuum machine - terrible in-home sales experience

Posted on Saturday, March 13th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by ac2be9bc

Company: Kirby Vacuum machine - terrible in-home sales experience

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Kirby Vacuum machine - terrible in-home sales experience

Kirby Machines

3/11/2004,Kirby Vacuum machines: I was approached my a sales person who wasted my entire day and I ended up calling 911 for them to leave my premises and to resolve a harassment dispute as that they tried to create a situation. The sales rep Rosio stated that she only needed to do a 5 min presentation. I told her I don’t have the time, and that I have seen the machine before. She started assembling my machine and disregarded everything I said. There was no documentation for the Kirby machine. I asked what is the wattage...she didn’t know ...but said it uses the same amount as a tv. I said I don’t believe her, cause all the good machines I know are over 1200 watts. She insisted to do the demo for 5 minutes and plugged it into my 1000watts Computer backup system which killed the system instantly.

I was annoyed, but kept calm as I told her that I will sign whatever paperwork to say that she did the presentation as I wanted her to leave....she refused and continued trying to make claims that the pollution in the house could cause my son to get sick over the years. I said that I would rather my son be able to play with some dirt and mud occasionally. She carried on a prolonged conversation. I make several calls on speaker phone to my brother and a friend to get them to come over to deal with the rep and their issues, but they couldn’t come at the time.

However, she found a wall outlet her machine going and continued doing her own thing and spreaded more circular filters with dust, which my son walked and attemped to play with. She disregarded my son presence and continued spreading more dust filled filters, saying that her supervisor will come to count them, in order to verify that the presentation was done. I placed my son on the chair to watch on, and I went upstairs to complete some computer work. To my surprise, she came up a few minutes after, walked in my room with the Kirby machine in her hands and the cord trailing along the steps ( totally disregarding my son) who was attempting to come up. She asked to cleaned my computer keyboard. I told her ‘NO!…I am currently working on my computer!!. She mentioned that she don’t have a computer. I gave her a business card for a friend’s computer business and a cd. Next she proceeded to my bedroom and started running the vacuum on the bed….I came over to the room quickly and told her that she is damaging my sheet and to leave. It was 5.20pm ..I called my brother again…he said he would come shortly as he was at my mom’s house. I escorted the sales rep downstairs and asked her to call her supervisor on my phone.

She did…but gave him false info that she was discussing the sale. She told me, that she would leave if she got some references. I wrote a few names and numbers. Her supervisor came a few minutes after and tried showing me figures…I told him, I am not interested at this time. They both went outside to discuss something and she back without her supervisor. She asked me for a number to contact me…I gave her my fax line, which she wrote on a filter paper. She picked up one of the smaller packages and took it outside, so I picked up the larger piece and took it towards the door to avoid her coming back in. My brother just arriver and opened the spring loaded (storm) door so that she can take her out. After she left, my brother and I picked up all of the dirty filters scattered all over the carpet (35 pieces or more) and disposed off it. I told him what happened and went to search for a package for him before he left. My wife came home shortly (after 8 mins). Suddenly the sales rep opened, and came thru my door with two of her associates, and claim that she was harassed at the door. Her woman associate started raising her hands and voice at me and making allegations. I called the cops who came to represent both parties. After an investigation was done…the case was dismissed as they found her lying. This shocking event leaves me and my distraught wife angry and disturbed.

Deryck L

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67049a48, 2008-03-11, 01:17AM CDT

I am a former employee of the Kirby company, or as it was called in Calumet City, Illinois...DDC Services. I will give you the real low down on how this company and many branches of it who go buy clever alias try to scam people out of their money. I answered an ad in a newspaper about working for a company who was looking to fill management positions but entry level paid $1600 a month. This was the worst mistake of my life. Never answer an ad that doesn't list the name of the company or address or the name of anyone who works there. They didn't even tell us exactly what we would be doing until we showed up for orientation. And don't think you're special when they hire you on the spot, the turnover rate is so high they are constantly recruiting new groups of about 25 people, who quickly dwindle in number as the days go by. Just check your local newspaper. They are always hiring with the same or slightly altered ad. They also have several different alias. The Kirby I worked for was called DDC Services in Calumet City, Illinois.

First of all you are expected to perform 15 demos on poor unsuspecting people who have been led to believe they are getting a free carpet cleaning. Also you are supposed to get at least 15 "leads" from each house you visit. These leads are the names and numbers of people you know who we take and try to scam into buying a machine. You also work 6 days a week for diddly squat if you don't con enough people into actually buying this $2000 crappy machine. You have to lug it around with you everywhere and it weighs a ton! At the office where I worked, we drove our own vehicles to already scheduled appointments so it wasn't really door to door. Anyway, I quit after working for them for about a week. My back and knees were beginning to ache from carrying the huge machine back and forth to my car. I hate intruding on people and trying to pressure them into buying something that is not worth it. Also the people in our office smoked constantly even though it's illegal to smoke in public buildings in Illinois. I am pissed off that I didn't get paid for that week that I worked for them because I didn't trick anyone into wasting money on one of those hunks of junk. Honestly, i'm glad I didn't rope any of the people into doing that. I can just take it as a lesson learned to never answer an ad like that again and also be thankful that I didn't waste any more of my time, or gas money to that horrible company. Being that I actually have a degree in interior design, I should have ran once I saw how shabby the building was. If you're wondering why I have a college degree and ended up working for them, the awesome furniture company I used to work for went out of business in late January. Jobs were scarce and like I said, I answered a misleading print ad.

I should have listened to my dad when he said that any company that has no education or experience requirements but puts how much money you'll make in bold print is nothing but BAD NEWS!

You don't have any benefits, job security or growth potential with this company. You are just used as a pawn to peddle their wares! The "management positions" don't really exist. It's an incentive to try deperately to hang on to workers who generally quit after the first week. I wish I was like the other people who quit on the first day. It would have saved a lot of time and money on my part. Oh, and when you do walk in to quit, all of the supervisors who were so nice in the beginning all of a sudden turn on you and try to get you to stay. I mean I could have cut the tension with a knife. Even the owner seemed angry that I was leaving. Then their little toady tried to remind me that I was walking away from $1000 by quitting. I told him the money doesn't matter if you're doing a job you hate. And believe me, you'll hate that job!

But the people who should really be pittied and looked down upon are the ones who still work for Kirby...

cd546a04, 2009-02-03, 01:10PM CST

Thank you so much for this post!! I was going to go in for an "interview" today but after reading this I've decided against it. I knew something was fishy about this place. The job position was posted on craigslist, and the company claims to pay $20 per hour entry level. These people are full of shit.

9fd82d4c, 2009-02-04, 11:56AM CST

The ad will state that they are hiring people to do "display work". They won't tell you it's Kirby until you've already invested an hour or so being there. Waste of time. The pay at McDonald's is comparable, and if you're good at or interested in sales you can wokr an honest sales job for much more money.

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