- - I subsequently called the 800 number and was told that apparently the day I placed the order, this particular chair went on back order.

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This internet company deals with the sales of Adirondack lawn furniture. I ordered a chair for my sister who lives in Oklahoma City, OK April 5, 2004 and was assured she would receive her chair on April 15, 2004. When two weeks passed after the 15th and I hadn't heard from her about the chair, I called and only then found out that she hadn't received it. I subsequently called the 800 number and was told that apparently the day I placed the order, this particular chair went on "back order." I was not given any notice on email nor my home or work phone numbers despite the fact that this information was given twice in the ordering process.

I was told that the back order had no definitive date for actually getting shipment and I then asked to speak with a manager who identified himself as "Dan." Dan could not assure me of a date upon which my sister would receive her chair and I was left with a decision of having to either get my money back and find another vendor, or ride out the back order process to hopefully get the chair within a reasonable time frame. I elected to wait to see when the chair might come in and requested compensation for my troubles. Dan could not guarantee compensation he indicated he might be able to offer 10%.

All this time, they had my money and I had no product and I had no guarantee for a definite shipment date. I told Dan I wanted to hear from him the first of June to get the status of this chair, he agreed. The first of June came and went and no surprise at this point, I did not hear from Dan. May 28, I contacted Dan and left a message on his personal phone voice mail system asking for a return call. I then called the 800 number and spoke with a nice gal who assured me that she would do some checking on my order and get back to me that day. I was on vacation and left my home number.

As the weekend progressed, I was confident I would not hear back from either. I returned to work June 7 and found a voice mail message from the gal from the 800 number telling me she was sorry but the chair was still back ordered until June 17 but if my sister didn't get it by then to call them and they would look into it. I did not hear from Dan the manager again. I received an email message that day from my sister that she had received her chair on May 28, 2004.

I received no other notice or information from I subsequently called and spoke with Dan's supervisor, a Brian Kraft, explained my tale of woes and told him I was now seeking compensation for this odyssey. He reluctantly offered 10%, I suggested that that was a bit shy given the ridiculous trail of bad business practice by and that it would be nice to send my sister the foot stool, he flatly said "no." I informed him that they not only lost future sales in me, but that my mother who was going to purchase another chair for my sister would not be buying through

Further, I was not going to recommend this company to anyone seeking this kind of lawn furniture.

Buyer beware, this is a poorly-run internet business.

Kathie S


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