ShopNBC - ShopNBC - failure to bill credit card at time of purchase

Posted on Monday, June 7th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 60b77154

Company: ShopNBC

Category: Stores, Shopping

I am a consumer who ordered 4 facial products on April 25, 04. Three of the products were billed to my credit card on 5-4-04. I received all 4 products at once. I found out yesterday (June 4) that the 4th item was not billed to my account until June 1, 04, which put my credit card account over the limit. At the time of the order, there was no reason for the total amount not to have been accepted by my credit card. I received no notification from SNBC that they were going to do this.

I contacted their customer service department and spoke with a person who was unable to give me an adequate explanation as to what happened. She attempted to contact me with the Credit Department, but apparently no one in that department felt like talking to me about it.

Is this fraudulent practice? Why should a company who obviously wants their money to wait until the payment source cannot handle the payment? I did check the balance on my credit card earlier that day and found I had a small amount in my account; enough to prevent my account from going over the limit.

Please help me with this, in the hope that others will not fall victim to the same underhanded practice as SNBC obviously pulls on their customers.

Thank you for your assistance.

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