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Posted on Saturday, June 5th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 8cdec41c

Product: Ultracraft kitchens

Company: Kurtis Kitchens

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Dear dissatisfied client - 1. If our salesperson was "terrible and impolite", we apologize. No one should have to tolerate this - and you as a consumer should exercise your right to shop elsewhere if confronted with this type of behavior and attitude from anyone. Sincerely, we do not accept or condone such behavior from our staff, and we would not be in business for over 35 years if this was even a somewhat occaisional occurance. 2. The salesperson did have to add an item that was missed on the original order. You were not charged for this item on the original order - and we absorbed the salesperson's honest mistake - but instead of you appreciating our handling of this matter, you now make an additional issue of it. Our mistake was that we did not insist that you pay for what you received. 3. You chose to act as the general contractor and hired some independent carpenter to perform the labor for you. When WE are the general contractor, we NEVER charge a client to return to the job to install a piece(s) that was damaged and needs to be reinstalled at a later date. That is our responsibility and our accepted risk. When YOU act as the general contractor, it becomes your responsibility and your risk. You tried to save money by hiring a small "independent" who is now charging you for his "call-backs" - maybe YOU made a bad decision in hiring this "independent". The fact is that laminate and wood sometimes get damaged in the manufacturing and shipping process and this is a normal and routine part of any remodeling project. Perhaps YOU, as the general contractor, should have covered this subject with the "independent" guy YOU hired. 4. We make no apologies for requesting and insisting on pre-payment of these "special order" items that you authorized for purchase. It is common practice to do so in our industry, and WE cannot return them to the factory for credit if the client fails to take delivery of them or attempts to return them to us. We DO allow the return of "stock" cabinetry - but you chose to not purchase from this selection. 5. We did replace the top in a timely manner because we fabricate it locally. Your trim pieces had to be ordered from North Carolina; again, they were "special order" items and the time to process your order was well within the industry standards. Regarding the issue of the amount of time it takes in replacing damaged pieces - if you had expectations other than what you experienced - they were simply unrealistic. Our company performed optimally in obtaining these replacement parts for your job. We are NOT responsible for the damage of these parts either in the manufacturing or shipping process - nor can we do much more than expeditiously re-order them on your behalf. We do "care" about your inconveniences - but to us these are routine issues dealt with in a routine manner by professionals - clearly not something that any general contractor gets terribly upset about. 6. Perhaps the manufacturer never got back to you because you have unrealistic expectations of WHAT CAN be accomplished under these circumstances. The manufacturer is VERY reputable and held in very high regard in our industry - I assume their "response" is directly attributable to your attitude and demeanor. A little patience and understanding can go a long way during any remodeling project - as can realistic timetables. 7. After having made "accommodations" for your remodeling project – to paraphrase you - the last thing we want to hear is petty griping about issues that we totally had no part in creating and are limited in resolving. This is probably the same reason that no one other than the salesperson ever contacted you. You want what you want - but your wants are unrealistic and any legitimate general contractor knows this. We think you need to step back from this project and get a realistic view as to how these processes work, or become more educated in the process before pursuing additional work... and making further demands that cannot be achieved. Building products occasionally do get damaged in the manufacturing process. Building materials occasionally do get damaged in freighting them to a delivery point. Replacement parts do take time to order, manufacture and deliver. Before putting on your general contractor hat again, learn a bit more about what is required and involved… or hire someone that does know. Kurtis Kitchen and Bath Centers

Kurtis kitchens/Ultracraft kitchens

We purchased a reasonably expensive kitchen from Kurtis kitchens in the Metro Detroit area in early February 2004. The problems we've had have been unbelievable.

Firstly, after signing a confirmed order with a salesperson with a terrible and impolite attitude (which should have warned us of the impending problems in the first place), we were called to say that pricing was incorrect and that they would have to charge us extra! for something they missed out pricing for. Naturally, we did not agree to this as it was not our fault and after much arguing the company backed down. Delivery was scheduled for a certain day which we were then informed was delayed by approx a week. Finally, the delivery day came ...and went..with no delivery.

Our installer (independent) was not happy at this point. We then rescheduled the delivery for a couple of days later when there was an argument over payment... with the company refusing to unload without receiving a check in their hands first. I eventually agreed to pay before checking the goods (which was a mistake), as two pieces of moulding/trim pieces and the worktop were damaged. Kurtis kitchens did replace the worktop within a week but it took the trim two weeks to arrive by which time our kitchen installer had completed his job within 2/3 days and left. He did agree to come back to install the trim when it arrived. When I heard that the trim was due to arrive, I booked the installer in to come and fit them.

The day before he was due, the trim arrived...and was damaged yet again. I called the store who said they'd place yet another order for the trim. Meanwhile I called the installer who was very upset at having been booked in and then cancelled at the last moment. He said he could not come out for a third without charging for the visit. I called Ultracraft kitchens who told me that the new trim would now take three (!) weeks to replace. So not only was I waiting for a third time but the orders were taking longer to come through rather than being rushed through as a Priority.

I am now waiting on this trim with the prospect of having to pay for their installation 'again'.

I tried getting through to a manager or owner of Kurtis Kitchens but nobody got back to me except for the salesperson (who has unhelpful from the start) and everyone I did speak with there (mainly other salespeople) passed the buck.

Ultracraft have also been unhelpful as they're not bothered in the slightest about what their customers are suffering as a result of their mistakes and how they can resolve the situation very quickly. After having paid so much for a new kitchen, the last thing anybody wants is to have to complain about the service, the goods, the delivery and above all the attitude of staff.

I'll post an update once I eventually get this trim fitted and the kitchen finally completed 4/5 months after ordering it!!!


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Duece J., 2013-04-22, 03:58PM CDT

Kurtis Kitchens of Livonia has horrible salesman and incredibly bad business practices. The salesman messed up very simple orders in multiple ways. They did not complete on scheduled deadline that was critical and they were informed when they took the order. In fact, we choose materials based on what they had in stock so it could be completed on time. We're a small contractor who have referred them for years but will never do business with them again. They blame the consumer for their mistakes and then don't rectify their own issues.

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