Meier & Frank, Portland, OR - 30 year customer - brick wall return policy

Posted on Saturday, June 5th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 59297455

Company: Meier & Frank, Portland, OR - 30 year customer - brick wall return policy

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Meier & Frank, Portland, OR - 30 year customer - brick wall return policy

Meier & Frank - 30 year customer and brick wall return policy

My father has been a regular customer of Lloyd Center M&F (Portland OR) since before I was born, and continues to shop there regularly. I received a royal blue John Ashford polo shirt ($15.00 on sale) purchased there for a recent birthday. I washed it once to avoid ruining the rest of my clothes due to color bleeding using Cheer Free on Warm. I wore it one time, then washed it again. This time I noticed inside areas around the collar and placket had

lost pigment--obviously a bad dye lot on the part of the manufacturer. I know this from experience with other polo shirts I have owned, always 100% cotton as blends never seem to bleed. No, I don't use chlorine bleach on previous washloads, thank you very much. When I attempted to return it with a receipt for an exchange for a less risky darker (or white!) shirt, the saleswoman effortlessly recited what must be standard Meier & Frank policy regarding returns: If the shirt is still in acceptable condition after one wash, it cannot be returned under any circumstances. The sewing must unravel or split, the material must shrink or pucker, or some other obvious manufacturer's defect

must present itself within this window, or the deal is off. The fact that I had washed the garment twice immediately disqualified me from consideration since I had not noticed any problems the first time I wore the shirt.

She then proceeded to say that my "abuse" of the garment had caused the fading and since I did the laundry myself, I could not blame even a dry cleaner or some third party. She did not mention the use of bleach, and did not ask me any questions, just stated the store policy three or four times like a mantra. She said that she could not accept the garment for store credit or exchange. The saleswoman attempted to refold the shirt as I grabbed it and offered me my receipt back as I left. I said I obviously wouldn't need it. Meier & Frank and its parent, Robinsons-May, have no customer service via email that I can find anywhere on the internet except for web ordering. They instruct you to contact the individual stores directly or over the

telephone. I can only assume that policy varies from store to store, since the corporation takes no direct responsibility for the image tarnished by each of its "franchises." I don't expect any resolution of this issue, which was happily an inexpensive lesson for me. I will tell everyone I can about how M&F refuses to stand behind the products it sells and blames the customer--a category of

which I shall never count myself a part at this chain of stores. I'm told Nordstrom has a much more realistic return policy--they must actually care about repeat business. If this issue is ever addressed by Meier & Frank I shall be very surprised indeed. Their profits from recent articles are through the roof and show no signs of abating. What do they care. Sincerely, Todd M

Todd M

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