Wendy's - Wendy's, Ruckersville, VA, Stauton, VA - encountered perfunctory service

Posted on Wednesday, June 30th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 6709d353

Company: Wendy's

Category: Restaurants, Bars

Hello Dave Thomas states "he treated every customer as an individual and we continue this tradition today." Maybe someone in the management hierarchy should relay this to the management at the store level and then to the employees working there. I encountered perfunctory service from the Staunton, Va store and the Ruckersville, Va store. The Staunton store : I went there with my son to get him something to eat after work. The store was not busy at 5:00 pm on a Sunday . One person was ahead of me and place his order. They were assembling his order. I stepped up to place my order and the girl hatefully told me I had to wait a few minutes. She stood there waiting for them to get this other person's order ready and she did not contribute any effort to get his ready.

There was no explanation why I had to wait. I stood there timing her. three minutes later she wanted to take my order. I told her I was leaving to go your competitors down the street. Good was her reply. Ruckersville store: I went in there passing thru @ 8:00 pm on a Thursday evening. I wanted to order two small chilis and a side salad to go. Of course as usual there were no salads available. They were going to have to make them if I still wanted one. It will take about two minutes. I waited 18 minutes for them to make a salad. A drive thru order wanted one 10 minutes after I place mine.

He got his first and I waited 8 minutes to get mine. The place was not busy at that hour either. There were six employees working and another one going on break. My question was why were they out of side salads and whay they could not keep up with the demand and have them ready before they are ordered. Anticipate orders!!!!!!! The employee said he just worked here and there was no manager on duty to answer my simple question. Fast food places offer perfunctory service with untrained employees who are just there because they have to work to get paid for whatever reason it may be. George L

Ruckersville, Va.


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