timesharequicksale.com - timesharequicksale.com - I listed a popular Las Vegas property on their site more than a year ago and I have not recieved even a question from a consumer or any notification from the company of how it is performing

Posted on Friday, June 25th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 004b4e8b

Company: timesharequicksale.com

Category: Real Estate

Whatever you do....Do Not Pay www.Timesharequicksale.com to list your timeshare. I listed a popular Las Vegas property on their site more than a year ago and I have not recieved even a question from a consumer or any notification from the company of how it is performing.

Six months ago I even dropped my price from $6999.95 to 4995.00 and I am now the lowest property under the category for this particular resort.

Further more instead of the amount of properties decreasing since I posted mine it has more than doubled which asks the question what are they selling besides a pipe dream. This is nothing more than a scam!

Chris W


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9d175310, 2007-11-26, 08:54PM CST

If this is a duplicate - please disregard. My computer malfunctioned. I have been trying to connect with timeshare quick sale for over a week to inquire about out timeshare, but I have not been able to get a response. No one answers the 800 number and the regular number is disconnected. I even tried pulling up their website and it's no longer available.

It's sad that these internet prowlers take advantage of hard-working everyday folks like ourselves and just take our money. If they keep up their practice, nothing good will come from it. We may not see it, but their day is coming.

c741a79e, 2007-12-06, 08:55AM CST

I'm also a victum of timesharequicksale.com the 500.00 I sent in has brought me nothing....absolutly nothing and as you stated no one answers the phone and the webb page is in error. What can we do to bring them to JUSTICE

8793e14e, 2007-12-07, 11:24AM CST

Same with me, I posted with timesharequicksale.com and no reults whatsoever....cost me over $600 and nothing...no I notice that their site is down.

b21f9625, 2007-12-10, 02:21PM CST

As with all the other stories mine is the same. Paid the $600 to list and haven't heard a thing for almost 2 years now. I tried to visit the website recently to check if it was still listed and the site is down. Would love to get my hands on these people.

3e4af575, 2007-12-27, 09:38AM CST

I too am ashamed to say it but I forked over ~$500 for nothing. I got 2 inquiries. The first never called back and the second was ridiculously low. I too reduced my price at least 3 times and was the lowest the last time I logged on. Now the site is gone.

I'm told that this happens often and scams like this happen often when they disappear due to the threat of lawsuits.

655ca6c4, 2008-01-05, 12:14PM CST

I apparently have fallen victim to the same scam. My situation in very similiar to all others listed. I paid, waited, lowered the price, waited more and finally no responses. I was promised a cruise if the timeshare didn't sell in 6 months. After many compliants, I did receive a brochure for a (not so free) cruise. I am ashamed that I did not catch on sooner. Does anyone know if we have an recourse on these individuals?

d29600c6, 2008-01-05, 06:03PM CST

I listed one in kissimee flordia. It sleeps 10 people and is on a tropical rain forest with multiple golf coarses and just minutes from disney! Two years, no word, comment or anything and i cant even find the ad for it on the internet when i tried! What a rip off!

59e38b9d, 2008-01-08, 07:03PM CST

Ilisted a time share property in april 2007 for a fee of 700.00 u.s. dollars i have not recieved of got any responce from anybody. I tried to call the phone no longer in service we need to get the media involved to alert the public.

18bbf027, 2008-02-05, 10:13PM CST

My husband and I listed our timeshare in Florida with them in November 2006. We also have never heard a thing from them and they have since removed their website and disconnected their telephone(s). We paid them $699 to list for us and not one offer ever came. I found another "vicitm" who has listed a report with ripoffreport.com, so we added one ourselves. Hopefully there will be some kind of class action suit that comes of this.

cc352f8c, 2008-02-25, 01:50PM CST

After months of not receiving any calls or hearing from Mr. Greg Wynn...(yea, he's a winner alright, he won $700 from me and apparently many others) I tried the 800 number, no longer a working number. The next step was the website and that's how I ofund all the complain comments. we've been had! There should be some way to track down these frauds.

8327cf5e, 2008-04-08, 02:41PM CDT

I too had the same problem We should start a class action lawsuit to get our money back..

8d7b1adb, 2008-05-12, 02:17PM CDT

I've had a time share at Puerto VallartaMexico listed with this agency for over a year. There have been zero inquiries. Listed phone numbers do not respond. I've been scammed!

b31da006, 2008-05-30, 12:55PM CDT

We too were scammed. We paid $699.00 to have a gaurantee sell in 6 months. Well 6 months came and went a long time ago. When we requested an explanation they said it was up to use to adjust the price for sale and put the blame on us. Well if they were actually trying to sell our property they would have contacted us. Now there is no way to even contact them. All the numbers have changed and our money is gone. If there is any action being taken on this company please let us know.

ecf6ea80, 2008-06-17, 12:32PM CDT

Myself included. I listed with them back in May, 2006, paid my $700 and NOTHING! I'd love to somehow get my money back. Has anyone here gotten a cold call recently from "All Realty Services" who claim they are real estate brokers dealing with timeshares only? I'm thinking it's another scam and wonder if they're related to the former Timesharequicksale people.

832f31c7, 2008-08-20, 05:39AM CDT

My husband and I listed our timeshare over four years ago. In the four years we have had 1 phone call from a lady lowballing us on the price. I have had numerous fights with Dave Wynn who promised that my timeshare would be sold within 6 months. When I confronted him on this hebecame extremely belligerant and hung up the phone on me. Has a class action been started already?????? I am out over 700.00.

8bc210d2, 2008-09-06, 08:38PM CDT

Like the others...paid $600 and tho it has been posted with the consistently lowest price in its category it has not sold in 3 years.

Now the only "value"..the website listing...is gone.

So nothing new to report except to agree that I was equally stupid:

TOTAL RIPOFF! One step behind buying timeshare vacation points for retail to begin with. Don't do it either!

4ebacf08, 2008-12-17, 06:11PM CST

I also was scammed. In Jan 06 I paid 599.00 to sell my timeshare. I was told that if it sold within the six months I would receive a free cruise.

I also reduced my price after I received no responses.The agent I was speaking with kept assuring me I would sell soon. He would tell me that he has had a few inquires. But never anything more. I never heard from them again.

ed625d15, 2009-01-16, 07:49PM CST

They got my money Oct 04. Misery loves company!

42177c94, 2009-01-27, 03:36PM CST

I also listed mine (way back in 2003) - Have not had any calls or response from this company - DO NOT SEND MONEY THIS IS A FARCE.

1b19bd84, 2009-02-26, 03:22PM CST

We placed our timeshare at Presidential Resorts, Spotsylvania VA for sale with Timeshare quick sale. We dealt with Jeremy Noble who assured us he could sell it. We have heard nothing in the past 2 years from him. We have tried to email them as well as call and never get a response.

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