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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. The first day they came to my house to set up Basic Cable they left without finishing the installation but yet expected me to pay right away.

The technician told me he couldn't complete the installation because he was late for another appointment and said he would return the next day between 1-5pm. I took the day off from work and waited. No one showed up. At about 5:30pm I called and they told me they will send someone out in about an hour. I waited again and still no one showed up. By this time I was furious.

The next morning I called Charter and complained, they told me they would send someone out again between 1-3pm. Again, no one showed up. At about 3:30pm they called and said that a technician came by the house and no one was home so they needed to reschedule. That was a lie! I had been home all day waiting for them and when I told them that they changed the subject and said they will have to reschedule.

I told them I'm not going to waste any more of my time to wait for them to finish installing my cable and to cancel my account. By the way, they had put me on hold for almost an entire half an hour the the whole time I only spoke to them about 3 min and the rest of the time I was on hold. I think they were hoping I'd hang up and forget about it.

The next thing I did was call my bank and stop payment on the check I wrote them. I'm so glad I will not ever have to deal with them again. I called Direct TV and got a better monthly cable rate and a lot better service than Charter can ever provide. I will not refer them to ANYONE!


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a9d6172c, 2007-10-16, 01:08PM CDT

Charters Customer Service Representatives are absolutely awful. I spent over an hour on the phone requesting to pay for services I was receiving. I was tossed around from one section to another and no one was able to help me. I ended up having to set up a new service in order to receive a bill. THIS IS THEIR MONEY I AM TALKING ABOUT.

The next time I called was because they SUSPENDED my services because I requested termination. I asked for my services to be cut off on a specific date only to find out that they SUSPENDED my services two weeks early. I had no internet. I absolutely hate Charter. They are not military friendly and they suck. If I have no other choice for cable then I will go DISH. I WILL NOT BE USING CHARTER FOR A VERY LONG TIME!!! HOPEFULLY NEVER. I WILL NOT BE RECOMMENDING THEM TO ANYONE.

e579f3a5, 2008-01-28, 08:10PM CST

Charter Communication sent out an installer On Jan. 9, 2008. He was a Spanish guy name Ulysses who did not speak english well. He asked me what my name was I aked what his name was because he was about to enter my house. He was taking down old wires putting up new wires and hitting my car in the process asking me to help. We decide to down grade because the price was not what they said it would be so we unhooked the cable to take the boxes back but the cables were too tight and instead of them have us to bring the DVD inwhich the cable is still stuck to that wanted to send someone out on Jan. 28, 2008 and never showed. Went to see why and I was told that they came out on the 23rd lie I was here. I was told that they would be out at 8pm again no show again. Call customer Service earlier and they told my wife that the schedule was for tomorrow Jan. 29th between 9am and 11:30am and we will see. Meanwhile I can't watch DVD's because it's most likely broke.

683a7921, 2008-02-01, 11:43AM CST

I am living a Charter nightmare too. Two months ago i had Dish installed. I called Charter to have my internet reconnected {the Dish guy pulled the wrong wire} The Charter person told me he would cancell my TV service for me. The Charter workers came out..fixed the internet and offered to take the cable box in for me and to credit the account.

Charter is still billing me. They show no record of my cancelling the service or the guys taking the cable box. A Pox on Charter

626c9d09, 2008-02-25, 12:05PM CST

Here is my letter to Charter, outlining my ongoing battle. Anyone have a corporate complaint address or email?

"The level of customer support that I have received from Charter in general has never been great, nor even regularly what I???d deem acceptable. However, recent events have shown my earlier estimates to be quite false as your level of customer service has plummeted from poor to atrocious. Before I elaborate on the ridiculousness of the past week, let me summarize my past two (almost three) years of experiences with Charter.

Initially, I had both TV and internet and my service in neither has ever been consistent. We would go through phases of sometimes weeks without interruption, but they always ended. I???ll cut to the end result of the TV side of things; we switched to satellite. With kids in the house, a single day without TV can be a nightmare, but when we start approaching multiple days and surpassing a week, a switch was necessary. This did nothing to impact the level of service I???ve received regarding my internet service.

Anyway, as I???ve never been a fan of DSL and dial-up is not an option, I made the decision to stick it out with Charter providing internet and, with some apparently poor advice from your techs, see if the internet connection improved with the TV connection out of the loop. This hasn???t seemed to be the case. During the last couple of years, I have personally upgraded the modem and run new cable wire as both had been blamed by your technicians. There was no resulting improvement.

At one point, a tech came out and changed something in the box on my house, stating it was the problem. My connection was faster???for a while. They returned, checked my box then move to the curb and corner and reported a change there should fix the problem. Again, that fix lasted for a little while, days or weeks. They returned again, stating the cold weather to be the most likely culprit, though I???d had the problem through all weather conditions and, after checking the curb again, called in a second tech to assist in what I was told was a fix at the head of my neighborhood that would fix the problem. Again, this fix lasted for a short time.

During this time I???ve also been upgraded to faster connections, as I was told, to see if the greater speed fixed the problem. For some time it did. However, the speed would occasionally change or I???d suddenly have to start paying for it, an option that I simply don???t find acceptable as the higher speed was being provided as a solution to Charter???s technical issues that, so far, they have been unable or unwilling to correct. I???ve had that battle several times with your billing and technical departments. I will say that, until recently, the 5mb speed versus the 3mb speed, while not permanently eradicating the service interruptions, had seemed to make them less frequent.

I will admit, however, that I???ve been inconsistent at times in my reporting of the issue. Though I???ve called many, many times, there are at least as many times, though probably more, where I have not. If the connection failed in the late evening, I would go to bed intending to call the next day. Many times the service was back when I returned home from work the next day. I did report recent outages to the tech on my next actual call, though I can???t say they recorded any of my statements as most seemed to treat my issues with a general nonchalance.

Recently, however, my connection has barely lasted a consistent week. I began calling in December with connection issues. Finally, I was informed that the problem had to be my modem and that it had apparently gone bad. There were some technical reasons given for this conclusion, but nothing I hadn???t heard before regarding every other fix presented. I agreed to take a new modem from Charter that was more ???technically advanced??? and would fix my problem. At that point I was also paying for 5mb service, as I???d worn out the ???promotion??? I was given on the free 3 to 5mb upgrade???never mind this was done to fix my connection issues. So, I bumped my service from 5 to 3mb to offset the cost of the modem. I was then informed that they were putting me back into 5mb for 3mb price using a currently running promotion (end of December.) A few days later, I received the modem and my connection did seem to work ok???for a short time. I called back and not only was informed that I wasn???t getting 5mb for 3mb, but that the modem I was using (provided by Charter) required 5mb service to be used consistently. If this was true, how could the first tech, the one who proposed the modem, also propose that I drop the level of connection to offset the cost when I expressed my reluctance to rent equipment? I was informed that I didn???t qualify for any upgrade promotion as it was January, even though the promotion was running when I initially called. Needless to say, I was not happy. After repeating the entire process thus far to the tech and a supervisor, the promotion was somehow found and reapplied. To fix the issue, signals were resent to my modem as it had apparently not been set up correctly on either end.

From that time to last week, I???ve called several times and requested a signal reset. When one of your techs knows what it is and how to do it, it has fixed the problem. Sure, it???s inconvenient to call and sit and wait and re-explain the same exact issue over and over, but it was getting me reconnected. The other techs seemed to have no clue what I was talking about, so I was basically told there was nothing to be done. There were at least 2 that knew what it was but refused, for various reasons, to reset my signal. Having had this done several times already, I knew it was fairly quick and could be done from where they were. However, I was told it would take hours or days to get that done and they had to issue special requests. At any rate, there is definitely inconsistence in the competency levels of your support personnel. That???s as nice as I can put that.

I then received my bill. I was charged 50$ for a service call to bring me the modem. After calling and explaining the entire situation again, a request was put in by an on duty supervisor to have the amount credited back to me. I still had to pay the bill, but hope this ridiculous charge was credited back to me. The inability of your system to allow neither tech nor billing nor supervisor to see any kind of history is simply inexcusable with all the database management applications available today, but more than that, it has wasted so much of my time that I can???t begin to count it and has likely contributed to the inability to solve my issue.

That brings me to the past week. I initially called at the end of the week (Feb 15th) but again, couldn???t get a connection. I called again Saturday, February 16th. We walked through several items and I was eventually told there was an outage in my area. I left town and returned Monday to a successful, albeit slow, connection. This only lasted a few days and my connection was once again out. I went to bed and returned the next day still without connection. After calling tech support, an appointment was made as the modem itself wasn???t registering enough signal to be accessed from Charter. I agreed to a 1-5pm appointment on Friday, February 22nd. At that time, I informed the tech that my home phone was not in service and provided my cell phone. He read it back to me correctly and stated that it was in the work order.

When Friday arrived, I left work early to be home for the appointment. I received no call in the morning as had been reported I would, but I had also received no calls prior to my last appointment to receive the modem, so this didn???t concern me. By 4:30, I was somewhat concerned and decided to call. I spoke to a representative that not only read me back the correct contact number, my cell phone, but opened up the tech???s info and informed me that he updated his log that he was on site with another customer as of 3:30 and was having some difficulty there. He had also updated arrival time at my home to be 4:59. So, I got off the phone still expecting to see a tech.

At 6:15, I spoke with a young lady in customer support who was less than helpful. She rudely informed me that my appointment had been cancelled due to non-contact and immediately informed me that a new appointment, one that I must be present for, had to be made. I assured her I was present and asked for the phone number that was called. She read back to me my out-of-service home phone. When I asked about my cell number, she could not provide it and stated it was not on the ticket. I asked what time it had been cancelled and she told me 3:20. At that point I explained what the previous representative had told me and my concern that their stories did not add up. I requested a supervisor and she refused, again insisting I make a new appointment. I told her I could not take another half day off work to resolve the issue and being Friday, requested a visit sometime over the weekend. She insisted I take the Tuesday, February 26 appointment she had offered. Again, I requested a supervisor and she refused, informing me that they didn???t have supervisors. I requested her name and was met with the insistence that I make an appointment. Frustrated, and seeing I wasn???t getting anywhere, I accepted the appointment though I stated that I would not be there during a portion of those hours as I could not leave work early again to accommodate the 4 hour window. She pretty much hung up on me after that.

I called back immediately and explained the entire situation again. This representative was very apologetic and transferred me to a regional representative who transferred me to a supervisor. I explained the entire situation again to the supervisor who seemed completely unconcerned with my situation, neither the appointment itself nor the abhorrent behavior of one of his representatives. However, after some time on hold, he did report to me that he was able to escalate my appointment with a ???must-do??? classification and assured me I would be visited Saturday, the next day. Assuming this was the best I could hope for, I left it at that after once again reporting and confirming my alternate phone contact.

Mid-morning on Saturday, however, I called in to confirm not only my appointment, but that my phone number was correctly recorded. I once again found neither to be the case. I went through the entire explanation again and was informed they had no way of seeing ???must-do??? escalations. However, after my insistence to speak to a manager, the representative returned from having me on hold to inform me they had checked with local dispatch and had confirmed I would be visited that day. Once again, I provided my correct phone number and it was correctly read back to me.

Mid-afternoon on Saturday???just re-read the proceeding paragraph. I went through the exact same set of events, re-explaining, getting reluctant assurance of appointment after being put on hold and again being assured that my phone number was being tracked correctly.

Late Saturday afternoon???again, repeat above. Yes, three times in the same day or 6 times in 24 hours if you count the multiple calls, representatives and supervisors the night before. This is entirely ridiculous. I was again assured the appointment was still on, though it was quite late in the day. This time, however, I left the conversation with a better feeling, as this representative had found why my phone number wasn???t showing up. Apparently your work forms are multiple pages or require scrolling on a pc screen. She managed to scroll down and find it and place it in an alternate phone number field near the top that it hadn???t been recorded in???not once through the at least half-dozen representatives and multiple supervisor to which I???d spoken. Apparently, your customer support representative and techs lack the training, ability or proper motivation to successfully navigate their own work order forms. Again, I can???t express how utterly ridiculous I have found this farce of a customer support effort to be.

After 5 and 6 pm rolled by on Saturday, I gave up expecting anyone to show up not only that day, but any other day before my scheduled appointment time on Tuesday. On that day, I???m quite certain the tech will be early, which would be a first as I???ve never had a tech show up before 5 on a 1-5 appointment, and well before I get home from work. This, of course, will result in forcing me to schedule another appointment, a prospect I do not look forward to."

a13e5e7f, 2008-04-19, 07:00PM CDT

Internet service is one of those things that most households in America usually have. It's like TV or phone service, you just have it.

Charter is who I have had for the past 3 years, but not for much longer.

Charter has been the WORST company I have ever dealt with on anything in my entire life. I have never had one good experience with them. I like others here have waited on techs who never show up appointment after appointment, yet say they were here, and I wasn't.

When I got internet through charter I sat here every day 8am-7pm (stay at home mom)through FIVE missed appointments on their side, once was because they went to the wrong address, the rest they said they came and no one answered, which is utter BS. The sixth time was an after hours appointment as a "favor" because of the previous missed appointments. I should have canceled it right then and there and went elsewhere.

Since having charter for internet I have had outage after outage. I have become an expert at restarting the cable modem, checking stream speed, signal strength, ect. Every time I call, it goes to their phone center in the Phillipines. If I get a rep that is truly understandable I consider it a lucky day, most of the time they are rude, and could care less. They are poorly trained, and the main answer for any problem is "it must be YOUR router" or "it must be a computer problem on your end" even though I have 4 computers and 1 laptop that runs the service and all have the same issue whether through the router or connected individually to the charter modem itself...yes gee it must be all the computers having the same hardware issue, even the brand new laptop! God, I know why I don't have super hero powers now. If I did I would have nuked charter off the face of the earth by now. 1 more week and I will have a new provider and I can hardly wait to make the call to DISCONNECT SERVICE FOREVER!!!

4fe7dddc, 2008-05-02, 02:31PM CDT

I am relieved that it is not just me that has had the worst experience with Charter. I just moved to SC 1 week ago and was forced into Charter by my apt. complex and have had THE WORST experience with them. Not even going to go into details because they are the same as everyone elses... technicians not showing up, technicians not doing the job right, horrible customer service, billing issues etc. Please if anyone hasn't done so already write to your local public service commission & charter headquarters and complain then switch providers.

9e52eb71, 2008-05-08, 11:51AM CDT

its soooo true, everything that everyone has said.

i have never dealt with such poor customer service, ever!

if i didnt have to use them, i wouldnt. the best thing about my next move is that i hopefully wont have to deal with charter. i may base my entire move around my cable and internet provider not being charter.

charter sucks!

273311f2, 2008-05-09, 09:50AM CDT

Unfortunately to my dismay, Charter Communications is the only high speed internet provider in my area, or so they claim high speed. It is insane how my connection goes down every 5-10 minutes and when one tries to contact customer support, they are placed on hold for ridiculously long periods of time. ( I believe this is how they resolve most of the complaints by ignoring them and hoping we hang up.) Do yourselves a favor and avoid this company at all costs with a 10mb outrageously expensive connection with Charter, you'd be better with dialup I assure you.

8134ea2f, 2008-06-17, 12:20AM CDT

Charter SUCKS ! Complete inept idiots !

34cc1515, 2008-07-01, 01:33PM CDT

I called their technical support, horrible service. The reps technical expertise is limited to unplug/replug your cable modem. I spent a whole saturday calling them, becuase they don't pick up the call and mute you hoping you hang up and keep calling. Ask for a manager or supervisor not chance this girls won't transfer you they will just hung up on you. On one of my calls this girl picked and repeated what I was saying then brrr me withe her tonge. I was fumming, and not getting through to what it seems these mexican girls thought they have control of the phones. Not true, when cancel my service I will be the one in control. It didn't matter you can press 1 for English or press 2 for Spanish you get the same mexican girls. So you know, while in mute your are on the line, they are having conversations they didn't care if your on the line. So, after many tries and hung ups, mutes, my call was picked my a mexican man. Very polite, and flat out told me he can reach my router, so he will sending a technician. The weekend without internet, and on monday the technican shows up, first thing out of his mouth "You are using the wrong cable modem" What the hell, how can you use the wrong cable modem? I asked. Well he knew he couldn't answered that. He called his office and turns out somebody inputed and old cable modem I used to have in their records so my modem was drop from their table and theirfore I was not able to connect. No apologies, no sorry for your troubles, nothing. The next day I follow a complaint withe Better Business Bureau, Charter Communications does the customer wrong, right looking for another service, I will never sign up or considered this comapany.

ecf1bcb9, 2008-08-07, 12:55PM CDT

Totally agree - worst customer service !!

I've had an intermittent internet problem for the last 3 weeks. Called customer service, after 20 minutes of messing around saying it's an internal problem (it isn't) they agreed to send a tech.

Tech comes (on time - good), check the signal levels (fine), looks at the modem and put in a new one (apparently old modem was the issue (possible)).

Problem persists !

Call back, after 30 minutes and 2 numbskulls trying to get me to rewire my house, I finally (10 minute hold) get with a "supervisor" who talks sense.

Agrees to send a tech to perform an outside line check.

So it took 40 minutes, one dumb rep, one fake supervisor and (maybe) a real supervisor to get to what should have taken 2 minutes if they weren't sticking to the scripts !

To be continued.....

c046ec64, 2008-09-09, 11:27AM CDT

That company repeatedly fails to correct its own internal billing mistake.

Numerous communications with them were non-productive. Spoke with rep on 6/30/08, Ticket number AM5926146, On 7/1/08, Ticket number AM5934875, on 7/3/08, on 7/8/08.

Every time Im assured that mistake will be resolved. Payments are made electronically from my bank to Charter, so they never can say check been lost, etc. On every payment there is a confirmation from bank. For totally unknown to me reason they were applying payments to an old, closed account of mine. The old account was cancelled more than 6 months ago and account has been transferred to the new address. But they are still applying payments to an old account, which is closed. At the same time they keep sending me letters that my account past due, etc., etc. Its totally unacceptable.

On 8/29/08 I once again spoke with rep. Once again was assured that it will be Ok. Once again was told that money went to an old closed account. Once again was told apologetically that its their mistake and it all will be corrected. On 8/8/08 Im receiving a letter of yours dated 8/05/08 with pending disconnection notice, etc. Its totally unacceptable.

On 8/8/08 late pm I called customer service again. At that time I asked to speak with a shift supervisor. Her name is Lancer. Once again she told me that its a mistake and I was told that she will forward the special form for correction to the local offices billing department for correction.

On 9/9/08 I had a live chat with your rep., faxed letter to local office. At the same time I paid for the 2nd time (!) the money requested, which due to their mistake went to the wrong account. It's a nightmare with that poor service, rip-off company!!!!

ef6a6f06, 2008-10-31, 02:28PM CDT

If it was not for Charter being the only company available at my address for cable, I would not get them at all. The technician who was supposed to install my cable today called the wrong number. I gave two number to the operator who took my order yesterday, the primary contact number, and a backup number. The backup happens to be my cell phone which was left at the house this morning. However, I indicated very clearly what the primary number was to be. The technician either wasn't given that number or didn't bother calling. He lied when he reported to Charter that he left 4 voicemails (he only left two on the wrong number) and my fiance was at our house waiting, on time. We live thirty minutes from the town we work in, and he had to take off of work. The 1-800 customer line is absolutely bs. I've never spoken to such incompetent, unwilling customer service support. They should be called the "We Don't Give a Crap" hotline. I made it very clear that is was absolutely unacceptable that my installation be rescheduled because the technician didn't have the right number, and then was dishonest about his attempts to call. He just wanted to get home early on Friday. There's no way he was at my house at the time he said he was, because my fiance was there. The tech also said, when my fiance called, that he was already at home and had showered and was sitting on his couch. The area he told us he lived is almost an hour's drive. How did he get there AND shower within 30 minutes of supposedly being near my house???? Exactly. And what was "customer supports" answer to this? "There is a memo on the account stating that the technician left 4 voicemails and you could not be reached. We have no choice but to reschedule." My question was, because of a memo where the technician was dishonest, and a clerical error where the operator placing the order didn't put the right number down for the technician?????

I was understandably perturbed and got irritated, and the supervisor I asked to speak to was even worse. Very snotty, condescending. I was nothing more than an angry customer who didn't deserve any help. Yet I was angry rightfully so, and because of CHARTER's and their technician's mistake, not mine. So now my fiance or I have to take off work AGAIN. If they don't show on time, I am going to cause the biggest ruckus I can. I can see from some other comments that it may not do much good. I will certainly contact my commissioner. I love Mediacom's service and support. If you have a choice between Charter and anyone else, pick anyone else. I work in customer service and theirs is so lacking I am tempted to call and just start yelling and cursing at some of their operators just so I'll feel better.

21fa812a, 2008-11-03, 11:15AM CST


f4377689, 2008-11-10, 04:40PM CST

2 weeks ago we had charter internet service installed and they promised us an update for our cable tv for 6 months free and 24.95 for the internet service for 6 months also. When the guy hooked it up he said he nothing about the upgrade but they have my credit card number so they could care less. I tried to call them with the 888 number but it's too late. They also changed the tv chanel numbers and now we have no tv guide chanel but we can get it with digital and an expensive box. It's time for Dish Network. There complaint dept. sucks and needs a lot of help. Jerry D.

3a19b61e, 2008-11-30, 06:33PM CST

I am happy to see that they actually post complaints. I am living with one tv channel and no computer because charter is the only choice I have. My husband was living in an assisted living facilly and had to pay for his own cable box and phone plan internet ect. He passed away in February. I am tne next of kin so it was up to me to call his bills and disconnect ect. I got a bill from charter for almost 1,000. They didn't disconnect until the middle of april. They also had no place for me to return the cable equipment unless i could drive 1 1/2 hours to the nearest site. I don't drive. I now have to pay for the internet and cable box that was required because the equipment is no longer returnable. On top of that the day that my husband had passed away they disconnected my phone and cable even though my bill was paid in cash at one of their payment centers. I would rather go without than ever do business with them again. If you have a choice pick anyone else and tell everyone you can to find someone else. Maybe if hundreds of thousands of people actually follow through with their complaints and drop service they will change. If they are the only ones available contact your city officials and find out why and what you can do to change things.

db6b42f1, 2008-12-26, 08:43PM CST

when i signed up for charter i only had cable which was 33@month for 6 months, so in march when the 6 months was up a gentleman from charter stopped at my house to see if i wanted the bundle package. My husband and i set down to see what kind of deal we could get. With his special customer paper he offered us the biggest bundle for 79.97 for one year. When we recieved our first bill it was over 130.00 which i paid and then called to see what was going on. The superviser Jenny said there was no such price, even though i had the gentlemens name Forrest Pratt and in writing the qoute he gave us. not good enough. From there on they told me i could get the deal for 89.98 per a supervisor. All i can say they are all liars and very unprofessional as a company. they charge you what they want and dont care about you. Even corporate would not help or act even concerned. Dont sign up with charter.

thanks and i will be contacting the better buisnes. i have a folder with every contact and names of conversations with corporate. good luck.

363d6191, 2009-01-12, 04:57PM CST

We would like to know when Charter can have Photo Show here in the Metro East area ....

Alton, Godfrey, Collinsville, Granite City, Edwardsville, Madison, St. Louis, and Chestefield, Missouri

8b9cbbd8, 2009-01-28, 11:54PM CST

All you current charter customers beware. I moved out of Charter service area in Aug 2007 - they owe a refund to me of $42.74.

It is now January 2009. Letters, threats, repeated phone calls - still no check.

If you cancel your Charter service, make sure you save all copies of statements (once disconnected you can't download statements from web any longer), receipts for returned equipment (even if returned in 2003 - yes 2003), and a lot of patience.

6ff71e4c, 2009-02-03, 08:32PM CST

Charter has to be the WORST cable tv-internet-phone company around.

I moved to Long Beach from Orange County where I had Cox Communications where the customer service was outstanding. Very responsive and with local (read US) call centers. With Charter I get call centers in the PI, and only God knows where else. The people there read from a script and cannot or will not work to solve problems. They tell me that a supervisor is not available and then when I finally get to one, they cannot do any better than the "regular" agent.

As soon as I can, I am going to DUMP Charter and go to Verizon for all my services, I have spoken with neighbors and they are very happy with the new Verizon FiOS systems that they have. Charter is overpriced, service is spotty, and the customer service is virtually non-existent.

I agree, with one of the people that posted here, the Charter folks must pay a lot of $$$ to the Long Beach City Council races to keep this franchise going. If it were up to me, they would be dumped.

dba798bd, 2009-02-04, 03:02PM CST

Charter has the worst customer service, they do not seem properly trained and transfer your call unecessarily. When they do come out, they don't finish the job, or "forget" tools or in my case a modem. Follow up, and accountability is a joke. It's a monopoly so obviously we don't have a choice, but it's inexcuseable and unprofessional.

73df3d8b, 2009-02-23, 08:19PM CST

I have called customer service the last two months. I think their reps are bloomin idiots. Here is a transcript of the conversation:

My name : I am receiving an online bill that does not belong to me. The messages is: Your statement information is as follows:

Account Number: ***************5

Statement Amount: $119.47

Payment Due Date: AUTOPAY My account is under: My name, My address Acct: ***************4 and security number: XXXX I was on the phone last month with a representative about this and he said it was taken care of. Can you fix it once and for all?

TTD Julie : Welcome to Charter's Chat Support. This is Julie. How may I assist you?

TTD Julie : I would be glad to assist you with your bill.

TTD Julie : May I know who I am chatting with?

My name : This is My name.

TTD Julie : Hi, My name. Could you verify the phone number, the name, the address, and the last four digits of the Social Security Number?

My name : see the first message I sent. Last four of SSN XXXX. Phone XXX.XXX.XXX

TTD Julie : Thank you for the information. Let me check on your account first.

TTD Julie : Thank you for waiting. May I know what is the month of that bill that you are charged with $119.47?

My name : I don't know that I was ever charged for it. I just keep getting the bill via email.

TTD Julie : You may ignore the charge, My name, since it is incorrect. You have a credit balance right now of $107.03.

TTD Julie : I hope this doesn't upset you.

My name : Thanks but what I really want is to have the online bill to me to stop. I don't want to see the bill every month.

TTD Julie : I can assist you with that. Do you want a paper bill, or you don't want a bill at all?

My name : Maybe I am not saying it right. The ***************5 is not my account and I would like that bill to stop being delivered to my email I don't want my account billing to change at all.

TTD Julie : I am sorry I did not get you right. I will try to update your account so that you will not be billed incorrectly.

My name : I think you need to update the ***************5 account. Mine is fine.

TTD Julie : Alright, then.

TTD Julie : Is there anything else that I can assist you with?

TTD Julie : Have a great day, My name.

My name : I will assume then that I will not get the ***************5 bill again?

TTD Julie : Yes.

My name : Thank you much. Have a good day.

880424a9, 2009-10-22, 09:14PM CDT

Charter is the worst!!!!!! They don't

listen or responed to the customer!


92eeb426, 2010-05-10, 05:27PM CDT

The exact same thing happen to me. They came out told me they did not have enough ports and we will get back to you when we can. They had me sign a 2 year contact only to immediately provide bad service and bad customer service. This company should be replaced by another company who cares about their reputation.

ba6175b8, 2010-05-23, 07:51PM CDT

I have had a cable running across my yard for six months, called repeatedly,no action ever taken, all they want is your money. The cable is for my neighbor, I have direcTV, much better than cable.

9509ee9a, 2010-07-06, 06:45PM CDT

I agree, they DO have the worst Customer service EVER, I am even enroll on auto pay just to have a peace of mind, but with Charter, this is just imposible, they credit my account by mistake and then send me a final notice before disconnect,someone from custormer service call me, when I told them that I am on auto pay,he stated that autopay has probably not taken effect, HELLO!!!, I am Not a new customer, (shouldn't they know this basic things before going after your money? ) so he puts me on hold and another customer service with his same experience (ZERO) came to try to helping me out with the problem. There goes my peace of mind with auto pay.

Some companies really have to understand that they should invest more money training this people, as a lot of people like me are now looking for a good customer service experience.

41df2db6, 2010-08-20, 03:17PM CDT

Hello mytv management,

I just want to make a complaint.

I have been using mytv for over two years, I wonder why your company has not given us the new decoder, are we not faithful or qualify to have your decoder. we have made so many efforts to get the decoder, we even recharge for so many times trying to get the decoder, but to no avail. our smart card no. is 017020763920.We will be grateful if our request is granted. Thanks and god bless you.

c1a7e55b, 2010-12-02, 11:42AM CST

A employee u have currently working for u was a former employee at the dept of motor vehicle dmv and was arrested lon site by the secret service for stealing credit card info for her and her boyfriends personal use stealing money out of these creditcards info she was employed with the dmv for 8yr after her arrest she was termenated. name Angela allmon making checks an stealing acct numbers.

c1a7e55b, 2010-12-02, 11:52AM CST

this complaint is about an employee named Angela allmon who has been locked up in the past for breach of trust stealing acct info credit card fraud an lost her job at the dmv in greenville s.c at the laurence rd station were she worked for 8yr she is currently searching for acct info for her alledge fiance please check her background intencivley or some one will pay if this leaks out that ur running a customerserv.cntr with no background on checkmakers an acct stealers.

3fff7a64, 2011-01-18, 06:11PM CST


Attempting to connect you with an operator...


Moses has entered the conversation.


Hello, Bundle and Save with the Charter Triple Play! It includes Digital Cable, High Speed Internet and Digital Phone.


Pleased to have you on chat. How are you doing today?




25 mps


how much per month?


I am happy to help you with that.


imm laready out fitted for fios


In order to locate the best promotions in your area, may I please have your complete address (including apartment or unit number if applicable) with zip code?




May I know what are the services you currently have with Charter?


Polease respect my request


reread my initial request or i simply go to fios


and consider this inquiry a mistake


no more questions


just answers please


May I know what are the services you currently have with Charter?


please reread inital request


next time im discontinuing my query into charter


this is extremely rude


I apologize Charter is not available in your area, but I am pleased to inform you that we have wonderful promotions for TV, internet and phone with Time warner cable .


May I please get your phone number, to have one of our specialist contact you, to review these amazing offers?




an i talk to a manager to report this?


charter is availble here


e simply not doing your job


this is all in writing and wil be sent to corporate


answwer the question


is 25 mps per month




One moment while I check that for you.


Thank you for your patience.


I apologize Charter is not available in your area, but I am pleased to inform you that we have wonderful promotions for TV, internet and phone with Time warner cable .


May I please get your phone number, to have one of our specialist contact you, to review these amazing offers?


Are you there ?


It's been a pleasure being able to assist you today. Thank you for visiting and have a nice day.


Moses has left the conversation.


2133c78a, 2012-06-04, 07:36PM CDT


aa6eb026, 2013-01-17, 06:15AM CST

I'd like to know why the new customwe premonitiona are less expensive than the one I juar aigned up for?

Robert Allyn L., 2013-01-17, 09:00AM CST

Because they hope the current customers: A. Wont notice B: Its a promotional rate to suck new customers in and they will loose the good rate as soon as the promotion period is over. C: You havent called and raised a fuss D: If you do they will promise you a credit towards your bill and I wouldn't bet you actually get it.

mad12 m., 2013-09-09, 09:41AM CDT

Never use Charter. I have been waiting over 10 months just for them to bury there cable line in my yard.

Price keeps going up and have less channels than before.

deborah b., 2013-09-27, 09:27AM CDT

Charter Communications has become very incompetent in regard to providing services. Recently I moved and transferred by phone and internet services to my new address, simple proposition. One week later, I found that another account I have with Charter at another address where I have tenants,was also transferred to my new address. So then came talking to Charter to unravel their mess and each time I talked to someone they made it worse and ended up screwing with my services so I had no phone or internet. A tech finally arrived and sorted it out several days later. I asked for a call from a supervisor and still waiting a week later.

George M., 2013-11-11, 09:00AM CST

Charter's service is terrible. On a Thursday evening a so call technician installed cable service to the house next door. Because there were only two taps on the pole behind my house, he disconnected my cable to hook up theirs. I called charter and told them what happened and they said they would send someone out the next day, so my television would only be out for twenty four hours because of this technician that did not know what he was doing. They said he would be there between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm. I waited for him from 12:00 pm until 7:00 pm and then called. They said he came but went to the wrong house, so I would have to wait two more days. Four days with no television because the people working for them don't know what they are doing. All someone had to do is come out and reconnect my cable to the tap, which would have taken ten minuets at the most. I express my displeasure with the situation and was basically told I could cancel my service. I know Direct TV goes out when you have inclement weather, but it does not take four days to come back on, and you do not have to worry about someone disconnecting it. Do not throw that dish in the trash, give it to me, because charter is out of here. I don't see anything smarter about charter.

George M., 2013-11-11, 06:09PM CST

On November 9, 2013 I got smarter and got rid of charter. When I pay I say. If you want my money, you give me what I pay for. Charter did not do that, so I returned their equipment to them and got Direct TV. I refuse to beg someone I am paying for what I am paying for.

4b0422ea, 2014-01-30, 03:10PM CST

CHARTER SUCKS!!!!!!!I have had trouble with Charter for over 17 months now and they will not do anything to resolve the problems. Now every time the cable screws up, THEY CALL IT AN OUTAGE....Well guess what??I have an outage every stinking day. On top of every thing else my calls go to the damn Philippines. NON SPEAKING ENGLISH PEOPLE!!!!Or very little ENGLISH!!!Why are these idiots still in business!!!!!THE ONLY REASON I STILL HAVE CHARTER IS BECAUSE THEY HAVE FORCED COMCAST OUT OF OUR AREA....WE CAN NOT GET INTERNET ANYWHERE ESLE.YOU NEED TO FIX ALL OF THE PROBLEMS OR GO OUT OF BUSINESS BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT HELPING ANYONE.....

b2d5022d, 2014-02-21, 02:22PM CST

The only reason Charter is in our area is because of the Political payments made to the local government. They know that they are protected by the political machine in this area. Retired and on a fixed income and can not afford them asked if they could "NO" was their only reply. They wanted me to 'bundle' services. NO Way if you can not honor a request why should we waste more money with a company that does not care about their customers. Like previous posters have had to wait for service and missed appointments. Looking to go somewhere else for service. My neighbor took the rental boxes back to their office and told them to find all wiring that belongs to Charter tied to the power pole on the street 12 feet up. If they want their property back that is where it is as he did not want it inside his house or property.

Martin K., 2014-03-08, 02:56PM CST

Charter Sucks. After running a forced ad that would be on every time you turned on your tv that said that all household televisions would have to be digital compatible by whatever date they then forced us to have a cable box for each television. OK. When we contacted them they sent out the boxes. fine I can deal with this inconvenience. When the boxes showed up they would not work on the older televisions in our bedrooms. So, We went out and bought a new television. When I hooked it up I still had to call customer service and have them get the box working because "the signal wasnt strong enough" I then started the process of programing the remote, which I have done before. The remote would not program to the new television. None of the codes for the brand would work. I called and was told that I have the newest remote and sorry nothing they could do. Then I was told that they sent us the wrong boxes. That the rep that we talked to before should have explained to us that we needed standard digital boxes to work with the older televisions not the hdmi boxes that were sent. Great so we spent money we didnt have because some rep didnt do their job. When I inquired as to why the commercial stated that we would be required to have hd tv's I was told "well, the commercial was a little confusing and misleading." hmm. All of this great service from a company that charges almost 180 dollars per month for basic cable and wifi, and the wifi sucks. I dont even get a signal throughout our house.They just had a price increase of 25 dollars per month and cut channels. I am so tired of being treated like crap by a company that WE PAY FOR SERVICE! At this point Direct TV is about to get a new customer. Charter would have to be free for me to stay. This is ridiculous.

b2d5022d, 2014-03-14, 04:51PM CDT

@ MartinK

like you we got smarter and ditched Charter. We went with Direct TV on a recommendation from a family member out of state. We now have more channels at less cost. When you call for assistance or tech support you get some one in the United States, not someone one in another country who does not speak English. The installer came out and installed a complete system in about 4 hours and was on time, unlike Charter. When you get some one to switch to Direct TV you and that person gets $10 off their bill. There are a lot of Direct TV trucks in our area now. Check them out for yourself and see what you think We have had them for about a month now. They called about 2 weeks after installation to check up on our service and was not trying to sell anything, just wanted to know how we like their service(one Question that was all) Call us if you need us or have any questions.

Charter came by trying to get us to reconnect at a lower price. Their lower price was $25 more than Direct TV after the first year. Good Bye Charter.

7f15a6a4, 2014-05-13, 11:26AM CDT

So apparently, Charter is going digital. Well that's probably great for some but what about those out there that don't want/need to?! My aunt has had nothing but problems with Charter since she first signed up with them, and now she's at a standstill. She can not afford much and has no desire to go digital. She's what some may call "technologically challenged", lol. Because of her disability she can't keep normal hours like the rest of us. When most of us are getting up, she's going to bed. So, when her shows are on, she has to record them (with a VCR)and watch them later. With this new digital platform, you can't connect a VCR or a DVD recorder to the box, whatsoever! She's on a very fixed income and can't afford to upgrade to a DVR; buy a computer and get internet, so she can watch shows online; or purchase a streaming device to get Netflix, Hulu, etc.. So what is she supposed to do now?!?!

Larry E., 2014-06-21, 01:13PM CDT

I don't know why Charter does not televise the Kansas City Royals. They list them on the channel selections as playing but when you go onto that channel its either boxing, cards or some other sporting event I'm not interested in. I tried getting MLB with them which they advertised only to find out they didn't renew their contract with them. Usually when this happens I just turn the TV off and do something else.

8d95ec52, 2014-06-26, 09:58PM CDT

Is there a class action lawyer out there willing to take on Charter? Charter is the king of double speak. Every since we plugged in the digital box in Dec 2010, we have been charged for items we did not order. First time I blamed the cat, she liked to lay on the remote and kept turning the tv on in the night, so I paid the $13.98 for the movie and called to Charter to figure out how to block this from happening. The walked me through the fix and the next month more charges. So we tried to figure out how to order a movie and realized a cat laying on the remote could not do it. So another call to Charter and another fix, they dropped my credit limit to $1 (lowest they could go) so that to order anything would require calling in to Charter. Next month several .99 movies were charged to my account (all in the middle of night when my husband was at work and I was asleep with the tv right outside our open bedroom door. Of course we can set your credit to $0, don't know why the said only a $1. Next month Playboy channel was added. The credit limit only applies to movies not additional channels. On and on, 4 years and counting, I have been fighting this. Every time there is another excuse why last months fix didn't work. Technician after technician has come out, re-arrange wire, change the box, can't find a problem, must be at charters end. Don't know why they would say that problem must be at your end. Now, after 4 years of sending letters, making monthly calls, requesting to speak to supervisors (that never come on the line, on another line, sorry) I was told to get all my old bills together and take to local office and have them call Michael. Sorry, you don't have Michael special code, I'm on my way out to a meeting so tommorrow I'll find Michael and send the info to him (April 29, 2014). June 26, 2014, We have no record of you going into the Davison Office and nothing was ever sent, go back to Davison and talk to that manager. He's on vacation this week, and he is manager of other offices so don't know when he'll be here next. Call back, finally got to speak to a Manager, Tabitha. You're out of luck, you didn't dispute issue on a timely basis???? You must be guilty of ordering through the remote. Really, I would spend 4 years disputing and waiting for technicians and using my precious cell minutes on Charter, spending expensive gas taking boxes back to Davison, having to check my bill every two days to make sure nothing has been added I didn't order, 4 years of my life? Really, I am ordering this stuff the same day I call in to cancel, I am ordering it again. Because I like talking to automated systems? Because I like to spend hours on hold? Because I enjoy repeating my name, address, phone number, security code, tat on the a--, to talk to someone who treats me like some lowlife who is stealing from them? Like the IRS, they don't keep records for more that a couple months, even though they haven't settle the issue.

c9ffce78, 2014-08-05, 06:51PM CDT

Strange business procedures. You'd think that a rule of thumb for a television company to carry all the local professional teams. Unfortunately for Oakland A's fans charter has found a way to block out Athletics baseball. While charter shows Giants games practically everyday (great when they played the A's). Plus your on demand selection downright BLOWS.

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