Turbo Tax - Failure to pay rebate

Posted on Sunday, June 13th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 0c216d09

Company: Turbo Tax - Failure to pay rebate

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Turbo Tax - Failure to pay rebate

Turbo Tax Failure to pay rebate.

How cheap, cheap, cheap, can Turbo tax get. I was consciences of the deadline date to apply for the state tax program rebate. Three days prior to this rebate I mailed the rebate application. A month late I receive a

note that I've missed the rebate deadline date. $30 down the drain.

My complaint is why a deadline to start with, and is there someone at Intuit looking at envelope dates day-in-day-out ??? From reading other Turbo Tax complaints, their time would be better spent fixing the program. It's also my experience that there's no way to contact Intuit with complaints or for them to address problems.

We , it's no Turbo Tax for me next year, and I'll also make sure that the other 392 employees in my company don't purchase Turbo tax. Question ..... Does Intuit look at all these complaints ?? Does anyone know ?? SteveB

Steve B

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