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Posted on Saturday, June 12th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 539e9fcf

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Business Reply - June 11, 2004 - From: //

Dear Stephanie & Complaints.Com Readers You might want to check your facts before accusing people of things. #1 We send an email receipt with every purchase. We can not help if you do not receive or keep it.

#2 Your original sale was Feb 2, 2004. Our credit card company will NOT ALLOW us to refund a sale over 90 days old. I just tried.

#3 We are a reputable business. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Look at the ABOUT US page on - would they let a scam company appear on the TODAY show, in the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune?

#4 I can send you 5 happy customers for every 1 unhappy customer #5 I am a hard working entrepreneur and I do my best. Email is not always the most reliable method of communication, as we all know. I do not appreciate you making all sorts of wild and unfounded accusations about us.

#6 If you'd like to call your credit card company and verify what I said

- I tried to refund it and was told it was too old. Would you like us to send you a check for the $38.95 since you are so disgusted by this whole affair? Sincerely, Joshua F. Finer, MBA


Finer Technologies, Inc.

Consumer follow-up message - June 30, 2004 - From: //878g8:858;8i;98>7 By the way, I wonder if you are only responding, now that I'm sending copies to the website,

to share my experience with other consumers...hmmmmmm, isn't that interresting. I guess I will have to start filing complaints with the states attorney general's office, better business

bureau, etc... and step-up my campaign to inform consumers about you. ATTN:COMPLAINTS.COM READERS: --- Joshua F> wrote:


In order to provide a refund, you need to provide us with your email receipt.

I just checked your previous emails to us and you have never provided that.

Josh F

PS If you think our business is a scam, then clearly you are the one who is wrong.

Well, this is about the fifth time I have e-mailed you about this, and I am still waiting for you to respond

in some way to the fact that you charged me for a product I was not able to down-load, and now I really

no longer have any use for, so I need my money refunded. Plese do note that your ignoring my attempts to contact you, will certainly prompt me to start

"spreading the word" of how you do business. If you will not refund the money you charged my card, for the

product I did not get, I can at least take solice in the fact that I will make sure it costs you many times

what you ripped me off for, in loss of potential customers, by posting the details of this transaction

on every complaint and consumer website I can find. I suspect this is going to hurt you a lot more than it

did me. Maybe the reason you continue to ignore me is that you have already gone out of business. That would make

sense, considering what I see to be your business practices. I was going to sign this "a disgruntled customer", but that's not right. By definition I am not your

customer, since I never got anything from you for what you charged my account. That looks more like I'm the

victim of your scam rather than a customer. Just to refresh your memory. I ordered and tried to download "Net Nanny" to block porn spam. The download

was unsuccessful, yet you charged my credit card anyway and with the exception of this initial e-mail,

you have not responded AT ALL to any of my attempts to reconcile this problem. ATTN COMPLAINTS.COM READERS - The original e-mail I sent, months ago was returned , apparently the e-mail address he gives out on the website is bogus (COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_67213#). Lucky for me I found this one...oh, wait a minute, this hasn't paid off either! Looks like he intended to rip me off from the start, doesn't it? I would warn your friends about his website, if I were you:

Stephanie_watts --- Joshua Finer wrote:

> Hi


> What product did you buy? None of our products > require a ton of > memory...Let me know


> Josh






> -----Original Message-----

> From: stephanie w

> [mailto:stephanie_w

> Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2004 5:37 PM


> Subject: My download was unsuccessful



> I tried to download your software but I do not have > enough memory and I do not have enough I can get rid

> of.


> I e-mailed you to tell you I need my credit card > refunded, but my e-mail to you was returned to me as undeliverable.


> I need someone to call me regarding refunding my

> card

> ASAP, at (***)***-****.


> Thank you,


> Stephanie W

> stephanie w

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