AFSCI - AFSCI - Associates Financial Services - Trying to resolve an old debt with Associates Capital a.k.a Associates Financial Services Co. Inc. a.k.a AFSCI. Have been unable to find any information on this company

Posted on Friday, July 9th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 79a8602a

Product: Associates Financial Services

Company: AFSCI

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Trying to resolve an old debt with Associates Capital a.k.a Associates Financial Services Co. Inc. a.k.a AFSCI. Have been unable to find any information on this company, would be appreciative if anyone can offer any information and/or contact info on the status of this company.

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f699a03e, 2007-10-16, 10:09AM CDT

They have apperantly been bought by CITIBANK

Anonymous, 2008-01-10, 07:04PM CST

The Associates Financial Services were bought out a few years ago by CitiBank. As far as I know, most of their branch offices still exist but are now under the name CitiFinancial.

51efb68a, 2008-06-19, 11:44AM CDT

These are the phone numbers that I have for Associates Financial Services, They have been bought out by Citi Financial Services and numbers are 1-800-922-6235 or 1-800-401-9836 or 1-888-701-6280

f3b7fad7, 2009-02-16, 01:39PM CST

I would like to know how to contact this company also.. I need them to release my life insurance policy.. Does anyone know how to contact these guys??? Associate Financial Service/Aurora Colorado..

743c2fee, 2009-07-30, 06:54AM CDT

I also need to contact them to release my life insurance policy

af89daad, 2009-08-11, 08:58AM CDT

Part of the Associates portfolio was purchased by American General,part by Avco (.which has since bought by Citifinancial) and Citifinancial. Citifinancial has an 800 number on their website and there used to be an option for accounts org from Associates. The collection dept is only available during certain times of the day so listen carefully to the message. you can also call your local American General office to see if your account was purchased by them. The Associates were purchased back in 2001 so the bad debt your trying to clear should be dropping off your credit report.

591b2b8a, 2009-10-29, 10:37AM CDT

Good morning, I am trying to see how to get in contact with this creditor. I have a lien on my credit report and want to know how I can have it removed. What steps do I follow after making the payment.

5c37bce8, 2010-01-21, 12:35AM CST




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261f8d5e, 2010-10-16, 11:10AM CDT

I have a similar situation where Associates never sent any information to me in reference to my loan being paid in full. Which there has been a lien put on my vehicle, that I can't get taken off. The MVA advised me to contact Associates and have the lien removed and to have them send me the paper work showing it was paid in full. I called the number that I was given which was no longer in service. I called the MVA and someone else told me that Associates was bought out by Citibank and gave me another number to call. When I called them they said that they do not have any information on that loan, and they couldn't do anything more for me. So basically what I am looking for, is anyone who could possibly help me out here trying to get this whole thing straightened out and off my credit report as well. Please tell me that there is someone that was able to give you good information to clear up your mess as well. Sincerely, Jim

f396a395, 2010-10-29, 10:37AM CDT

This company was bought by Citifinancail and all issues must be taken up with them. Good luck it will be an uphill battle.

Vicky F., 2013-04-09, 02:22PM CDT

Thank You very much,it was very much appreciated, and very helpful.

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