AOL - AOL - In January, 2004, I purchased a new Sony computer from Best Buy. As part of the purchase, I was to receive AOL, free, for six months.

Posted on Saturday, July 3rd, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by c6fb81f1

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I write concerning an AOL charge that I received on my recently received Discover bill. In January, 2004, I purchased a new Sony computer from Best Buy. As part of the purchase, I was to receive AOL, free, for six months. I completed the proper paperwork for a person who was an AOL customer who received six months of AOL free. Six months as I understand it would run until July, 2004. My Discover bill shows a charge of $21.51, dated June 2. I am a senior and get a reduced rate for AOL. On June 10, I used the 800 number and contacted AOL to discontinue my service. I talked to Connie. She indicated to me that I would not be charged for any AOL service through August 31, 2004, enabling me to test Broadband and other recent AOL features. Here is Connie's response to me: Subj: I enjoyed speaking with you today Date: 6/10/2004 From: AOLMbrServices

To: DAD 10 40 Dear STEPHEN, Thank you for calling America Online, and for giving me the opportunity to help you get the most out of your online experience! I enjoyed speaking with you on the phone, and as you may remember, my name is Connie. Please feel free to contact me directly if you ever need help with your AOL service - my screen name is olverac95. To add my screen name to your Address Book, simply click Add Address on the menu bar to the right of this e-mail. There`s more to explore on AOL everyday. In addition to what we discussed on the phone, I`ve included some other information you might find relevant and useful: As we discussed, I`ve credited your account with 2 free months of service. This will give you a chance to explore everything we talked about on the phone. AOL for Broadband works with and enhances any high-speed cable or DSL connection. And like you, many of our Members are finding out that AOL for Broadband is a better online experience than anything else out there. It offers more features and exclusive content, and it`s easy to add to your new/existing high speed connection. Some features you don`t want to miss: 175 channels of CD-quality music at AOL Keyword:Radio@AOL, multimedia features (exclusive interviews and concerts, music videos, movie clips, and TV premieres) at AOL Keyword:Video@AOL, AOL Keyword:CNN NewsPass, AOL Keyword:Weather, AOL Keyword:NASCAR, and AOL Keyword:NFL. There are even great new e-mail features that allow you to sort, block, and control your e-mail better. All of this, valued at over $100/month, is included in your AOL for Broadband! And based on our conversation, I`ve also included some other AOL features I know you will find interesting: AOL has fantastic content specifically for your adult children which is great for them because they get all of the information and entertainment choices they want in one place. It`s also great for you because you know the content is the best the internet has to offer. Check it all out at AOL Keyword:College Survival, AOL Keyword:Professions, and AOL Keyword:FAFSA. And for backing up important documents, go to AOL Keyword:My FTP.Upromise is a free service where some of your everyday spending comes back as college savings. For AOL members, you save DOUBLE in Upromise on gas, groceries and at McDonald?s. Simply go to Keyword:Upromise to enroll. If you?re already a Upromise member, go to AOL keyword:LinkUpromise to link your accounts so you can start saving double. I think you?ll really love the program. It?s easy to join and completely free. The next time you log in, look for the Upromise message, or go to Keyword:Upromise to enroll and start saving money! Not sure how to use AOL Keywords? Simply click on the white bar to the left of the Go button at the top of your screen, and type in the word you wish to explore (like Help). Then, click Go to reach your destination. I was glad I could help you get the most out of America Online. As I said, feel free to contact me with questions, but I want to make sure you`re aware of other ways you can get help from AOL - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit Keyword: Help for online access to technical/billing support and other great tips for getting the best of AOL. If you`d rather speak to a technical support consultant, please call 1-888-346-3704 (Windows) or 1-888-265-8007 (Macintosh). For any billing questions, call 1-888-265-8003. Thank you for choosing America Online! Regards,


AOL Member Services P.S. Have you checked out AOL`s newest version, 9.0? There are lots of great new features - including free personal firewalls, new pop-up controls and tougher spam blockers. Check out KW: Upgrade to upgrade for free - it`s the best version yet! You can imagine, therefore, my shock upon receiving my Discover bill. I request a credit to my Discover account in the amount of $21.51. I also ask you to insure that I am not charged for July or August. Please respond to my concern/question/complaint in writing. If a credit will not be issued, please explain the rationale and indicate the proper person to contact concerning an appeal. Thank You. Peace Steve


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