Calif. State Auto Ass'n (CSAA) - Calif. State Auto Ass'n (CSAA) - I have standing complaints against CSAA for bad service on home insurance. The policy was approved and signed by the sales agent and me. Furthermore, it was paid in full at inception In August, 2003. A few weeks later, I r

Posted on Friday, July 30th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 724d1578

Company: Calif. State Auto Ass'n (CSAA)

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I have standing complaints against CSAA for bad service on home insurance. The policy was approved and signed by the sales agent and me. Furthermore, it was paid in full at inception In August, 2003. A few weeks later, I received a cancellation notice by e-mail. It came unexpectedly and it looked final, giving me no recourse but to buy the insurance elsewhere The new carrier found no problem with the property for insurance purposes. A property inspector produced pictures to CSAA that CSAA interpreted as ''foundation cracks.''

In fact they were cracks on the stucco wall on the east side of my property. In looking at the inspection report, it appears that it was amended at CSAA's order, based on their misinterpretation

of the pictures. The original report actually looked favorable. CSAA's adverse actions are reckless and certainly not consistent with the principles of fair play in

the marketplace. I accuse them of bad faith dealing, breach of contract, and fraud by not disclosing

their ability to cancel an agreement at their leisure after inception. The Dept of Insurance advises

that they have 60 days to do so. Under the circumstances I have serious doubts about it. I have demanded compensation for the trouble. While at first they acknowledged their mistakes

and apologized, and even thanked me for criticisms leveled against them, leading them to

reevaluate certain procedures, it has been almost a year of it not resolved. Apologies are not enough to cover abuse toward a customer. Avelino N. B

Concord, CA 94518


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bb0eb5f8, 2008-01-01, 04:26PM CST

You were very lucky to get an apology but I am not surprised at the lack of resolution. My own water damage claim is still open from 3/08 and CSAA has refused to pay for the damage in full is hiding behind the $10,000 mold/mildew cap and disallowing part of my claim after a very cursory and obviously biased investigation. I have no recourse but to sue for bad faith, fraud and breach of contract.

We should be educating our fellow consumers about the evil corporate culture at CSAA that permeates this organization and allows them to promise customer satisfaction with phrases like "... we'll take care of you...we'll get you the best coverage possible..." These are code words for a rip off. Good luck to you.

f089c003, 2009-06-22, 03:45PM CDT

CSAA has not improved over the past year or so. Here in Tahoe,they closed our only local office in CALIFORNIA and directed us to NEVADA FOR OUR ISURANCE NEEDS.

Recently they sent us a new post card telling us we can drive 2 hours to the other side of the lake for our convenint use of the north shore office.

HOw convienient is that!!!

looking for a new insurance carrier.

bb0eb5f8, 2010-02-27, 11:23AM CST

My issue was resolved out of court so I cannot give you any details but do wish you the best of luck.

Lori C., 2013-06-01, 09:02PM CDT

I have a complaint regarding auto claims. Bad faith acts on CSAA side. Last year my husband was driving down a residential street at the speed limit. All of a sudden a 20 something girl pulled out of her driveway and backed into him in my 2007 cadillac. Her csaa insurance company took her statement but did not even bother to speak to my husband. My husband was injured. He had a neck injury and our medical insurance did not want to do much to help because they figured it was her fault. My car was fixed by my insurance company but deductible part of the rental car came out of our pocket. Our insurance company is taking csaa to arbitration for damages. They said fault was 100 percent hers. CSAA is saying 50/50. We hired an attorney who had depositions taken in which it is obvious that she is lying. She states he aimed his car at her went through a bike lane and he hit her. Unfortunately because she is lying she gets away with it. Soon after and 5 trips to the cadillac dealer I had to get rid of my vehicle. This vehicle was purchased for me brand new the year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Obviously i had negative equity. Although this is a clear cut case we are the ones ripped off. My husband is a 56 yr old with no tickets and no accidents I have gotten three of my friends to move to my insurance company. Esurance. I will continue to spread the bad word because this is totally bad faith and I dont care what side you sit on. This is a POWER TRIP and unjust.

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