Applebee's Restaurant - Applebee's Restaurant, Kingsland, GA - Most recently, I visited the above local Applebee's three times, ordering the exact same entree - the Bourbon Street Steak. None of the three meals was adequate. However, the last meal finally prompted me into action

Posted on Thursday, July 29th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by bd050fa5

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The quality of the service has continued to degrade over the past 10 years, as long as I have resided in this community. Most recently, I visited the above local Applebee's three times, ordering the exact same entree - the Bourbon Street Steak. None of the three meals was adequate. However, the last meal finally prompted me into action. It was the first of the three meals to actually cook the steak to the correct level of doneness requested.

I wanted to applaud the chef for that accomplishment. Unfortunately, the seasonings used have either been changed into a much less desirable mixture or the chef's at this restaurant have lost the art of proper application. Both are correctable, I believe.

I ordered the small Caesar salad for this third meal, and it tasted great. Unfortunately, the romaine had not been chopped into small or medium pieces. That's correctable on two levels. (1) The preparer could do an appropriate job of cutting up the romaine. (2) My food server could have observed the lack of preparation and brought me a knife to cut the romaine myself. Either would have been fine with me.

But neither happened. The server did not reappear until after additional personnel had brought meals to the other members of my party.

My entree was delivered late, separate, and the potato's looked horrible. I reserved judgment, as sometimes looks are deceiving. My server made a hasty exit and did not reappear until after the meal had been finished. The potato's were absolutely just as they looked, lukewarm, very old, and unpalatable. In my opinion, they should have been suspect by both the chef and the server, by inspection alone.

After observing that my party was finished eating, the absent server reappeared. I informed him that I had comments about the food, and wanted to discuss them once he had returned with my credit card. Before he left I specifically mentioned the potato's. The waiter returned, placed my bill and credit card on the table, said nothing, and again made another hasty retreat. Since I had his full attention when informing him that I had comments, I can only assume that he did not want to hear my comments. So, for the first time in 25 years, I gave their tip to myself as compensation for their lack of service towards my meal and myself.

In the past when I have reported problems to the manager's at this location, they offer their apologies and usually offer a free dessert.

I always decline the offer, for two reasons. (1) I don't really like dessert. (2) I am uncertain as to how that adequately compensates me for paying for an inadequately prepared or served meal.

Here is what I want Applebee's Corporation to tell me.

(1) Has your company changed either the ingredients or food preparation techniques for the Bourbon Street Steak? If the spices have been changed then please change back to the original mixture.

(2) What should I do when the service and food quality is not adequate?

(3) Why does getting a free dessert compensate for being provided intolerable portions of food? If your people mess it up, why am I responsible for buying it? What is your exact policy?

(4) Do you ever perform incognito quality checks? Please do so at my restaurant.

(5) Why am I going to a third party web site to register a complaint, instead of directly to your headquarters? I keep hoping that things will get better at my local Applebee's, and return to the quality and service of 10 years ago. Prior to my recent three visits, I had stopped going for about nine months. Believe it or not some (very marginal) improvements had occurred. It's a real pity, as we used to go several times a month. I am looking forward to hearing from Applebee's ... soon. S. Sales


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83c49bd3, 2008-10-29, 08:34AM CDT

From you complaint it sure seems like you have complaints more often than not so I have to ask why you continue to return at all.

bb1ec434, 2008-11-17, 11:25PM CST

If you leave a comment me they get read! I worked at Applebees (although we called it Crapplebees for a reason) for a long time. We got REAMED if we got a bad review. Yes they did change everything around. The reason the meal was different several times was becasue they don't always have the same cook working every night (even though they are severally understaffed). They also fly through servers ...obviousy your server was a pansy. They do get trained on how to handle people and complaints so he/she needed to toughen up. Maybe that server was having a horendous never know. If you wanted to complain to the head boss just ask for the kitchen manager (there is ALWAYS at least 2 there at all times)and then ask for the head number.

fe84ab9a, 2009-01-24, 01:52PM CST

hi. me and my husband went to kingsland's applebees last night to celebrate his birthday, with our two children.firstly, we had a 20 min wait to be seated , which was fine, it made me expect the food and service to be great, which i was badly mistaken.

so our waitress(who gives a bad name to waitressing, let me tell ya) came over and took our order. we ordered hot dog kids meal, wings and spinach dip for chips, and my husband ordered a RARE steak. so why did it take them 30 minutes to get us our food? not to mention we sat there sipping on ice for 20 minutes before we got a drink refill. I mean we ordered foods that were pretty quick to make, and my kids hot dog was cold,not to mention to stale hot dog bun it came in. I felt cheated for paying 4 dollars for it! the food was very over salted, the waitress was M.I.A. all the way up until check time. the service was horrible. She forgot to order up my meal so I sat there while my family ate without my meal for about 10 minutes. Looking around the resturant though , I'd have to say that the people who were sitting around the bar drinking got the best service definately, which we are not partakers of. Applebees in kingsland Ga is poorly ran, bad service, bad atmosphere, definately NOT a place to go out eating with your family, and honestly the food was not worth what we paid for it. It was MCdonalds quailty food for resturant price. we should have went to Osaka. I will be telling others about our expierence. As a former waitress myself I was surprised at the leneancy and lack of subordination the bosses allow to the waitresses.

57c5dce9, 2011-01-27, 12:30PM CST

After a 10 year boycot of that same restaraunt I tried it again. same poor service and cold food that takes forever to reach the table. When our appetizer finnaly arrived after 45 minutes it was wrong. The waitress, tall skinny dark hair late 30's, you know who you are. Got mad at us we paid the bill, with out tip, and went home. The next day I noticed that my credit card had been charged twice! That does not happen by accident. When I reported the incident to the manager he refunded the second charge and offered me a free meal that I will not use. That was a few months ago. Recently I went to meet a friend who was there, I was hesitant but went there any way. The same waitress is still working there. This tells me that the management condones poor service, poor food and employee's that steal from it's visitors.

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