US Bank - US Bank - I would like to speak to the President of US Bank regarding what we consider highly unprofessional conduct on the part of US Bank. I cannot tell you of the emotional, mental and physiological toll this has taken on my husband and I, that we ha

Posted on Monday, July 26th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 10daa490

Company: US Bank

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I would like to speak to the President of US Bank regarding what we consider "highly unprofessional conduct" on the part of US Bank. I cannot tell you of the emotional, mental and physiological toll this has taken on my husband and I, that we have experienced at the hands of US Bank.

My husband and I had decided to take advantage of the continuing interest rate decreases, and to refinance our home. We were looking for a 20 year, fixed with escrow. I emphasized the escrow of the utmost importance. The high taxes were really hurting us.We chose our own hometown Bank, who we have direct deposit with, US Bank.

I called an800 number) and was advised by "John" a sales rep in oregon,there would be no closing fee. It sounded ideal, we felt like we were getting a break for being good customers with US Bank. We applied, and was at first declined, due to a 'low credit score.' My copy of our credit report states 672, which is certainly not bad. He claimed he had a credit score in low 600s.

I called my branch, and they said they wanted to make a few phone calls, because there was apparently some other branches of US Bank that might be able to assist us. A few days later she informed me that he had made contact with the “Alternative Loan Division” of US Bank, in Cincinnati, Ohio. The 'slick' loan officer, "Joe" I spoke with , via email,indicated that all was not lost. We provided all the information requested us in terms of tax documents, statements, and payment stubs.Our conversations were done via email, phone messages, or fax.

A few days later, on May 17, 2004, we were pre-approved. He faxed us a good faith estimate of closing costs only, which were $2400.00 I told them I had been advised there would be no closing costs, they then said no, no out of pocket money, except for the appraisal. The closing costs would be included in the loan. (Double speak) I would still be paying them.

The second GFE came June 10. It was with with an APR of 6.788%. Closing costs were now $4171.25 - A 30 year term-and No Escrow. Suspicions arose, but I always give people the benefit of the doubt, I assumed a mistake had simply been made. I attempted to notify the loan officer 'Joe' many times and left messages, but got no response. I called my local branch and she said she had trouble reaching him as well, he would never respond to her, but she would continue in her attempt to reach him and tell him.

She finally did and informed him we wanted a 20 year with escrow. We had a Florida trip planned, from July 5-15 and it was looming, and their apparent incompetency started me to worry. I told them I would be out of town we needed to do this. Never being able to reach him, I was told by the local branch, the next step was the appraiser. The GFE quoted a price range between$125.00-250.00.

We waited weeks, with me emailing daily questioning when he would show up.The Bank responded by using every tactic possible to extend the process and make it more costly to us. I cannot tell you how many hours I have exasperated myself trying get this loan with US Banks pathetic loan officers.The appraiser finally showed up and he charged us $275.00.

Then I questioned Joe, via email for over 2 weeks for the results. He finally responded, saying we had been appraised for $135,000, our loan was for $120,000.

At that point things were looking good, he said it was going into underwritting. We had email indicating that pay off statements had been obtained and all that was needed was the final appraisal Then I received an email saying the apr was now 7.15% due it being a modular home. I questioned it, it sounded like discrimination, but was willing to accept it, especially with the clock ticking. It had now turned into July. I nearly pleaded with them to rush it, so I could sign before I left.

"Joe" advised me not to pay my current mortgage, that it was included in my loan.

We were getting pretty nervous now but were assured time and time again that all was well. It was just a matter of paperwork processing. All the in-house approvals were complete. I was leaving for Florida in just days, had been advised not to pay my mortgage, which was now late.

We were informed the day before leaving, we were not going to be able to close by the 15th and it would now be a few days after I returned. Well, this suddenly panicked us. Our mortgage funds had been spent on the appraiser and other things, on his advice. Our nerves were frazzled, we went on vacation, distraught, but still hopeful. We spent a very tension filled 10 days with my children and grandchildren with the expectation of closing upon our return. We returned, (July 15th) started emailing 'Joe' again, never speaking to him by phone. The word now came back that we had been 'disqualified' due to having a cistern. I had now had enough. I told him I wanted my appraisal money back. He gave me his supervisors name and number, I called him and actually spoke to 'John' I questioned it, again calling it discrimination. He said it was not discrimination but 'inadequate collateral' (I wasn't ready to give up without a fight.) He told me 2 other homes in our area had recently sold, both with cisterns, he went up against underwriting, and said he would try to put it through once again. Either way, if we were turned down, he would see to it we got our $275.00 Appraisal fee back. Suddenly we got an actual phone call from Joe. 'Great news!" he says 'Everything is ready. It's a go. You got a pen?" "Sure I say excitedly." "OK here we go. We have some good news and some bad news. The good news being that we were still set to close on that following Monday-The bad news was that It was now an APR of 8.9%. "8.9%? " I ask, "What? why? What happened to 7.15%?" "Well, it's the best we can do at this time." As if it is not a big deal. I am distraught. "20 years?" I ask, holding my breath. "Well, that's the other thing." Its a 30/15 fixed balloon. I gritted my teeth "Escrow?" I ask incredulously, as my stomach drops. "No, No escrow, but we could Get you that if you wanted." (As if it was the first time he had heard me ask.) That is when I lost it. Suddenly the offer was not so appealing anymore. What else could we do…the 'fight for our loan' was done. To me, it was over right then. I thought I must be dealing with some twisted alternate universe. I asked him to fax to my home the latest GFE.(so I had a hard copy) My husband and I discussed it, unable to believe the ridiculousness of the situation. I emailed his supervisor, unwilling to deal with 'Joe' any longer, a person that we would personally enjoy seeing expelled from his position. I told him no thank you to the new terms of the loan and requested the refund. To add insult to injury he replied 'Since we are able to offer you lending I am notable to refund you the cost of your appraisal' I should have expected nothing less from US Bank. They had hung us out to dry. . We advised the bank that the Appraisal money was given on the contingency of different terms. This latest 'offer' was nothing either of us had agreed to, or even talked about-it came right out of the blue.

'Joe' told us it was at 7.15%. When they appraiser came, those were the assumption of the terms we were under. Those were the terms WE had agreed to. At that point in time 'Joe' was still attempting to figure out the mind boggling task of how to include the escrow into our loan.

US Bank were the ones who have reneged on the deal. NOT WE. They tried to scam us by saying "NEW DEAL!!! 8.9% 30 years LET'S CLOSE NOW!" No Escrow

I wanted to scream from the mountain tops and beat my chest and tell the whole country what rotten dirty scoundrels US Bank and its associates are and what they have done to my family and me for the past two months. Instead of freeing ourselves from debt, we suddenly found ourselves deeper in it. We were stuck with being late on our mortgage, and no funds to cover it. I am sure there are details that I have left out, my mind spins in anger when I talk about it.

I know US Bank is counting on me hanging my head and going away after this travesty. I will not. I feel I have no choice but to contact the better business bureau, and the Attorney Generals Office. Consumers have rights too. In addition, I will advise anyone that will listen, not to go through US Bank because they are dishonest, disloyal and thieves.

After reading online, the BBB complaints,

Government Guide: Complaint Center Main

Search Results: us bank to name a few I should consider myself lucky to have been shown the light before signing with such a 'BANK'(?)

At his point, I just want my appraisel money back, we intend to withdraw all funds from both checking accounts and stop direct deposit and cut all ties with US Bank



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992f19b5, 2008-03-24, 04:48PM CDT

Joyce, I surely agree with you. They are in the process of closing my account without my approval because I didn't pay their silly annual fee.

4b530388, 2008-10-25, 06:05PM CDT

Im sorry you had such a poor expierence with US Bank. It truly is a wonderful place to bank. I am a faithfull employee and can assure you that not all US Bank offices conduct business in this manner. Come to my branch, we will take care of you!

2d0a0293, 2009-01-27, 12:52PM CST

Dear Joyce,

We have recently began conducting business with US Banks in Wheelersburg, OH in the month of December, '09. We have opened our own small business and were planning to use US Banks for all of our business accounting.

However, following our first major deposit on 1//16/09 for which we were told would be posted on 1/20/09. However, we received two letters yesterday 1/26/09 stating that we had overdrawn from our business account and that US Banks would attempt to reconcile all matters including any and all overdraft fees. From our understanding US Banks informed us that they had to put an immediate hold on this check since they could not get a verification from the paying bank. We were told that US Banks attempted twice before freezing our account. We immediately spoke with the issuing bank and owner of company that had dispersed the check. We then find out that US Bank were the one's who put the hold onto the check. IT had nothing at all to do with not being able to verify funds. My husband telephoned the bank of manager of Wheelersburg branch and all he received was a snotty and most unprofessional attitude from her and non-compliance with assisting in clearing up this matter. We are now faced with overdrafts that will trickle down to our employees with a payroll which was distributed 1/23/09.

Did you ever get a reply from the President of US Banks?

Update to our problem 1/28/09

Following 48 hrs of emotional, mental,a nd physical turmoil we are happy to say that a gentleman named MATT from the fraud dept. has reconciled our business account and reassures my husband and I that we should not experience anything like this again. Thanks MATT.

df85c843, 2009-02-21, 06:25PM CST

Joyce My name is Carla J. I too have had unsvory relations with US Bank. Recently I have discovered an unfair practice of how they are praying on people who have trouble with balancing a checking account. I want to take action about it. Have you been able to contact the President about this matter

? Are you seeking leagal advice becaue I am sure they're are thousands more of us out there. Sincerely Carla

3293661d, 2009-07-16, 12:40PM CDT

I find all your stories amazing . I myself am going through a problem with US bank where a purchase was made through my checkin account with out my knowlegde. They then wanted me to pay overdraft fees and late fees for some thing I didn't buy. This has been going on since May 10th ,2009. I found myself talking to alot of people that didn't know what was going on. Today 7-16-09 I get a call saying i oweover $600.00 when i was told every thing was credited back to my account and I was actually able to close my account weeks before.

I am very unstatisfied with US bank and have close my acct. with them but still am having problems. I am a full time sutdent, i dont have the money nor the means to pay somthing like this nor eill I ever, when in this case the fault is on the bank.

I just can't seem to figure out why two departments ( customer service and fraud) would have different infomation. I will never use US Bank again and recommend no one does.

7881d433, 2009-07-29, 08:00PM CDT

We also wanted to take advantage of the lowering interest rates and decided to refinance with US Bank, but our experience parallels your bad one. We were told our closing cost were $1,000, but then two hours before signing our papers Jill Kelley, our processor called to say there was an addition error and our closing cost were now $3,000. A bank with an addition error, come on!!!! When I questioned directors Robyn Wood and Lori Higgins, they shrugged it off and stated that in busy times errors happen. Can you believe this? Our signing was also pushed back because the bank was not ready with our papers. I find the bank to lack integrity and be completely incompetent. I am glad the federal government gives free money to such systems. I too plan to scream this from the roof tops and tell everyone I know.

7881d433, 2009-07-29, 08:01PM CDT

We also wanted to take advantage of the lowering interest rates and decided to refinance with US Bank, but our experience parallels your bad one. We were told our closing cost were $1,000, but then two hours before signing our papers Jill Kelley, our processor called to say there was an addition error and our closing cost were now $3,000. A bank with an addition error, come on!!!! When I questioned directors Robyn Wood and Lori Higgins, they shrugged it off and stated that in busy times errors happen. Can you believe this? Our signing was also pushed back because the bank was not ready with our papers. I find the bank to lack integrity and be completely incompetent. I am glad the federal government gives free money to such systems. I too plan to scream this from the roof tops and tell everyone I know.

1c6ca9a8, 2009-08-11, 09:35AM CDT


We are being robbed by the crooks who have taken over Washington, Wall Street, and Main Street. We have been trying to do a loan modification with US Bank (with whom we've had our original mortgage with for the past 8 years), and are getting a run-around.

We contacted US Bank in May to do the loan mod, and they were supposed to contact us. When I got through in early August of '09, I was told we were declined in June (of course, we were never notified).

Now, when I try to call to dispute their decision, I can't even get through. Hence I will be conducting a letter writing campaign to Obama, our Senators, and the Media, but I have low hopes, because greed has infected every aspect of Capitalism, and ethics (a problem with banks for decades) are largely absent. What can we do about it?

It's coming to a head, and our only choice is to stop paying these companies. So I am making a call to all conscientious citizens to join me, so we can re-claim our country, before we are all forced into poverty. Write the President, your senators & congresspersons, the media, and tell your story. Meanwhile, if things are dire, screw the credit report. We have to stop their 'hegemonistic' power grab, and the only way to do that is to stop shelling out money. As Janice Joplin sings, "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose"

America, are we truly the United States? Seems to me, it's corporations against humanity. It's time to fight them. Start with the wallet, and if that doesn't work, we're going to have to take it to the streets. Who's with me?

PS: We have to do this in the Gandhi style of non-violence - otherwise, we'd simply be thugs, and we have to oppose the system in terms of leading the way with the kind of integrity so sadly missing in the world today.

8e95e8bb, 2009-09-05, 04:43PM CDT

Imustagreewith you onthe highly unprofessionalway that US Bank treats people. My daughter went in to the store to use their ATM machine with my bankcard. She accidentally left it there. She came back i minute later and a man had just given it to the bank clerk. The bank clerk refused to give it back. My daughter says that she was rude, and they did not attempt to call me at home. My daughter returned 15 minutes later with proper I.D. to collect the bankcard and they had shredded it. I called them on the phone and I was told that they shred any cards that they get, if we are not a customer of US Bank. I asked her what about the 24 hour grace period alloted for reclamation, when a person tells you it is their card that was just turned in???? It was not a random card that was turned in. It was claimed immediately and they should have given my daughter a chance to come back with her ID or called me to inform me so that I could claim it or called my bank so they could claim it. (They are right across the street.) This is why I deal with Chase and not U.S.Bank. They are so much more cordial and proffessional and they treat you like a person, not a dollar sign.

89aee124, 2009-11-13, 02:22PM CST

I had a issue with them as well. I have sent a split mortgage payment to them on the same day from two different banks account from two different banking institutions. They sent me a letter stating they received a partial payment from me. When I researched the payment, I assumed they were correct because I didnt see where the payment was process after two weeks. Not wanting to be late I decided to give them a call. I call them up to make a payment over the phone. When I called there was an option for a "Just In Time" payment, which is a payment made through the automated system posted by 5pm for a fee of $11.00. So that my mortgage would not be late I was willing to pay the $11.00 fee for a payment over the phone (as if that is not enough). When I called their system it was not working, I had trouble making a payment through the automated system so I pressed 0 to speak with a representative. When I spoke with the representative and explain to her what is going on she told me in order to make a payment with her I be charged an additional fee along with the $11.00 to make a payment with customer service. The representative had the nerve to say that is company policy, basically you dont have a choice because you dont want your payment to be late and have to pay a late fee of 40.00 or more and it impact your credit negatively so you are swindled into paying the ridiculous amount just to stay current. Which they do not want to accomodate you in any fashion. Everytime I call up there its basically we can treat you any kind of way F*** you if we want because you need us if you care about your credit or your family. They are never: empathetic, sympathetic, and/or apologetic for it, going to show you an ounce of appreciation for doing business with you because they feel "we" got you now!!!!!!!!!

1750665b, 2009-11-24, 11:53AM CST

I am actually writing directly to the President of US Bank for discourteous and appalling behavior I have received from their bank. I am trying to do a loan modification during these tough times as my pay was cut so drastically I couldn't afford my house payment anymore. Now that I'm four months into what I was APPROVED for, they are sending me threatening letters. The most recent saying that they will be selling my house in 30 days if I don't pay them. The thing is, I HAVE been paying them...on time...and the amount they approved me for on the modification plan. I've done MY part. But because they get "100,000's" of modifications, they are behind. And that's my fault how? So they are able to treat me rudely and discourteous because THEY are busy? I'm about to get a lawyer and sue for harassment. I have had enough of this treatment from them. I'm distraught enough that I can barely put food on the table for my family and to be treated like this is ridiculous.

8ee3e605, 2009-12-21, 12:42PM CST

US Bank is the worst. Period.

592386c2, 2010-01-22, 09:11PM CST

I too have been struggling for over a year now with US Bank-robbers!! I am extremely angry thinking about the stress they have caused me and my family. I applied for a loan modification after my husband lost his job in the construction industry back in December of 2008. After they lost my paperwork twice and told me they had no record of my request,even though I called every month to check on the status and "all was well" they assured me. My account was then suspended for reasons unknown still! I was told something different every time I called which was often. Finally by August 2009 (8 months) they tell me my paperwork was sent to a different office and would have to be put at the back of the line to underwriting. Again this is after THEY lost my paperwork back in March and June! Our arm of course ended in July and our house payment was skyrocketing. Finally a letter comes in September denying us the modification the government gave to them specifically for customers like us. Apparently, our credit score was too low- mine is in the 700's but they claim the low 600's. I immediatelly called for an explantation, then they said we make too much money (our mortgage is less than 30% of our income, which is incorrect). "Judy" went over our pay stubs and agreed a mistake was made and would run it by her supervisor "Mark" and they would call me back in a week. It is now January 2010, I have called both individuals twice a week since Oct 1st. I have left nice messages, angry messages, pleading messages but have not received a call back from ANYONE!! Meanwhile we are struggling to make ends meet and keep paying our mortgage on time as we always have. I'm almost ready to walk away if they're not willing to help us stay in this house just by being reasonable. All we wanted was to keep our payment the same so we could afford our home, but greed apparently is working for them. I feel so helpless and frustrated. Maybe I should stop paying-then someone might find my phone number and give us a call!

ac1b575f, 2010-02-11, 03:30PM CST

Joyce, I just want to add my comments and my experience with rude "customer service" representatives of US Bank. I live in Hawaii and there is a five hour time difference with CDT. I made a credit card payment on the date it was due but it was a few hours later than their closing time. HOURS. I didn't think they would charge the full $39 for late payment but they did. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor thinking that if they knew the details, they would agree to reverse the charges. Well, I was told they wouldn't in no uncertain terms. They went on, verbally reprimanding me for not having set up auto pay if Ican't make payments on time. I charge tens of thousands of dollars a year since I am building a house and they must earn also thousands on fees from my account. I have an excellent credit rating and have never missed a payment. (Late, yes, but never missed.) The supervisor, "Nancy", should work for the IRS since her MO would fit right in. I said I would have to cancel my account if they couldn't reverse the $39 charge and she repeated that they "couldn't" accommodate me. So I closed my account and am taking my thousands of dollars of charges to another credit card company. When I called to get the name of the company president so I could write a complaint letter, I was told that for security reasons, they don't give out the names of their officers. They gave me a PO box address in Fargo.

US Bank must spend millions trying to recruit new customers, but don't take care of the ones they have. Bad policy!

bf82831e, 2010-02-15, 11:31AM CST

February 15, 2010

I agree with you Joyce.

I too know the pain of dealing with US Bank. My father passed away and they forced me through hoops to close his IRA account. After weeks of dealing with them on the phone, I contacted my lawyer, who called them while I was in his office and they said that all I needed to do was go to a branch. So, with that, I went to the closest branch which was about an hour away by toll road. The lady I dealt with was really nice, but didn't have much of a clue on how to close an IRA account. She had to call the IRA department to be walked through this process. After about an hour or so of being on the phone with a department that I could not contact because it was an internal department and only US Bank personnel could reach, she got everything together they said was needed. The account was closed and funds transferred.

OK, you are probably thinking that I managed to complete this deal with some pain, but did manage to close the account. True to a point. Now, I have estate taxes that need to be filed within 9 months of the date of death. Had I known that my estate attorney was going to tell me I needed letters of balance from banks, I would have requested this that day, but I didn't. Now, I am trying to get this letter from US Bank, the only financial institution that I need this information from, but can't get anywhere and they are holding me up. They are legally required to give me this information, but don't seem to care about legality. My accountant tried to get this letter through the nearest branch that I went to, dealing with the same clueless woman that I dealt with, she called the IRA department of US Bank and was told that I would have to go fill out forms and sign them and they had to be signed at the branch in front of one of their employees, which I refuse to do. So, I called the 24 customer service line. Spoke with a woman who forwarded my request to another woman who informed me that the IRA department was the wrong department to call, but the department that handles decedent information is the one who had to be contacted. Of course, again, this is an internal department that cannot be reached by a customer and has to be contacted by an employee. This woman was to call me back in a few days after we talked. That was on Jan 22, 2010. Never heard back from her. I called again and explained what I wanted and who I wanted to reach, but that wasn't possible because they didn't know who the person was I spoke with and therefore could only forward the information again. That was on Feb 2, 2010. I am still waiting for someone to call me.

I also never received 1099 forms from them that I should have gotten, but again, when I called, I was told I had to go to a branch to fill out forms to get what they are legally required to send me. Since I never got them, a simple "please resend" should have been sufficient. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was sent to a voice mail of some guy with "manager" in his title, and again, I am still waiting for a return call. That was Feb 10, 2010.

Anyway, at several points during these conversations, I requested a physical address to the president of US Bank and was told that they couldn't give that out due to security reasons. I was never offered a PO Box address, email address or telephone number. I guess when you like to screw your customers over; you need to protect the people at the top from being attacked. Since "you know what" rolls downhill, they don't want to get slammed with it when a complaint hits the top. I can only assume that the top officials of US Bank are totally clueless to the amount of complaints that US Bank has. I don't know what I am going to do for the estate tax filing, but I guess the estate attorney will have to deal with that at an extra cost to me. He claims he goes to the top. I said good luck finding who that is and where to contact them at because they don't give that out.

US Bank should be punished for such poor and inexcusable conduct in customer service. It should be crime what they are doing.

d2c5b4a3, 2010-02-26, 12:54PM CST

Did you ever get anywhere with US Bank..They have screwed my credit because of a customer service error. I need HELP. No one will talk to me or fix my problem.

3f15ae13, 2010-08-12, 08:10PM CDT

Here is the president and CEO of US Bank, and a URL you may find useful

Richard K. Davis

President and Chief Executive Officer

Richard K. Davis

President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

US Bancorp

Minneapolis , MN

Sector: FINANCIAL / Regional - Midwest Banks

Officer since October 2004

Director , Xcel Energy, Inc.

Minneapolis , MN

Sector: UTILITIES / Electric Utilities

52 Years Old

RICHARD K. DAVIS: Age 52, director since 2006. Mr. Davis is Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Bancorp. He has served as Chairman since December 2007, as President since October 2004 and as Chief Executive Officer since December 2006. He also served as Chief Operating Officer of U.S. Bancorp from October 2004 until December 2006. From the time of the merger of Firstar Corporation and U.S. Bancorp in February 2001 until October 2004, Mr. Davis served as Vice Chairman of U.S. Bancorp. Following the merger, Mr. Davis was responsible for Consumer Banking, including Retail Payment Solutions (card services), and he assumed additional responsibility for Commercial Banking in 2003. Mr. Davis has held management positions with our company since joining Star Banc Corporation, one of our predecessors, in 1993 as Executive Vice President.

Forbes Rankings

I, too have had NOTHING but bad experiences with US Bank, also known as US Bancorp. The above is the name of the President of US Bank. You can post comments by e-mail to the web address listed in the e-mail. He is located in the corporate office in Minnesota If I do not get satisfaction, I will begin posting the names of each the Board of Directors of the corporate bank next

22e55f9f, 2010-09-23, 01:07PM CDT

This is for the president of US Bank. I don't know if you are in commuication with your employees, but my husband James Bruinsma and I have been trying to get a loan mod. for over a year now. We keep getting letters stating that they will let us know in a month etc. We got 4 of these letters but now we have to start over again etc. Year yr. is not up to anyone's standards.

9b9cdc88, 2010-09-28, 10:46PM CDT

As far as i am concerned us bank does not give a you know what about us little people. My issue as follows.... I have had some financial problems lately. One of my credit card companies takes out 200 a mont from my account automatically. I had paid a 30 dollar fee to stop payment. The operator on the us bank side said all was good and it will stop payment...... It did not. I was given an overdraft,I told the us bank rep i would have to pay the 200 but can they not charge me the 30 or so dollars overdraft charge due to this hiccup on their part telling me all was good. Long story short...... So rude to me. Didnt care. Said the charges would stand and basically oh well. I hate this company. They could not help me out with something so small that would of made me feel alot better about this situation. Tomorrow I will go in and pay the charges and close my account. I am so irritated right now. I will do everything in my power to steer people away from us bank. I deal with alot of small businesses in which we help them out when they are in financial trouble and I will try my best to keep them away from Us bank. Its unfortunate that they bought my bank and thats why im with them.

4a63ac60, 2011-06-12, 02:03PM CDT

i too have major issues with us bank.. i am looking for others to form a classaction suit against us bank,someone needs to stand up for consumer rights,Lord knows our goverments not going me at : [email protected],if interested in filing suit

b3221d8e, 2011-11-29, 05:01PM CST

tried to cash a check drawn on US Bank today at the Central Ave branch in Hot Springs Arkansas. Teller verified check was good, funds in account, and I presented proper ID and capitulated to pay extortion fee to cash, was then told that they did not have the funds to pay me????? that I could have a cashiers check but that would cost me an additional $7, I squawked and they called in the storm troopers. Eight swat dudes surrounded me and evicted me from the premisis. All I wanted to do was cash the check and get my money. Beware of US Bank.

da0b0948, 2012-01-15, 11:42PM CST

Someone should find out ALL of their email addresses and home addresses and post them! Each and every individual you speak with within this Bank has not one clue of what is going on or to whom you should speak with when trying to get information?

Larry C., 2012-09-21, 10:33AM CDT

My wife Cindi and I also have had a bad experience with US bank. We made an offer on a property in Depoe Bay Or and went to US banhk in Newport Or and spoke to Vanessa Howard a personal banker. After giving her all our information , financial statement, tax returns she said she could not handle this loan that it had to go to different loan officer. After a week she told us that we did not have enough income and that if we could get US bank to ammend our existing loan on our Calif. home we could save $1000. a month then we could qualify. Well after 2 weeks trying to do that I gave up and began to pursue another bank.

Four weeks after we first spoke to Vanessa we received acall out of the blue from the manager of the Newport branck, Mike Smith, that he had reviewed our loan request and after including the business depreciation and Cindi's social security that the loan looked possible and that the only deatail was that a decision needed to be made whether the loan would be residental or comerical. Mike told us he was getting married the following saturday and that he would turn the info over to another loan officer. Well as expected no call from that loan officer. So I paniced because we were running out of timr with our pre qual. letter. Finall I got a call from Zack in the Astoria branch and he said he saw all the figures and things looked good and he would let us know that day, that was yesterday the 19t of sept. When he finally called he said that the underwriters looked at the loan request and that after they deducted $25,000 for living expenses that we no longer qualified. WHY could they not have told us that 4 weeks ago. We just waisted 4 weeks believing that US bank could work with us. I will never again do business with US bank.

9ad7603d, 2013-05-22, 09:31AM CDT

All I want is a telephone number for Richard Davis or someone whom answers or solves problems for him!!!!My son and I are dealing with a branch manager,jarred,inHendersonvilleTN,whois ABSOLUTELY a jerk! We had a fraud issue, and they have been GREAT!!!! Also everyone in the branch, just not him. Fraud issued our credit,sent out a letter, and said would could have and spend our money, but Jarred will not allow us to have, nor will he give us telephone numbers and names of anyone other than his immediate boss, Jackie Brown, who is absolutely no help.... if there is anyone out there, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! Maria Williams

Brooke T., 2014-07-30, 07:29AM CDT

I tried to do a loan modification with US BANK in 2013 (august ) and was denied. Then at no luck , I tried to sell my house but couldn't. So in April of 2014 I filed paperwork to do a Deed in Lieu. On July 23, 2014 I get an email that I was approved along with forms to sign stating that I had 7 days to vacate my property. Also that I needed to pay a $1500 contribution fee. If I had that money I would have paid my mortgage. They can not even assure that I will get any relocation assistance. What don't these people understand. I am trying to do the right thing and hand the property over without taking the 12 to 18 months to foreclose. The people I talk to never know anything. When they tell me something ,then they apologize that no one else ever told me.I have been trying to send emails and complaints to whomever I can about the poor business ethics at US BANK. I am praying for help as well. Brooke Triukas

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