Tristar Products - Tristar Products, P.O. Box 5018, Wallingford, CT - cancelled my Jack Lalanne Power Juicer on 6/22. The reason I cancelled - much cheaper at Costco and Ebay. I asked them at the time for a confirmation number. He said they didn't do that. So, yesterday, I

Posted on Saturday, July 3rd, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 4a1c1471

Company: Tristar Products

Location: P.O. Box 5018

Category: Products, Services

I am having trouble with Tristar too. I cancelled my Jack Lalanne Power Juicer on 6/22. The reason I cancelled - much cheaper at Costco and Ebay. I asked them at the time for a confirmation number. He said they didn't do that. So, yesterday, I see the charge on my account. I called back today and he said they have no record of my call on the 22nd.

Now I have to wait for the juicer and send it back. And I have to pay the return shipping (which is a lot I am sure) or maybe do a return to sender. I am worried that I will never get a credit back if I send the juicer back. What a hassle when it all should have been taken care of without shipping the juicer. I call that non-toll free number (2032659477) and am on hold for 10-15 minutes, then finally someone answers.

The number should be toll free for peet's sake. The guy that usually answers is Josue who is not very helpful. I am pretty sure he is the one who never cancelled my order when I called on 6/22. One of the manager's is Tammy Santiago. Another manager is Sue Larson. I asked Josue twice to talk to the manager and he doesn't let me talk. The company is a major headache and ripoff if you ask me.

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6d2737db, 2008-04-17, 04:17PM CDT

I too am having problems with them.

I ordered via the website on Sunday and called Monday morning to cancel. They said they already shipped it (yeah-right!!) I got an email the following Wed saying my order shipped. When I called on Tuesday to try and cancel again, the CSV was absolutely RUDE!!!


And they get away this shoddy (underhanded, sneaky) customer service over and over and over. WHY?????

8bf56770, 2008-05-06, 08:46PM CDT

Tristars Toll Free # 800-526-2518

Shipping w/DHL: 800-225-5345

Ships from zip code: 06495

You're Welcome!!

After ordering my juicer online on a Sunday, wait, let me back up. While ordering my Jack Lalanne Powerjuicer Pro, Tristar Products website informed me when I submitted my order, that it did not go through, and to place my order again, so I went in and ordered again, got my confirmation on my order, and printed it. Went to Costco on Monday and saw the Deluxe for less and no shipping. Called the number on the confirmation that I printed out (not an 800 #)requesting to cancel my order, and too, was told that my order was shipped. (Never had an order shipped so quickly, not saying that it could happen.) So after a lengthy conversation with Nijma, she informed me that I couldn't cancel my order and wouldn't have a tracking order for 24 to 48 hours. I asked who did their shipping and their zip code. Called DHL immediately, the rep asked me for the tracking #, and told her what Nijma had said. (I have never got a confirmation without a tracking number, ever!) Since Tristar prints out their own airbill stickers, it's in their system. So I called Tristar back, on my cell, with DHL on my home phone, and they tried to tell me that the DHL rep was WRONG. Then.......I found out that I actually had 2 orders. (the order that didn't go through, BEWARE!!!) Worked with DHL until I had to go to bed, and called them when I woke up at 3:45AM. Still nothing. Called Tristar, actually had a rep that gave me both tracking numbers, and called DHL and gave them the numbers and hopefully that will stop them in their tracks. Also put a sign on my door requesting DHL to send back the packages, I refuse them. Get this, I get a phone call on my cell, the number I provided on my order, hello, hello, hello, they hang up, so I called back, it was Tristars CSV, going through my issues I asked her to call me back on my home phone so it didn't cost me on my cell, that's how I got the 800# (Again, you're welcome. Please share with everyone.) This company sucks in the Customer Service Department, they told me when I would get my tracking #, which would be too late to refuse it. What a scam!!! Hope this helps.

fc6e24db, 2008-06-26, 03:34AM CDT

I ordered Power Juicer from Tri-star and they sent it DHL with only my name and state for the address. DHL sent it back to Tri-Star and Tri-Star 'customer status' says a refund of $149.95 will show on my charge statement but they expect me to pay $29.99 for shipping. I am contacting them, if 1-973-287-5150 number answers. The Tri-star site does not show their email address. Jaya James in Honolulu Hawaii

d0015f1d, 2008-07-16, 06:07PM CDT

I thought I'd never have to make a public complaint in my life. Wrong! I ordered a Kiyoseki styler from Tristar. They informed me that I could choose from two different stylers. The difference being the temperature--either 410 degrees or 420 degrees. I paid more money to receive the one going to 420 degrees. When I received it, it only went to 410 degrees. I called 1/973-287-5181 to explain.

Tiffany at Trisar said, "They are the same temps but different colors. You paid more for the pro (silver) instead of the black."

I told her "Well I was misinformed and I would not have paid more money for a different color."

She said, "You can send it back."

"At your expense?," I asked.

"No, you pay shipping to send and receive," she said. ARE THEY CRAZY? Why should I pay for their hoax? I asked her that and she told me to hold on. She came back to say "The black styler only goes to 390 degrees and you got the pro which goes to 410 degrees so you can keep it. You're not paying for a color difference."

Well, am I suppose to just believe her? Come on I was born cute not stupid. I asked her, "Where can I find the specs on both stylers? It's not shown on the web-site"

She went back to, "you can send it back". She wouldn't provide a supervisor's name and wouldn't put them on the line--"they're too busy" she said.

"Who is the manufacturer? How can I reach them to get specs?" I asked.

She went back to "you can return."

BOTTOM LINE She wouldn't help to solve the problem and wouldn't point to anyone who could. She went from being "Tiffany" in customer service to being "T48" and worked in whatever department I called into.

Do you suppose I can reach anyone with Tristar who cares to know that I talked with T48 at 6:13PM EST on 7/16 and they (in turn) train her on what customer service means? Do you suppose I would be surprised with an apology and the price difference (between the two stylers) returned to my bank account(or receive a spec sheet on the stylers through the mail?

I learned a valuable lesson here. NEVER PURCHASE FROM TRISTAR.

a088ec8c, 2008-07-22, 02:05PM CDT

I also am having trouble cancelling the Boost product to add to the shakes and smoothies. I have requested my card to stop payments on this monthly product. I don't use the product, nor want the product and they keep charging my account. I'm at a lost as to get this to stop. I have requested papers to fill out from the attorney general's office. This is costing me a lot of money.

58b6f5cb, 2008-09-23, 05:39PM CDT

I too am geting scam from this company its been over 2 months of hell . I had to cancel my debit card. They do nothing they say. Its says free trail for 30 days if you choose to keep it you will be billed. It broke in 2wks. i called told them . They said we will send you a return label two weeks later no return label.. I called again told them no return label. They said we sent you one . They didnt. so lets try email i said. i finally got the return lable. Well I was charged for the first payment when it was not thirty days ! I called they said your payments and trial are two separate things. No ma" . your website says trail then if you decise you will be billed it hasnt been thirty days I havent had thirty days of trial and besides I only had two weeks then it broke. Never got return lable to return so I told them forget it I dnt want a replacement too much fustrastion. Cancel my order i dont want it .They guy told me we will send you 54.94 back is the most we can send you . When will I get it . I was told 5-7 business days they will return it to my checking account. If I change my mind just return it and I will note on your account you can have a new kstyler sent to you try try again. I said NO ! Well no money. I already had to file at my bank a dispute for the charges. Well its been over a month thought ok its over . they charged me again. BANK SAID we cant put a stop payment because they use a different account when they run the card thru> yOU HAVE TO close your checking or cancel or debit card to stop them for recharging you. When will they hell stop?? I called blessed them out told them Im filing a consumer complaint with the attorney general they better nt touch my checking account again. Ma' you didnt return the iron. Here we go again. I told them you didnt give me my money back either like you said. Plus I was told if i return it they will send a new one if I can my mind. Well i took it has I didnt have to return the broke iron but if I did they will charge me again for a new trial. You can never get in touch with a supervisor.. forget that . They tell you one will call you between 5- 7 days . They dont call you ! They are liars ! Rip offs !

28a74d0e, 2008-10-14, 07:36PM CDT

Has ANYONE gotten any resolution from TriStar? And WHY are they allowed to continue screwing the public. I called AND e-mailed for two weks when my husband ordered me a power juicer back in April 08. I couldn't believe how much he paid! And, I never wanted one in the first place. All I wanted to do was return it. From these complaints I guess it's a good thing I never got hold of them. I still couldn't believe a business would refuse to even respond to a consumer contact. Now I know why. My husband is BANNED from ordering gifts on line ever again. AVOID TRISTAR!

f9a36bbe, 2009-01-14, 04:08PM CST

I never recived all my state Quarters

b83d3812, 2009-02-04, 08:01PM CST

i received a kiyoseki styler and it broke on the 31st day which i had a 60 return so of course i sent it back dec.17,2008 and now we are at feb.4,2009 and i have yet to receive my credit even though the product was returned and signed for by garcia on the 22nd of dec. I then spoke with cynthia ext.t27 on 12/30/08 with a promise that my account would see a credit within 3-5 days. then i again spoke with josie on 1/06/09 at ext.t93 and then anthony on 1/12/09 at ext.t03 then tiffany on 1/19/09 ext t23 and you got it,I was always promised a credit to my account within 3-5 days. How amazing that I was trusted to return the product before i received my credit.I have been attempting to phone the company for the past week and they are experiencing a high call volume and it automatically hangs you up. WOW now that is amazing go figure. It is sad that a company can still continue to deduct money out of your account when you have proof that the item was shipped out and received. kiyoseki stylers will not find a home in this small town of venice,fl. due to word of mouth being the best and fastest way to advertise which i am sure with the line of work i do, that will spread extremely far beyond this small town.if the company only knew the people i know through out the states. guess what MY TURN SUCKERS!!!!!!!!

4715862c, 2010-04-10, 12:00AM CDT

I called to cancel my order right the next day before it shipped.No shipping email confirmation sent yet.The rep told me if it is accidentally already shipped,I just refused and don't accept the shipping from UPS.I followed exactly the instruction.I refused the package,I did not accept the package,I did not have the chance to open it either.

They did not refund the shipping charge of $32.98.I called them twice,they promised they are processing to credit my account in a few weeks but nothing happened so far.I kept calling and the same promise but nothing happened.It is almost 5-6 mos already.What a fraud!!

a8622a15, 2010-04-12, 06:40PM CDT

I also purchased the peeler advertised on TV. I was harrassed on the phone after my purchase for 20 minutes on purchaseing a vacation package after I repeatedly told them over and over I was not interested. I felt compelled to stay on the phone because they had my account information and I wanted to make sure they understood that I was not interested in the package. They charged my account $49.95 for the peeler that I thought was $14.95 plus shipping and handling. They sent 2 peelers which I did not ask for. I returned the peelers and I see they credited my account for $14.95. I will use the number above to see if I can get the rest of my $ back. They need to be stopped.

761163cb, 2010-08-31, 12:07PM CDT

I am having trouble with Tristar too. I am my Aunt's caregiver. She ordered the Joan Rivers Great Hair Day and wished to return it. I asked the gentleman on the phone to cancel any further orders but a second order was sent. I called again and after the phone rang many times the same man answered saying it would be cancelled but BOTH orders were applied to her Mastercard. Now they won't even answer the phone!!!!! I am furious and believe the complany is a ripoff!!!!

Jewell Evans

Bakersfield, Ca

50566ee2, 2010-12-03, 05:06PM CST

Dear Sirs:

I have been receiving the Great Hair Day powder. I do not want and willnot pay for anymorePlease cancel these products are Joan Rivers Beauty. Please STOP them

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