2002 Fleetwood Terry Dakota - At this time, I would just like to let everyone know about water leaking in through the top of my slide out

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Company: 2002 Fleetwood Terry Dakota - At this time, I would just like to let everyone know about water leaking in through the top of my slide out

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2002 Fleetwood Terry Dakota - At this time, I would just like to let everyone know about water leaking in through the top of my slide out

April 14, 2005 - Consumer follow-up message - From: //

On 04/13/05, my local Fleetwood dealer called and asked me to come check out my camper since he had it all apart. The damage is worse than he anticipated. He called Fleetwood Customer Relations and explained the situation to them. They replied they were still not covering more than half the cost for repairs. He told them it would take more hours than he had originally estimated, but Fleetwood would not budge.

He had to tear out about a 8'x12' section of flooring that was water damaged. He also found several places that should have been sealed at the factory, but were not, which allowed water to leak into the camper wall and under the vinyl flooring. These places included around the wheel well trim, the exterior storage doors and the slide-out. The rubber seal/gasket at the top of the slide-out is also leaking.

Dan, the service manager, told me there are some Fleetwood Reps coming to his dealership to look at my camper. He is also going to be showing them a Wilderness, which is identical to mine and is also leaking. I pray they will get a new attitude when they see the VERY POOR quality workmanship which caused these problems in the first place. We will see.

In the mean time, I will be going back and taking pictures of what the damage really looks like with the camper torn apart. I may need them for court purposes. My wife and I are at our wits end. After seeing the damage firsthand, we are NOT going to pay one penny out of our pocket for the repairs. We will go into debt if necessary to take this to litigation.

I will let you all know what happens.

Bill W

Danville, I

P.S. Is there anyone out there that knows anything about vinyl flooring and the effects water has on it. My question is this, "How long does it take for vinyl flooring to discolor once it is exposed to wetness?" Someone told me that by the time vinyl begins to discolor, it is too late. The damage to the wood underneath has been done. Is this true??

August 24, 2004 - Consumer follow-up message - From: //

2002 Fleetwood Terry

I sent in a description of our problem with water leakage in our 2002 Fleetwood Terry back on July 17, 04 and have an update. It turns out there is not suppose to be a seal along the top of the slide opening. Actually, the water is leaking in at the bottom left corner of the slide opening where the company forgot to seal. It leaks in and under the raised vinyl floor edges, which are hidden from view under the couch and does it's damage.

On the opposite side of the camper, under the dinnette, there was a large section of flooring turning colors from water damage. I thought at first this was from the slide leak, but a nearby Fleetwood Service facility found water was leaking in around the camper door side wheel well. They took the gray trim piece off, which surrounds the upper wheel well area and found there had been no sealant applied anywhere.

Rain water would run down the side of the camper, in behind the trim piece and down behind the flashing, or whatever it is called, which should have been sealed. The water then entered the storage area under one of the dinnette seats and ran down under the raised vinyle floor edges.

According to the service tech, we have considerable damage and the unit would need to be repaired at the factory service in Decatur, Indiana. A few days later he called me back to advise Fleetwood no longer does factory service for trailers at their Decatur facility!! Any repairs would have to be done at the dealership! Now, does that make any since?? Fleetwood is dumping their problems on these dealers who many have never had to make such extreme repairs.

Anyway, the Service Manager at the local Fleetwood Dealership emailed several photos to the factory rep and explained in detail the damage. The Service Manager told me it is obvious that this problem has been going on since the unit left the manufacturer and Fleetwood should repair it regardless. The warranty just expired in May, 2004! We are still waiting to hear back from Fleetwood. We'll see what happens.

Anyone know a good lawyer who deals with these sort of things. I may need one.

B West

Danville, IL


2002 Fleetwood Terry Dakota

At this time, I would just like to let everyone know about water leaking in through the top of my slide out. We noticed a small area of flooring that was discolored right in front of the slide, but i never was able to find any wetness. We attributed it to the adhesive, but after two really good storms this year, the discoloration has spread and I noticed the floor seems to be getting soft. I took the camper to a trailer sales and service just down the street for an electrical problem (camper is out of warranty now) and pointed out the floor.

They called me the next day and advised me that the rubber seal which should be attached to the slide-out opening at the top was missing. They advised it was probably never put on since there was absolutely no evidence of a seal being there in the first place, i.e., small piece of rubber still attached to one of the many screws that ARE there.

I called the Fleetwood dealer where we bought it, about 1 1/2 hours from my home, and they asked me to bring it in to them. They assured me they would "go to bat" for me, but they were at Fleetwood's mercy. Oh, a long the bottom edges of the fiberglass exterior, it appears the siding is starting to "de-laminate", as the dealer called it.

Now, because of a quality control / manufacturing error, we have a camper which is only two years old and has a discolored floor and siding that is de-laminating. We were considering selling it soon but who would want it now? We have taken such good care of it, it still smells and looks new. I will keep everyone posted as to what happens, or does not happen with Fleetwood.

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