Trane heating - air airconditioning - Sears repair

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Company: Trane heating - air airconditioning - Sears repair

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Trane heating - air airconditioning - Sears repair


Trane heating - air airconditioning - Sears repair

Service Repair


July 2004

Baltimore, MD

Sears National Consumer Relations Corporate Office 3333 Beverly Road Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 Dear, Ms. Claudia, I write this letter out of regret and disappointment in the services provided by your company. Sears is suppose to be a company of integrity and quality services. This was not accomplished with your repair center upon installation and service repair to my Trane unit.. I am writing this letter in regards to a complaint I have with the service department in Baltimore, Maryland. We purchased and had installed in our home by Sears a Trane Heating and Air-conditioning unit on 8/18/00 for the amount of $4135.00. The name of technician is Rick Cochrane. At this time we noticed that the air that was coming from ducts was not strong and spoke with Mr. Cochrane about this and his reply was not to worry, nothing was wrong. Last year the unit was not cooling at all so we called the service repair line to schedule service. On 7/31/03 we paid $93.00 to technician #678852.He diagnosed the problem as a bad reversing value. I suspected it was the compressor but was assured it was not. Then we were told that the part was backed ordered and had to be shipped at a undisclosed time. We called on 08/01/03 to see if there was any way it could be shipped overnight as my wife has serious health problems and is disabled, also my daughter has Lupus and asthma and can not tolerate the heat. The response was no it had to be special ordered from Canada. I contacted Trane myself on 08/10/03 and received a response on 08/12/03 that a Trane distributor, Lyon and Conklin & Company here in Maryland could supply the part we needed along with their number. I then called and spoke with Gus and he assured me he had the part all Sears needed to do is have some one come and pick it up. He was quite surprised that the reversing valve would be bad in such a new unit. After many, telephone calls over the next month and more, my wife ended up making the arrangements herself with the repairman Jim Plaff , which is now on the date of 09/11/03. Mr. Plaff incurred many problems, upon installing the reversing value, he attempted to install a coil (COL 3779) which ended up being the wrong coil. Circuits kept blowing on the outside unit, he overfilled the freon, when he finished it was not very cool and there still was no force of air, the force of heat air has always been strong. He did work very hard. Our Cost $98.00. By now it is at the end of summer and we hardly needed to use the air conditioner. At the start of this summer we turned our unit on and the auxiliary light came on and stayed on when it was turned off. My wife called Sears on 06/09/04 and they could not see us for 2 weeks so we called a Trane repair dealer here locally. They sent some one that day. This is what he found.: Found T’stat wires burnt and sheeted together / Fix wires Found programmable T’stat bad / Replaced T’stat Found Air Handler Control Board shorted through black / need to order and replace control board. Found system 3 IBS low on freon / charge system. Stated that Sears should of installed a new thermostat upon installing unit and that the black wire was not even hooked up in T’stat. Compressor grounded needs replacement. For the record, the repairman who came from this other Company, stated it was not the reversing valve, it was not the problem. On 6/17/04 we had new compressor installed.(NOT BY SEARS) Now it runs like it should. We have strong air flow and it is for the first time cold in here. Our cost $945.00. On, 6/15,16,17/04 my wife made calls to Sears, and was given the complaint line number, which my wife called and stated all that is stated in this letter then was told that she would be on hold for a long ,time and to call back. She requested to have her call returned and it was stated that it would be. On June 21, 2004 my wife spoke with Charlene in the Corporate Office in Hoffman Estates, IL and requested for reimbursement of $945.00, she stated that she would review everything and returned my call in a few days. On July 9, 2004, my wife called since she had not heard anything and spoke with Anetra, she stated that she would send Charlene a e-mail stating to call me. On July 12. 2004 my wife received a call from you Ms. Claudia, stating that Ms. Charlene was no longer with your company and that you would not be able to reimburse us for the monies we spent to make the needed corrections that was incurred by the installation errors, misdiagnosed and mistakes made from your repair service department. Since we have not received anything positive I will alert the general public about the poor service of Sears. I will post this letter on the website “”, I also will report this matter to the Federal Trade Commission, and Better Business Bureau.

Respectfully Submitted, Jerry Baltimore, MD 21237 cc.Trane

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b8deba9f, 2008-08-18, 04:54PM CDT

We sympathize with Jerry & his family in Baltimore as for we are currently undergoing similar situation with Sears.

I have called to schedule an appt. for our AC unit to be repaired on May 20,2008 and it is now Aug. 18th and our AC is still not working. This is our 3rd compressor and 8th visit. He is the only tech. in the state of Oregon and Vacouver WA. Called Sears numerous times and is always on hold and transferred to the wrong dept. This last call, I was patient and stayed on the line and counted 8 transfer calls. Finally, got a case number and someone to help. They kept asking me to have him come out again when I asked for my refund. Signed, very upset and miserable.

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