6 flags great america - 6 flags great america in gurnee Illinois - Just to drink water at 6 flags great america for the four of us was 14.00.

Posted on Wednesday, July 14th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by e7aed62a

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Just to drink water at 6 flags great america for the four of us was 14.00.

One small bottle cost 3.50, water should not cost dollars, what is wrong with the people that run that park? They didn't offer senior discounts and both my husband and I are over 60, we didn't go on one ride. It was fun for our grand kids.

After paying 123.00 to enter the park then there were other things that cost 5.00 per child or those shooting games 3 dollars to shoot one thing.....not three or four but ONE thing.

We aren't passive people like so many others in this world. Money has a meaning and so does drinking water. We did finally find a water fountain as a matter of fact there were two together. One had vomit it in and the other didn't work. We had to buy cokes and two of them were 14.00 for 2 cokes.

I'm also, going to write to the TV stations and the Mayor of Gurnee, what is going on???????? is this country only for the RICH?????????

We have very many regrets for going to 6 flags in Gurnee Illinois


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cfaf4443, 2010-08-28, 05:52PM CDT

Coke. A bottle, is 3.50 (ANY WHERE YOU BUY IT) at Great America. So 7 dollars for 2.

Every single bathroom has a water fountain. EVERY bathroom. There are also employees walking around everywhere that could have helped get the vomit cleaned up. As grand as the place may seem, they can't know every time someone pukes.

Per Illinois state law they offer free cups of water anywhere there is fountain soft-drink offered. So another option for free water...

And if you wanted Coke for a good family price they offer those huge bottles for 15 bucks and free refills all day. See how many options you had?

Just over 30 dollars a person to get in is not that bad for everything they offer. Though stuff can cost money look at what you are getting for free once you enter and stop complaining. You don't HAVE to buy more stuff. They have rides, kiddie rides, shows, parades, music, a water park...

Before you whine about the price of water take a look at how you ignored many options to save money. If you really can't think for yourself and need someone to help you manage money then maybe Six Flags isn't the place for you. Try the zoo.

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