- - Around 2002, I signed up with in order to receive 'free web hosting' for life - To my dismay, Catalog started billing yearly web hosting fees to my credit card. Upon complaint, the extrodinarily rude and unfriendly Catalog employ

Posted on Wednesday, July 14th, 2004 at 12:00am CDT by 4591a92d


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Since then I have been transferring my domains from Catalog to a better, more reputable company. However, with each domain, as it gets ready to expire, they have ignored my request that the domains not automatically renew, and they have billed my credit card. They have done this with all the other Catalog customers i know (now former Catalog customers). Most recently when I complained of a bill on my card for a domain i requested cancelled, the Catalog support told me to visit billing admin and request cancel services, which would let me select a date to cancel services. This would make sure they didn't automatically renew/charge my card next time. When I visited cancel services, and press cancel, it did give me the opportunity to select a cancel date, but immediately cancelled the service. This also removes my access to the admin account in order to smoothly transfer the domain (which was still registered to by Catalog for three more days). I have had other people look at the site, and they have not found a cancel option that lets you select a date. I believe that Catalog flat out lied to me. Now they have taken my $35.00 for a year renewel of the domain, which is cancelled. I believe this to be fraud and theft. is not a reputable company. Thank you,



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