Wegmans - Even after buying all my groceries from wegmans i was busted for a candy wrapper which I had opened but kept back as I read what was in it.the store detectives caught me ganged up on me hustled me inside the store and started inrerrogating me pr

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Company: Wegmans - Even after buying all my groceries from wegmans i was busted for a candy wrapper which I had opened but kept back as I read what was in it.the store detectives caught me ganged up on me hustled me inside the store and started inrerrogating me pr

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Wegmans - Even after buying all my groceries from wegmans i was busted for a candy wrapper which I had opened but kept back as I read what was in it.the store detectives caught me ganged up on me hustled me inside the store and started inrerrogating me pretty badly


Wegmans treatment

Even after buying all my groceries from wegmans i was busted for a candy wrapper which I had opened but kept back as I read what was in it.the store detectives caught me ganged up on me hustled me inside the store and started inrerrogating me pretty badly as if i was a murder suspect or someting and going through my groceries and saying that the police could handcuff me and take me away if I did not fess up to picking up other things.

They said everything was on camera God knows what was as they never showed me . Which I had not and had a reciept for all the stuff in my cart I wa so scared.All the time I kept on saying that i would pay for the candy and was crying pretty hard by that time as i never imagined that opening a 1$ candy and not paying for it would be such a great criminal offence and the treatment for it would be so bad worse than any prison.then they came up witha fine for $ 150 for 1 lousy candy bar which I did not even eat .. I did not know Wegmans would browbeat poeple like that WEg mans stinks!!!!!

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To all:

I have written a similar letter earlier but it was never put on the web. I do not seek to defame but I had a horrible experience at wegmans and I feel the customers out there should know and be very Vary of setting a foot in the store.

I was a regular shopper at Wegmans till day before yesterday and at around 2pm went to get a salad since i was pretty hungry after completing all my chores . took a salad remembered had to pickup a couple of things saw a new kind of chicken picked up 3 pieces of chicken in chili sauce that's around the sampling size over there . there was a board saying samples could be taken.but no one wasand it is a open bar there and was in a hurry so did not ask permission. i admit my mistake here.

Picked up a few things from the pharmacy while eating the chicken in full view then wanted to get a 2 hot wax containers so got it but opened one to see if everything was inside as sometimes few things are missing and i wanted to avoid a return trip to return things if anything was missing from the box


Further down went to the candy aisle and picked up gum also a very new kind which I had not seen in any other store .picked 2 of them decided to taste it as the chicken was not at all good and had left a very salty taste in my mouth. on the way to the checkout counter which did not have a line for a change decided i did not have enough money for 2 of everything so dumped 1 hot wax container and 1 gum.and the empty chicken container.as there were no bins any where near me in the rush of things did not see what I had dumped paid for all my groceries loaded the cart and walked away since the checkout assistant had put everything in 1 bag.

As soon i came out the store stopped and started taking out my bag when out of no where this stout fat man comes right in my face and starts yelling that i must speak the truth and and how i have stolen and and as soon as i started asking him what the matter was he shows me a chewing gum which I had kept aside I try to explain it to him that since i did not want 2 but he cuts me off and again yells at me that i have stolen stuff in full veiw of other customers who are around us.

I am clueless as to who he is and why is he waving a chewing gum pack at me and yelling. as my English is not so good.then I see my mistake that I have in the rush of things put the opened packet of gum down. i presume he is the store security and immediately apologies and offer to pay for the gum or exchange it with what had already bought till now he has not flashed me his id card and i am unsure to whom I am talking to. he wants me to follow him, by now a woman joins him saying what stupid thing I did and I should fess up and how the police will lead me in hand cuffs if I don't confess as they have the whole thing on tape. I accompany them to a small office at which point it dawns on me that they are the store security Want to explain to them what really happened but the man starts shouting again as to I should just shut up and let the woman do the paper work

By this time I am so frightened that all knowledge of English deserts me and the only thought is that the cops are gong to get mein hand cuffs in front of the whole community. I plead with them that it has been a honest mistake but the man starts yelling at me apart from the gum they found the wax container I try to tall them that I have not done anything infarct when they go through it they find everything intact .still they say what other things i heve stolen as they have it on tape i try to ask them to show me the tape again I am told to shutup.

since they can't find anything about anything else they start on how I was caught eating the chicken i try telling them i was just sampling but they don't want any talk from me the man says I should have thrown it away in the dustbin since his employee will have to clean up. and that is shoplifting .

After being brow beated and I being alone and there being 3of them .they were worst than any kgb and gestapo thrown to gether.

I just want to get out of there so I TELL THEM HOW SORRY i WAS though all the time thinking it was a REAL MISTAKE if I wanted to steal something from the store would I have just" stolen"a pack of gum I am a 34 year woman gum does not excite me . They Charged me $153 as civil penalty and the cost of merchandise. And this is something i had not stolen or had I been not been in rush i would have never done such a thing It was an accident.and the indignity of that woman going through my bags. if there is a office where i could complain I would really do it .

But in there haste to put the mark on me no one was willing to listen to my side of the story and now I have my name in there records as a shoplifter which is very shame full for me and then the man said i could shop in the store any time since I had paid up . What were they trying to do make me pay for the entire day's shoplifters whom they could not catch. why would i have bought the same gum if my intentions were of shoplifting

It was incredibly stupid if me to put away the wrong gum Packet

Bear in mind I do not even have a speeding ticket and now I am in there records like some common criminal.

The only thing I want to say after all this is they should train there staff better If i was really going to shoplift something would I have put everything in such plain view? or is it a new way to make money from cop fearing immigrants who don't want negative publicity?harass them so much in the office that they will sign anything that is set in front of them.and not talk about it later to any body as they are too embarrassed of what if every body things they are criminals.

After that incident I cannot face going in any other store. this incident has taken away my joy of shopping and made me vary .Does the customer has no rights and can anybody put a blame of an innocent mistake just because they saw it through there spy cameras? If any body knows the law I really want to know.

the store security behavior was no better than of a bully.on somone who was not even there size.

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c458eec9, 2008-11-26, 08:16AM CST

That's a grocery store you dunce not a restaurant..you can't eat their food dump the containers then just walk out of the store without paying..that is SHOPLIFTING!! And you cannot open food merchandise to see what's inside, that makes the containers and their contents no longer suitable for selling..you cost the grocery store money by doing the things you did..dumbshit..you DID steal!!

e81e3912, 2010-05-10, 10:26PM CDT

what where you thinking??? you are in america. U.S.A. Read the law. Know the law.

996b4614, 2010-10-11, 06:47PM CDT

I can't believe you are complaining about getting caught stealing!

e64913be, 2010-12-28, 07:50PM CST

Wegmans is very unprofessional. During the hustle of christmas week I made the mistake of shopping at this store. After an eight hour day of work I went grocery shopping picked up a few things, ordered a large sub and chinese food from the walkery. Every cashier line was open and crowded so we made our way over to the pizzaria to cash out. While there waiting I began a phone call that lasted til I was at the register. Being absent minded I forgot about the chinese food in the bottom basket and the cashier hadn't said anything about it either. Not realizing it I walked out the store with the food soon after security was yelling at me and having my boyfriend and I come back into the store. Once I was in the security office I was being told im going to be arrested. I still had 70 dollars on me that day and was more than willing to pay for the chinese food. When I said that the male security guard began swearing at me infront of another female employee who became teary eyed. The man kept swearing at me, calling me a "lying bitch" and using words like "cunt". Even under the circumstances I was there for I found the male security guards language to be very unprofessional considering I was being cooperative and compliant. The only time he stopped speaking like that when I pulled my cell phone out and began recording the conversation. After being arrested and publicly humiliated infront other customers i was told my groceries could be picked up by my boyfriend but the security guard gave him a hard time about it even though there was a recite for the groceries in the bag. Reguardless to say I am upset this has happened and disappointed in the way the matter was handled. But just like a former Wegmans employee told me before, I'm just a quota.

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