2000 Toyota Sienna - vent selector switch jammed at 38,000 miles

Posted on Sunday, February 1st, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 6aff7564

Company: 2000 Toyota Sienna - vent selector switch jammed at 38,000 miles

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2000 Toyota Sienna - vent selector switch jammed at 38,000 miles

Toyota Sienna

I have a 2000 Toyota Sienna. At 38,000 miles the vent selector switch jammed. i could not change the vents from floor to defrost etc. I took it LEITH Toyota of Raleigh NC.

This is the same dealership I have spent thousands of dollars maintain two Toyotas ( I also have a Tundra that has many problems as well) the service tech told me that I would need a new cable and that it would have to be ordered. I dropped the van off a couple of days later and left. When I came back I was told that the wrong part had come in but they"repaired" the cable. 18 months later the same switch becomes jammed and I am dealing with a new service writer named Ryan.

Again he says they "repaired the cable. 1 month later not only does the switch jam again but the power sliding door handle pulls completely out of the door.Now I am at 60,000 miles and Toyota corporate and LEITH Toyota tell me that I have to pay for the broken door handle$400.00 and the switch that has been defective since 38,000-miles. Toyota and LEITH did nothing more than string me along to get me as far away from the warranty as possible.

In an effort to save my relationship with Toyota and LEITH Toyota of Raleigh, I made many calls to the 1-800-331-4331 and was flat out told by kathy and John that at 38,000-miles I should except to pay for such repairs as door handles breaking, windows not rolling up auto door lock switches not working etc. This has become expectable to Toyota. My advice to you is buy an Isuzu. You will have some of the same problems, but you will pay a whole lot less for them.


Julie T

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