1st Financial Bank USA, N Sioux City, SD - 2 late payments - harassing phone calls

Posted on Saturday, January 31st, 2004 at 12:00am CST by a62f6ea9

Company: 1st Financial Bank USA, N Sioux City, SD - 2 late payments - harassing phone calls

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1st Financial Bank USA, N Sioux City, SD - 2 late payments - harassing phone calls

1st Financial Bank USA in SD--stop with the harrassing phone calls!

To whom it may concern, I am IRATE over recent incidents regarding 1st Financial Bank USA in N Sioux City SD. This is regarding 2 late payments that I have made with the bank. The first incident occured last month, a lady called me, asked for me on a first name basis which I thought was unprofessional (I don't know them personally) and when I got on the phone, she proceeded to ask me about making a payment over the phone using my check. I told her I would rather send it.

She gave me a date that it was due in their office and I was fine with it. I could even send it Express or overnight in the mail. She then kept going with wanting to do it over the phone, asked for the appropriate

info. I said "No I don't have it handy at the time." After talking with her for some time about my financial situation and billing address issues, she got someone else on the phone who was even more boorish. I became agitated through it all and she threatened "Felicia, if you hang up.." Who do these people think they are? I did make the payment by the way and it made it to their offices. I didn't hear from them again until I had another payment due which brings me to this month's issues. The following occured during this week, Jan 24th to present. I was contacted by a lady who asked if I would do the check over the phone. Of course I said no and she gave me a date to send it. Well since I've talked to her, I've received 3 phone calls from people asking the same question and that my payment is due!! And they ask the same question of doing a check by phone. I tell them that I was given a date to send my payment by. They act like doing a check by phone is the ONLY option I have!! I told the person who called the second time that I would have thought that the lady I talked to the first time would have indicated in the computer that I would be sending a payment by mail.

Someone called me a third time and this time I told the young man to stop calling and harrassing me, that I have already talked to 2 other people about my situation and that I am mailing my bill. He asked me

"When did you put it in the mail?" It doesn't matter just as long as they get it. It will get there by the 30th!! I told him that 1st Financial Bank must not value their customers because they would not harass their customers in such a way. I politely told him do not call me again, the payment is coming and hung up. Well to my suprise, I get another phone call again today Jan. 29th!!! SAME QUESTION!!

They asked AGAIN when did I mail it!! And told him they will get it by the 30th. I also received a letter in the mail about this. This is harrassment, plain and simple!! Needless to say, I am cancelling my account with them. I want 1st Financial to know they need to change the way they deal with their customers in regards to late payments.

This is rediculous! I would NOT recommend anyone do business with this company. Not only are they unprofessional, but their interest rates are sky high. The phone number where they can be reached is 1-800-488-4575. 1st Financial Bank only need inform me that I need to make a payment only ONCE, confirm how I would pay, and leave it at that. I do not want and SHOULD NOT receive 3 or 4 phone calls regarding the same subject! Felicia B

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323ee1ae, 2008-05-21, 05:10PM CDT

wow! i cant believe this has happened to so many people! Its never once happened to me. I was late on a bill one time because I was out of town, they charged me the $30 and I paid it. Most company's however waive the first last charge, but I guess they dont do that, no biggie. I have had this card for almost 3 years now. They approved me right out of high school with a starting balance of $150 and now its $2000! I have been very nervous about using their company since it is so small, but I will be paying this off soon and cancelling my service!

6bc8b3b9, 2008-06-11, 01:53PM CDT

I am also VERY annoyed with First Financial Bank of USA. I track all of my credit cards online constantly to make sure all transactions are going through for the correct amounts, from the right places, etc... I had an unauthorized charge on my account so I called the number and they said it was fraud. after waiting 3 months without hearing from anybody, being locked out of my online banking account, and the $140 charge still on my account I called them back. The woman then said that I needed to fill out an affidavit (I think that's how it was spelled) and fax it back. I did this and than waited another month. The charge was taken off, but so was a credit I had received from a different transaction. I contacted her again only to find out that she tranferred it to disputes. I called disputes and they had no record of me. The next day I received a phone call saying the case is now closed and they have credited my account accordingly (which they had). The reasoning they gave me was "Because it took so long and you've gone back forth we're just going to credit you the $140.00". So somebody just walked away with their $140.00.. But that's not even the reason why I am sO pissed. My account is still going to be in "Fraud" status for the next 90 - 120 days even though the case is closed and was transferred to disputes. Meaning, I cannot log into my online account until then. I've spoke to ignorant customer service reps and NUMEROUS supervisors who tell me there is nothing I can do, but wait and NONe of them can explain to me why they can't change it. I finally spoke to a supervisors supervisor today and she told me it's something to do with the system when they first put it in that was the deal and nobody at all not even the owner can change it. It all has to do with programming. So whether or not this is true it's all BS! I hate First Financial and am in the process of trying to get a loan so I can pay these b*tches off and stop making them money! Horrible customer service who are not properly trained for their jobs.

355d81a9, 2008-11-04, 03:57PM CST

i agree with you, i was late one time and they got a hold of my best friends parents.. .some how and were harassing them about me... how embarrassing.

needless to say, they got their payment, it was just a day late.

da954194, 2009-02-04, 09:09AM CST

I have had my 1st Financial Bank card for almost 10 years now, and it has been closed for about 5, but I am still stuck paying on it because the interest rate is sky high (mistakes of being an 18 yr old with a credit card). I owe around $3400 on it and my balance has only dropped about $300 or so in the years I have been paying on it, but I have not had the finances to pay more than the $80 minimum payment every month. Recently my husband was in the hospital and out of work for 3 weeks. He had been in a car accident, which totaled our vehicle, so I missed my payment. They called his grandmother's house looking for me 14 times yesterday, and called my cell phone number at least 6 times. This is complete and utter harassment!!! If they need to talk to me that badly, they can leave a message!!! Yet, they never do, they just keep calling over and over and over again. I made the payment this morning through the automated system because I didn't want to have to speak to some rude person. Hopefully this will stop the harassing phone calls! I hate this bank.

15f0faa8, 2009-08-05, 10:19AM CDT

this company is absolutely ridiculous not only is the intrest way to high especialy, for a card geared towards college students, but they have absolutely no customer service ethic. Every time i call they automaticaly become rude and unwilling to listen. they dont care about people they just see everyone as numbers if you like to pay companies huge amounts of money and be harrassed while doing it then you will like this company.

053992aa, 2009-09-28, 12:59PM CDT

I agree full about this company. They do not value their customers. I was late on 1 payment and they jacked my interest rate up to the max amount (28%). I was told over the phone not even a month ago that it would go up to but to 26%. I called them today because of this issue and the man talked to me like I was stupid! Not acceptable! They do not make notes on your account for any reason unless it benefits them! I told them I was out of work (pregnant) and they started asking me questions that were WAY to personal for them to know. I will not accept this any longer. If I miss a payment, they call my phone anywhere from 4-12 times a day! I regret getting involved with this company and if I could get the money to pay this card off right now, I would and close the account out!

3bf6f15f, 2010-01-12, 11:15AM CST

How this company is still in business and hasn't been brought down by law suits is unbelievable to me (they must pay a lot of people off).

When I graduated college I had 6 credit cards with varying balances (a horrible thing on my part). Anyway, I called all of them to explain my situation and all of them worked with me except 1st Financial (which was by far the highest interest rate). Needless to say I have paid off all of my other credit cards just 2 years out of school. However; this company still haunts me!

I pay $300/month and my balance never goes down! I make my payments through my bank account and they come out on the same day of every month, which would be great except for the fact that 1st Financial has moved the due date twice on me without informing me. So, I am 1-2 days late and here come the phone calls. I make the payment the same day, but they say "too bad, your interest rate is going up". It is companies like this that put American into the ground and they should be dealt with by congress for their questionable practices!

I also agree with everyone else that when you do get phone calls the people are extremely rude, even when you try to talk to them calmly. I said 'I will make the payment today' but they won't settle unless they get your bank information. They got a supervisor and I explained to them that the payment was in the mail and if you hadn't changed my due date, etc, etc. They say 'oh we sent you something in the mail saying your due date would change'.

Anyway, even though it is severly hurting me, I am in no hurry to give this company any more of my money each month then I have to. And, even though I don't need it, I am seriously considering going to credit consolidation because even though it would hurt my credit, this corrupt company would get much less of my money!

c06a9ec5, 2010-01-31, 02:59PM CST

1 month late- 10 calls a day from 5 different numbers.

1st Financial Bank USA really needs to be sued. They take broke inexperienced 18 year old kids, raise their credit limits very quickly, then sit back and watch them get into thousands of dollars worth of debt when they don't even have real jobs yet. Then fresh out of school looking for a real job, they have no way of repaying, so then they slam them with high interest and fees until most of their payments never go to the amount owed, and so they keep them paying for God knows how long. Then they harass the crap out of you if God forbid one month in 10 years you can't make the payment. The biggest crooks rob you in a suit and a tie and call it a service.

013e8879, 2010-02-24, 07:41PM CST

They somehow get a hold of relatives, friends, and coworkers information. There has to be a way a person can file a lawsuit against them giving personal information to others. They even called my kids school and said they were looking for me on a bill I owe. How embarrising. They even told the school, my mother-in-law, mother and friend how much I owed. Awful. They need to be shut down.

210ab004, 2010-03-16, 12:10PM CDT

I noticed the other day that if you add the interest charge plus the maintenance fee, it equals more than your miminum payment. On top of the ridiculous interest rate, it's not wonder that no one can pay off the account. I'm paying mine off ASAP and then never dealing with this company again.

facdea4f, 2010-03-24, 04:26PM CDT

First Financial Bank USA...

is a bunch of crap.


8291e863, 2010-04-02, 02:10PM CDT

I have a credit card with this bank, and have had never had a negative experience. I have been building my credit for two years now with them, and paying at least the minimum due, if not the full amount every month. Usually I pay online, because they dropped the $9 epay fee, and it's easier than sending checks in the mail.

Of the complaints I have read researched about this company (interest rates rising, getting paper bills late when it's your responsibility to be aware of your balance which you can always check online, fees for e-pay online, annual fees, calls from collectors) it seems like none of you read the fine print when you signed your name on the dotted line.

If you were offered this credit card, and signed up for it, realize that you signed up for a CREDIT CARD. You need to be responsible for your own money. That's part of growing up. If you think this company is bad, try getting a real Non-student credit card and see how friendly THEY are to work with.

Basically, I think that 1fbusa is a great company. I have had no problems with them and the customer service reps have always been helpful with my questions. If you are going to sign up for a credit card, be responsible. You were the one who signed up after all.

In regards to fraud, that's unfortunate that you had to deal with that situation, but realize it's not 1st Financial. That probably would've happened anywhere.

697fe829, 2010-09-07, 12:32PM CDT

They are terrible! I too was a college student right out of high school, who instead of getting student loans I used my credit card to pay for my community college schooling. They bribe young college students and lure them in and then as soon as they sign up, they jack the interests rates up and start charging all sorts of random fees. I was late once by 4 hours and now my interest rate is at the maximum. I have called and tried to resolve issues with them and the customer service is terrible! They are rude and not professional by any matter. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone!

8371c6b3, 2010-09-10, 11:20AM CDT

I've recieved twelve phone calls in one day and almost lost my job over it and got kicked out of a class because of them. I explain that situation to one of the representatives when they called and they asked me, "Why don't you just put you're phone on silent?" I had my phone on vibrate is what i told her and i did. She then asked "Why not turn it off, then?" This is when I totally got upset and had to refrain from yelling at her that my grandmother (the person who raised me) was in the critical care unit at the hospital! Then she went on to say that I should get a phone that was able to silence. Funny to find out that this was the supervisor!

fd437025, 2010-10-28, 03:13PM CDT

I receive about 10 or more calls per day from these people. One night they called me around 9 pm at night & my fiance answered my phone since I was outside - the man asked if he could speak with me (saying my first name only) and then when my fiance asked who it was he just said his first name, refusing to state what company he was from. This created a situation that didn't need to be. These people harass me 24/7 - I try to keep my account up to date but the interest is so horrible, it's becoming impossible. My bill is twice what it should be. I spent a total of $900 on the card back in January of 06', then I destroyed the card and have been paying on it ever since - total on my card is now over $2000, from missing payments here and there. KMPLZ.

80090d61, 2011-01-14, 09:47AM CST

Yeah well i recieved the same amount of calls and i only hd a doller left on my payoff balance. You know the jerks not only raised intrest but added thrity dollers back to my balance they are a crap company. Teens if you want to build credit buy a buy here pay here car dont fall for this crap.

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