AOL - AOL Netmarket - $ 79.99 unauthorized charge to credit card

Posted on Saturday, January 31st, 2004 at 12:00am CST by e6e214a3

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I just noticed a posted charge to my account for $79.99 by AOL Netmarket. I called my bank and they indicated that the charge was taken from my account via my credit card number. I have blocked further charges from AOL from my account and I will change my card number so that no more unwarranted charges can get through.

After several attempts at contacting AOL, I did manage to get through and the representative that I spoke with stated that when I cancelled my introductory AOL account in October, I replied yes to the question of whether or not I wanted to subscribe to additional services (which makes no sense since I was displeased with AOL and was canceling my account). I stated to the representative that in no uncertain terms did I agree to additional services. I was told that the charge would reimbursed to my account in 10-15 business days....time will tell.

At the end of my conversation, the rep that I was speaking with continued to offer the service to me with additional perks! It seems to me that the customer service reps are more concerned with the financial kickback that they receive for signing up a new account...concerned to the point of being fraudulent as was the case back in October 2003 when I called to cancel.


Boston, MA


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