Rain Soft Water Treatment System - placed, then cancelled order - changed mind about purchase

Posted on Friday, January 30th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 988ec6c1

Company: Rain Soft Water Treatment System - placed, then cancelled order - changed mind about purchase

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Rain Soft Water Treatment System - placed, then cancelled order - changed mind about purchase

Rain Soft Water Treatment System

Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to look RainSoft up on both this website and Bob Vila's message board or I, too, may have been a casualty of this company. My husband and I recently purchased a home and received a call from A&B Marketing, Inc. offering free water tests. I should have suspected something when the person clearly didn't want to tell me what actual company was doing this. True to form a technician / salesman arrives and does this very impressive set of tests which convince me that I not only have horrible water, but the bottled water I buy for drinking is equally as bad.

After nearly two and a half hours with this salesman (who actually was very personable and did a great job with his pitch and probably doesn't even realize the dishonesty of the company he works for), we liked what we saw and said we would like to think about it. Apparently thinking about it is not allowed. In fact, this company will do everything in its power to keep you from thinking about it including knocking installation fee, taxes, and all other add-ons off the price, postponing payments for 3 months, and offering a lifetime worth of soap products. So, there we were signing a contract for a Rainsoft system. In less than 24 hours they were scheduled to install it. The next morning I began to have some doubts, did some internet research and found numerous complaints about the company and admonitions from consumer websites about the type of sales pitch to watch out for. Now, I am not stupid, and I do know that one doesn't normally say anything at all if a product is working the way it should; we expect the products we buy to work. So clearly, I did not have any info from the probably 1000's of satisfied customers that may have been out there. However, enough of a doubt was raised that I decided that I wanted to do more research on this company and called the marketing outfit to cancel before they came to install the system.

Mind you, I only asked for more time to consider the purchase...that is all. The manager did everything in his power to keep that sale: If I waited, I would lose all the discounts and free stuff; the guy was already on his way over to install it and it was too late to stop him; our salesman gave us bum figures, didn't do his job, etc.; He (the manager) had gone out of his way to get us a good interest rate (not hard to do since we have excellent credit).

The longer he went on, the more convinced I was that I didn't want this product. In fact, I told the manager he was doing himself a huge disservice by trying to convince me to allow him to install the system. If he had said "sure, take a week, the offer stands" he would have had a sale. By the end of the conversation, he accused ME of being rude and told me he didn't want someone like me to have the RainSoft system--I didn't deserve to have such a great product, and moreover they were NEVER going to call me again. If RainSoft has the best product out there, how come Culligan has no complaints on this site???? Connie R

Jacksonville, FL

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4fbe14d3, 2008-02-20, 12:03PM CST

This "complaint" has ALL of the signs of being posted by a Culligan salesman cruising the internet for an opportunity to exploit the fears of others. Rainsoft is the world's largest and oldest water treatment company. They have millions of happy customers worldwide. This "complaint" was written by someone with an axe to grind.

8556917f, 2008-03-12, 10:33PM CDT

From what i understand; Rainsoft is a whole house water and air treatment system unlike culligan who just have a water softner. Clearly you cannot compare the two equally and being number one, rainsoft, probably has alot of people writing things to make them look bad even though my neighbor and i, who both own a rainsoft whole house air and water system, have had zero problems with them and we recommend rainsoft to all of our friends and family. Its a shame that you missed out on such a wonderful product and company.

056a421d, 2008-05-06, 11:06PM CDT


Rainsoft IS the best- at conning people out of their hard earned money, usually for more than double what their very common, average quality equipment is worth. They taught the whole industry how to con.

They absolutely DO NOT have even close to one million SATISFIED customers. They likely DO have over a million ripped-off victims. People who have been duped generally are too embarrassed to publically admit it and complain. FYI- Culligan is generally quite ethical and far more competant than your local Rainsoft sales artist. Culligan has ANY water treatment system Rainsoft has and more.

To say Rainsoft is a whole-house system, and Culligan just a softener- IS A BIG FAT LIE, but that is probably what the trained Rainsoft monkey actually believes. They are as trained in lies as your local scientoligist, but only almost as dangerous.

BTW, I am a Licensed Independent Water Treatment Specialist, do not work for Culligan, but respect them while I have nothing but loathing for Rainsoft for all their abuse of the public.

2d988e2e, 2008-07-25, 01:39PM CDT

It's SO true!! I'm a single mother and the rep who visited my house told me about how my city water had the same element that was used during the fumigations at the time of the holocaust! Talk about scarey, my grandmother was dying of cancer and I'm already terrified of when she would be leaving us and then this? I was in tears, literally, and of course, during this very vulnerable time I immediately signed up thinking the worst of what could happen to my only son. The demonstration on how the water changed it's color was evidence to me that something was amuck with our city water! Needless to say, after I used the system for only one month, my plumbing could not accomodate such a large system. We never discussed that during the presentation. I had constant over flow into my kitchen and what a mess! I unplugged it and have been paying on it for over 4 years now! The final cost of this beast? 4,000 plus dollars to only look at it taking up space in my storage closet. What a RIP OFF! Not to mention it's been an eye sore and a sore subject! I think of the rep every now and then and wonder how she can sleep at night knowing the families she has financially strapped! I'm not stupid and I know that our water is fine...but it was the serious concern she showed that was so convincing. I felt like she truly cared for our well being. I tell you what, they must do a heck of alot of training to rid their rep's of moral sensitivity. If RainSoft ever tries to contact me again, believe me, I have a few more comments to make.

Cyndi T. Grand Rapids, MI

836a696a, 2008-09-05, 01:26PM CDT

Culligan is no better, they are a bunch of liars.

I was charged for 6 months of service that I did not receive, and after weeks of phone conversations, finally got them to credit me, which left them owing me money. Agreeing they would continue service..then once again they did not come out to service me on the next visit, and again billed me for it, I demanded my credit back. After 7 weeks of being promised a check was coming, and never receiving one. I went to the BBB and complained.. and Lo and behold.. they credited me in ERROR and I owe them.. They are a bunch of Liars and thieves. I dealt with Mark and Iva at this location. I've tried to get the President of Culligan on the phone, and they just refuse to put him on the phone. Nice company eh?

e649fbad, 2008-09-16, 10:39PM CDT

I agree with Connie R. We had the exact experience with the high pressure, must buy now or you lose all discounts sales pitch. Got on the phone with the salesman's rep after we said no and the rep was extremely rude and argued with us! We will never buy nthis product due to this sales technique. The guy who posted saying there is an ax to grind doesn't know what he is talking about unless he is grinding one himself!

e65464ab, 2008-09-20, 08:15PM CDT

10 years ago I bought a RainSoft system while living in Jacksonville, FL. I was having kidney stones on a monthly basis and my doctor and I decided that I needed to use a filtration system for everything I drink. My husband and I decided on RainSoft and I have only had 3 stones since. I would not even think of giving up my RainSoft system for any other system. I have also become a RainSoft Sales Rep this year and so far no one has instructed me to hard pressure sale or refuse any of the perks we offer in order to help people pay for their system. I am 54 years old and been around awhile. I too think you have an ax to grind. Rhonda A.

36d6a956, 2008-10-08, 12:58PM CDT

I'm sorry to report that I have roughly the same experience with the Rain Soft sales associate that came to my home. First, the associate admitted I was mislead by the marketing rep who booked my home for a water survey. Then this person's sales tactics became very hard sell. It was just like a car deal, except I didn't have the option of walking away from my onw home! Very uncomfortable, would not reccomend it to anyone.

ac304908, 2009-01-31, 10:58AM CST

Culligan installed a water system to neutralize the pH and reduce the iron levels and further water conditioning with a water softener and activated charcoal filter. They also installed a booster pump to increase the water pressure throughout the house. Soon after the installation, a joint near the booster pump failed causing a leak around the water system. Culligan promptly responded to repair the problem. This occurred two more times with varying amounts of water leakage into our basement with Culligan promptly responding. The fourth repair resulted in a flood of our finished basement and again Culligan quickly responded. They authorized a water mitigation firm (Service Master) to clean up the water. The water mitigation firm was authorized by Culligan to remove carpet padding, paneling, and drywall to determine the extent of water and mold damage and to dry the basement. Drying the basement with a vacuum and industrial dehumidifiers took over a week. Service Master suggested that all of the paneling in the vicinity be removed to allow for a complete mold inspection. The level of the mold was at the same level of water that wicked up the drywall from the last leak. Culligan's insurance company (Liberty Mutual) was brought into handle the complaint. Culligan at this point essentially washed their hands of the problem and the insurance company indicated that all they have to do is order Culligan to replace the pump. Initially, Culligan employees, including Mark Stoner, had no problem indicating that they ensure their customers happiness and that they always do the right thing for their customers. They were even happy to say that with a handshake. I complained that I have missed way too much work to do further work during their business hours and Mark Stoner said, dont worry about that, we can arrange repairs around your schedule. Mark Stoner sent us an email on January 30, 2008, that they could do the repair at 1.5xhourly rage at our expense. Mark Stoner is not living up to his agreement. The insurance company will not authorize removal of the remaining paneling in the vicinity of the water damage thereby preventing the further inspection for water and mold damage. Considering the health hazards of mold, I am surprised that the insurance company, and Culligan, are willing to take on this liability. I have yet to hear if the insurance company will repair the damages caused by the leak or by the water and mold mitigation company.

829ca320, 2009-06-16, 10:57AM CDT

Well connie, you have to agree you can't put a price tag on health, right?? The water quality isn't getting any better. in fact it keeps getting worse every single day!! Cleaning up poor water quality isn't cheap(I mean a water softener wont take care of any problems were experiencing these days). Just because a Rep came into your home and tested your water, so they could give you all the correct and reliable info on your family's quality of life. you complain because they didnt want to guess what you and your family needed. Talk about being ungrateful! I will agree it doesnt seem like you care enough. bitter people make me sick!!

543b1018, 2009-06-24, 08:03AM CDT

I wouldn't consider myself a person with an ax to grind, in fact I was in the market for a simple water softner when Home Depot submitted my name to RainSoft. I was contacted in the afternoon and a RainSoft rep was in my home a few hours later. All the tests he did on my water had me pretty convinced that a RainSoft system was a smart move to make until we started talking about money. All I had to say was that I needed time to think about it and the rep started accusing me of having my priorities out of line. His critical response to me refusing to make an extremely expensive impulse buy is why I will never purchase a system from RainSoft. I'm sure that many people do benefit from this system and I think that's great, but I wont be bullied or pressured into any purchase I make.

d92a23ee, 2009-07-07, 05:19PM CDT

We had a RainSoft technical Rep visiting our home today, July 07, 2009 - out in Toronto.

Happening 5 years later than this complaint was made.

Can you believe it? The same car dealership sales pitch, the worksheet and so on. He tried to convince us we would pay $12 more for what we pay on soap, detergent and bottled water in a month.

And that would be for 10 years... The price of the system comes close to $10,000

I am not commenting on the quality of the RainSoft systems, but the tricks they use to get people making an impulsive buy worth $10,000

According to the marketing company, the Rep will come to make a tap water analysis, but he ended up trying to sell the system on site.

He was kind of saying 'Buy it now, or you'll be sorry. Tomorrow you won't get the same good deal' - the SOAP!

No time to think or shop around. It was really embarrassing to ask him leave.

I have already done some research, and found the same quality or better systems priced less than half of what the Rep tried to sell us.

And who would make a deal to get to use the same soap for a life time. Won't be that boring?

5d33b280, 2009-07-18, 01:33PM CDT

I have a complete Rainsoft water softener and RO system in my house and have found the products to be decent but their service would make a used car salesman blush. The fist time I needed repair on the water softener the guy relaced the power transformer with a "new one". When I went out to look at the "new one" I was pleased to see it came complete with a mud encrusted ants nest. He didn't replace a thing. While in their I noticed the outlet the ground fault type where you can reset it when it trips right on the outlet. I am sure now that all that was wrong was the circuit had tripped and all this guy did was push the button and charge me over $200.00 for the visit and "new" transformer. I wrote the company in Sarasota and called but never had the courtesy of a response from the owner, Walter Fountain. I then contacted the State Consumer Fraud division of the Florida Attorney's General office who several months later sent a form letter to me saying they would get their best men right on it. Right! After researching this company through the BBB of SW Florida (R.O. of Sarasota) it is a wonder they haven't been indicted. THey have more complaints filed with the BBB than any other similar company in Southwest Florida and as of today they are still in business. Which brings me to the repairs I am attempting to have them make today. (You wonder why I still use them? Unfortunalely, they are the only compnay in this part of the state that services Rainsoft products and only after looking for a new service provider discovered they have simply changed their name to "Discovery Marketing") likely due to legal problems. The RO system is now leaking and the repair guy has been here 5 times and cannot correct the problem. He said he'd replaced the one bad filter canister with a new one but like the power transformer this came with scratches and grease marks all over it. They are using old parts from someone elses system and calling them new! Today on his way out of my home I joked that I hope I "don't have to see you again" and he stated "yeah I'm tired of doing all this for free". Nice. When actaully I'd paid him $150.00 on the 1st visit when he said it was simply a dirty filter and "replaced" it. (I think it was new but who knows.) The Florida Attorney's Generals office is obviously impotent if companies such as this are allowed to continue to rip off consumers by simply changing their business name. Walter Fountain is is a dishonest businessman who obviously allows these practices to continue and is likely sitting very fat and happy on a yacht in Sarasota Bay while contnuing his criminal enterprise with the complicit knowledge of State authorities. What a joke. Steer clear of Rainsoft at all costs. By the way, Their corporate office in Elk Grove, Illinois was no help at all as they referred me to Mr. Walter Fountain to resolve the problem locally. Now that's great customer service from a company that should re-examine their franchisees once in a while based on the number of consumer complaints I have seen about the company.

2970e3a1, 2009-07-29, 03:20PM CDT

Actually, the original complaint looks very valid to me. The criticisms saying there is "an axe to grind" look very suspicious, however.

I just ran across this doing research. I called Rain Soft because a good friend of mine that I work with likes them a lot. He said they would give me a free water test, and probably try to sell the system, so I thought I knew what I was getting into. I called the company, asked how long it would take, and the lady said about an hour as long as we don't have a lot of questions.

So "David" shows up 20 minutes late (no call) just as I'd given up and was going out to grill dinner. I said something like, "Oh, I'd just about given up on you!" and laughed. He said, "It's just 6:05." I looked down, and it was 6:22, and I told him, but offered for him to come on in anyway. He then said that the lady to takes the calls gave him bad directions.

He proceeded to take up 2.5 hours of my night, at which time I cut him short and said I was sold on the quality of the system, and wanted to talk prices. Just to brief it over, I felt like he pulled every old sales trick in the book. He started out at $7000 for a whole house system, and I immediately told him that was completely OUT OF THE QUESTION. He kept talking and talking and talking. He finally called his manager and found the refurbished units that, wowee, he didn't know about until now. I think he started those out at about $4000. Before the end of the night, he was down to $3000, but I wasn't even negotiating... I was just trying to get him out of my house at this point. He stood in my kitchen telling me how bad my water is and how city water has killed people and asking me, "What can I do to get you to buy today?" Ugggggghh. I finally run him out, and he calls me back within 5 minutes of leaving my house. I didn't answer because I was on the line telling my friend what a nightmare the visit was. He left a message to call him back, but I did not. So yesterday he calls again and I'm in a meeting. Tells me he found another unit that was just taken out of someone's house, and it's "the unit he'd like to have in his house." I tell him I will call him back in a hour, after my meeting. But I talk to Culligan as soon as my meeting is over, and at that point I'm convinced that Culligan and Rain Soft are offering very similar services. The Culligan guy ("Cecil") impressed me with his conversational tone and seemed down to earth. Then he offered me a new system for $3000 that had a lifetime warranty on parts, 3 year warranty on labor. $3000, and we hadn't even negotiated yet.

Sorry guys, I can't see going with Rain Soft. Like the first lady said, the salesman turned me off huge. I freaking hate high pressure tactics and games, "you must buy now" tricks, and crap like that.

So here I am posting my experience, and it's real. I am a software developer, and certainly not a water expert. If anyone doubts *my* true identity, send me a message and I will respond with my phone number so you can call me or Google me or whatever. I'd lay money that the people attacking the first lady are probably dishonest Rain Soft employees trying to protect themselves.

Good luck whatever you do.


9153c5c7, 2009-08-19, 01:20PM CDT

As a Current Culligan Employee and Sales rep. I will be the first to tell you that we do not have to trash talk about rainsoft. They do it to themselves. I have had numerous complaints from now current culligan customers, stating that they have had a rainsoft system installed for only 5 years, the sales rep (In my area they are all franchises) then comes in and tells them that their system is broken and they need to purchase a new one. Not sure the reason for this, however I do not think this creates a good name for them when the local Home Depot softener will outlast (according to their sales reps) a Rainsoft system. Judging by my research I have done as a Culligan Employee, comming from other customers. Here is what it boils down to, and the length expectancy of a typical system.

Home Depot- 5-10 Years

Rainsoft- ? anywhere from 5-12 years is the longest ive heard of.

Culligan- If maintained correctly 15-20 years. There is one system that I have seen recently that has been in since 1981 and is still kicking.

My point is dont knock it till you try it!!!

BTW- Culligan has been in business since 1936

Rainsoft since 1953

Not sure where the fact came from about rainsoft being the largest and oldest water treatment company. I sure will not tell you that culligan is the oldest either.

c4bc5da1, 2009-08-18, 09:07PM CDT

You guys are hilarious. I have thouroughly enjoyed reading these comments. :) Sorry about the water.

d3274ce1, 2009-09-01, 06:22AM CDT

Ya'll do know that the rainsoft system has a lifetime warranty all you have to do after 90 days is pay 109.00 dollars and they either fix it or have it competely replaced, do ya'll have that.

bb55e263, 2009-11-09, 03:17PM CST

I am the ultimate neutral party on this subject since I inherited the Rainsoft System (for free) when I purchased my new house and I have also used Culligan. It should also be noted that I do not know of anyone nor have I worked for either company.

Culligan water always tastes great and I have found them to be a very great company. However, there benefits are limited to drinking water and they have continuous costs. It's kind of like renting a great home, but never owning your own. Perfect for some situations, but not for others.

Rainsoft was a different situation for me. I bought a house that had a Rainsoft System installed without me even knowing it was there. This is important because I noticed benefits of having the system, without the influence of thinking thing were better because I wanted them to be.

Remember that I didn't even know that the home had a water system. The home was on city water and the Rainsoft System was installed near the pool pump and system, so I actually thought that it was part of the pool system.

Anyway, I noticed my clothes felt better and my water tasted like spring water. Even my skin and hair seemed to be healthier. Trying to figure out why I had these benefits eventually led me to look up Rainsoft and I figured out what it really was.

Granted, I didn't have to pay the $5000 to have the system put in, but it really does work. I even had the local service company come out and give it a tune up and they were did so even though I wasn't the original owner. ($200 later)

The water tastes as good if not better than all bottled water brands and the clothes and shower benefits were real and continuous.

My advice would be to look into the particular local branch of Culligan or Rainsoft before making a decision. The Rainsoft would have been worth the $5000 for me personaly.

Thank you and happy hunting.

183f300f, 2010-06-15, 07:10PM CDT

My husband and I are in Indianapolis and recently bought a home with a Rainsoft treatment system already installed. Prior to living in this residence I lived in an apartment where the water constantly left behind residue and Lime Away was my best friend. I grew up in a home without a water softener and though the water seemed better than the apartment, it was VERY clear to me and my husband that the water in our new house was very different. I do not know how much the previous owners paid for their system, but I am SO glad they bought it and we both love it! Our clothes wash very nicely and my hair and skin feel way different in this water than in other places. We recently returned from a trip to South Carolina and both commented on how good our water tastes in comparison. Even though some of the salesmen associated with Rainsoft may be out of line, the system is great! Our house is 12 years old now and the water softener still does it's job!

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