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Designs In Mica And Wood, Boca Raton, FL

Business Reply - May 13, 2005 - From: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_75167#

Rebuttal to Jeff Weller- JRH 1499, 1500, & 1501

May 13, 2005 Designs in Mica & Wood 101 Glades Road Boca Raton, FL 33432 Regarding: Rebuttal to Jeff Weller- JRH 1499, 1500, & 1501 To Whom It May Concern: In response to the posting made by Mr. Weller, Designs in Mica & Wood stands behind its work and is more than willing to rectify any problems or deficiencies in the furniture we manufacture. Although Mr. Weller was dissatisfied with the merchandise at the time of delivery, he agreed to keep what he referred to as a “shoddy” piece in his home rather than reject it as unsatisfactory. In accordance with his posting, our representative went out to the customer’s home to inspect the merchandise and arrange for a service to be made to rectify the situation. However, the customer was unwilling to let us remove the desk for repair causing him to be without a desk for an extra two days. Despite not being able to remove the desk for repair, ventilation holes were cut in the CPU cabinet and the overhead cabinet was fixed. Not only did Designs in Mica & Wood attempt to resolve the situation by having installers fix what was wrong, but the customer also received a personal invitation by the owner to call him and set up an appointment to set up a service for the drawer adjustment. Please remove this posting within the next 10 calendar days or this matter will be turned over to an attorney. We will pursue damages to my company and sue you for liable.

Consumer Follow-up Message - May 13, 2005 - From: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_75168#


I stand by my complaint and have all of the backup documentation - photos etc to verify the condition of this merchandise.

The work described (fixing the overhead cabinet and cutting holes in the CPU door) is hilarious in itself.

It is as if these people did me some kind of favor in repairing items that should have never left their premises in the first place.

Based upon our design meetings they were well aware of the amount of computer equipment and the multiple battery backups that were to go into the CPU area and they neglected to vent this area correctly or design it to carry the weight of the battery backups.

The venting is still insufficient and the doors have been removed because with the doors closed the temperature exceeds 150 degrees.

For a company that is supposed to have experience in building furniture to house computer equipment they clearly have no idea of how much venting it necessary to achieve correct operating temperatures.

After weeks and weeks and weeks of requests the original designer/account rep did come out an look at the merchandise. He himself was surprised by the poor quality. The owner rejected my settlement offer.

I did not reject a "personal" request by the owner to have the drawer adjusted (which by the way is not simply an adjustment since the drawer is broken and falls out towards the floor if not handled like a robins egg) and the drawer repair of itself does not satisfy the remaining issues with this merchandise. I still insist that they make other repairs to bring at least part of this merchandise to an acceptable quality level.

I called the owners office after receiving my "personal" invitation through the Better Business Bureau as a result of my BBB complaint. I was told the owner was in the company's new office in Stuart or Jupiter that day. I don't recall exactly where I was told I was calling but it was one of the above towns.

When I called the number I was given - there was only voice mail. I left a message. But as has so often been the case with this company - my call was not returned and I was again ignoredb.

I reiterate that this complaint is valid and is to remain posted and available for other consumers to read.

In fact, at my earliest opportunity I am going to add my complaint in its entirety to 4 other consumer complaint websites and complete the filing of a complaint with Palm Beach County which paperwork I just received last week - so that other consumers can be made aware of my experience.

I will advise Complaints.com immediately should the company finally step up and take responsibility and resolve this matter to my satisfaction.

Please forward my response to the company at your earliest opportunity and append this reply to my original complaint so that the validity of my complaint is in no way diminished.


Jeff Weller

Consumer Message - January 28, 2004:

Designs In Mica And Wood, Boca Raton, FL

Designs In Mica And Wood

101 W. Glades Road

Boca Raton, FL 33431


Principal - Paul P

See letters below sent to this company.

Company representative visited installation December 03.

Company made ridiculous offer to repair some items and absolve themselves of further responsibility.

We rejected this offer and replied with 3 acceptable solutions.

We were promised a reply by 1/16/04.

That date passed without a response.

Have backup documents including photos and faxes.

See copies of 2 emails below.


Jeff W

First Letter sent to company by email and regular mail on 8/26/03

Good Afternoon Paul,

Re: JRH1499, 1500 & 1501

On behalf of Diane and myself, I would like to thank you and J.P. for your invaluable assistance in helping us design our office / wall unit and buffet / dining room.

From a design and functionality perspective, the office pieces provide outstanding workspace and storage and except for a need to vent the equipment cabinet doors - we wouldn't change a thing. The wall unit is correctly proportioned for the room and even the electronic whiteboard fits without impacting the wall unit. We sincerely appreciate the trade pricing you offered us.

We expect the buffet will also live up to Diane's expectations once the granite is completed.

However, the design and functionality of the desk and wall unit is where my satisfaction with the products - ends.

Possibly it was the anticipation of receiving perfect pieces like those in your showroom, possibly it is just my high expectations or maybe it is a combination of both.

I've never been this disappointed with a custom finished product and I still find the disparity- from what I expected to receive to what I received - overwhelming.

In some cases the attached photos clearly depict the problems, in other photos the deficiency is not as clear

in the photo as it is on the actual piece.

My gut reaction after seeing the incredibly poor finish on these pieces was to send them back.

The tear in the mica on the desktop was almost the finale`.

The stress and reality of moving + having my network and business shut down forced me to accept what I consider to be very inferior goods.

I had budgeted sufficient downtime for the installation - but not an extra 2 days for having everything redone as was offered.

This items should never have been put on a truck for delivery.

The desk top was already caulked in place. To rip it out would have meant your people removing the desk, and me scraping off the caulk, cleaning the wall and repainting to avoid seeing the remnants of the old caulk line. I wasn't up to it.

I needed my network and PCs up and running and could not afford the time to have all of the pieces ripped out (I acquiesced and had Fidel/Marx place a grommet over tear in the mica where there didn't need to be a grommet).

As a layperson - I don't understand a lot about engineering or design. I don't even profess to be all that bright.

But I do know if something is level, plumb and fits tightly.

I stopped woodworking and left my woodworking club in Toronto because I was never satisfied with the .25mm .5mm and even .75mm gaps in my finished work while my friends (many of them still my good friends today) produced finished work far superior to mine. I didn't believe in my wildest dreams that I would ever pay $10,000+ for professional work with many gaps of 1mm and even greater. This is work I would expect of myself - not the work of professionals.

I'm not going to detail every single imperfection on the pieces nor did I include photos of all of them. There are literally dozens. I don't have the time or energy. In fact if it wasn't for the simplicity of email and the ease of attaching photos - I wouldn't have even sent this to you this letter today - as much as it required sending.


The return slopes from its end to the 90 by over 10mm (.4"). That is a lot even for a hack woodworker like me.

The left side of the desk slopes by a similar amount.

During our visits to your showroom we advised that the installation was going into a former garage with a sloped floor.

As far as I saw, when Russ came out to measure he did not gauge the floor slope and I know he did not have a 4' level as he asked me for one.

Again I will profess my ignorance as to engineering or design - but how can you account in production for an almost .5" slope and that .5" not impact the finished height and/or cause the piece to be butchered during the install when you don't even measure for it?

The mica (excluding the doors) on many if not most of the vertical edges on the 90 degree angles is scuffed, abraded or filed incorrectly so that the underlying white base of the mica can be shown. Gaps, crooked cuts / uneven routing / jig saw work are evident in all 3 pieces (desk, overhead cabinet, wall unit).

Marx spent a great deal of time to try and square up the overhead cabinet and although I reluctantly accepted it - it is by no means anywhere near the finished quality that I would hope you insist upon. There is no way in the world you put this quality of finished product in your multi-million dollar home.

All of the brass colored trim washers on all the pieces lost their finish as soon as they were compressed by the screws. The brass color flaked off and fell on the desk, inside cabinets and in my teacup. When I spoke with Charlene regarding this and other deficiencies I was made to feel as if I must be wrong or stupid. I didn't appreciate the inference.

When I was called as to the customer service date I was told (not asked) that the trim washers, light fixture replacement, etc would be done on the 25th of August - the same day that the buffet and dining room were delivered. I guess this was for your company's convenience. It certainly wasn't for mine

I delayed putting anything inside the desk and cabinet to avoid having to remove it when the trim washers were replaced. Finally I got tired of stuff all over the floor and put things away anyway. The installer yesterday, carefully and graciously removed items and replaced the washers - probably sensing my frustration with these pieces he didn't even ask for any help to empty the units.

Charlene claims that all pieces were perfect when they left the shop. I find that incredibly hard to believe. I don't suppose the installers go out of their way to deface finished pieces.

Most of the deficiencies I see are of a production nature. Some may relate to installation and some may relate to how the room was templated.

If it were not for the abilities of Fidel and Marx on the installation side - these pieces would be even more unappealing to the eye than they already are.

Under any other circumstances (had we not been moving in that weekend, home office out of commission, network down, etc) I would have unequivocally sent all of these pieces back to be made properly.

Yesterday, the buffet and dining room pedestals were delivered. The granite people were scheduled this morning to measure so that we could finalize the dining room.

The pedestals arrived sans a top. I explained to Marx that this was not correct. He called over to your office and the person at the other end of the radio insisted there was not sub top with the pedestals. Again the inference was that I didn't know what I was talking about.

After placing a call to J.P. I learned this morning that the pedestals were to be installed under a sub top.

But there is no indication of when that top might be cut, delivered or installed.

I left a message for Charlene around 10:00am this morning and have not received a call back yet. It is now 3:30pm.

Again we have been inconvenienced and face a totally unnecessary additional delay while the top is made. I have had to cancel the granite appointment which in turn will change the installation date of the granite from September 10th to an as yet unknown date. That cancels a dinner party we had scheduled for Sept 13th.

If I sound frustrated - I am.

It has not been the experience I was expecting. Unbelievably far from it.


Jeff W

2nd Letter sent to company on 12/01/03


I have been waiting patiently for reply correspondence to my letter to you following our installation.

When I last spoke to JP he advised that based upon my letter, you felt that a visit to our home to view the installation would be appropriate.

I suggested to JP that we wait until the looming hurricane passed - that was in September.

About 10 days ago I called JP again as another glaring defect had appeared.

Last week I called JP again and he was on vacation.

A message was taken for you. Perhaps you did not receive it.

Under the circumstances I feel I have been more than fair in waiting for a resolution to this highly unsatisfactory situation.

It is not my nature to be anything less than a gentleman and therefore I will wait another few days for a response as I understand that oftentimes there are much more important things transpiring in people's lives than the affairs of a single customer.

If no reply is forthcoming, I will only be left to assume that your company's position is that of not standing behind your work and that you are not willing to rectify glaring deficiencies in the goods you sell.

I will find such a position both surprising and extremely disappointing.


Jeff W

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