UPS - computer monitor broken during shipment - insurance claim denied

Posted on Saturday, February 7th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 40bb4e6c

Company: UPS - computer monitor broken during shipment - insurance claim denied

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UPS - computer monitor broken during shipment - insurance claim denied

Complain regarding UPS Claim

I recently moved from California to Delaware and as a part of that I had shipped around 9 boxes, costing me

around $600. In one of the box, there was my computer monitor, which cost me around $900 when I bought it.

When I received all my stuff at delaware, UPS had not handled my packages well at all. Inspite of me putting

on the package shippment information that the contents are breakable, not enough care was taken and when I saw my monitor, my eyes were filled with tears.

IT was of sentimental value and also it relates to my day to day work. I had packed the box with peanuts, wrapped the monitor with lots of bubble wraps, and put thermocoal for packing on all sides and also pillows

on all the sides just to be sure that there is enough cushioning effect. The monitor base is broken and also stands with a slant now, and also the case is all cracked up. I am very particular about my things, I take care of them like my baby, and seeing this I really felt bad.

Unfortunately I had not taken any kind of insurance on that. thinking I have anyway put breakable and that UPS will be careful while shipping. But they didn't. And in the end when I claimed for the minimal $100 insurance that every shippment is eligible for. They denied it. I feel very bad and cheated. And the UPS store person who spoke to me was very rude. IT is my hard earned money. Because of some person's negligence and not working properly. I ended up paying a big price. I do hope somebody takes some stern action against these people. They un-necesarily charge us extra for

insurance and finally when they have to pay, they cry thru thier nose. You can contact me by mail for any information regarding this claim. Thanks

Shanthi R

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