Charter One Bank, Chicago, IL - overdraft fees in bank error

Posted on Saturday, February 7th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 717b88c3

Company: Charter One Bank, Chicago, IL - overdraft fees in bank error

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Charter One Bank, Chicago, IL - overdraft fees in bank error

I am writing this letter with outrage. I have been trying , unsuccessfully to closed my checking account at Charter one Bank since December 26,2003, when I discover in my account that a 25.00 and 69.00 withdraw was taken from my account. These withdraws were unauthorized. Even though I complaint to Charter One customer service about these withdraws this matter still have not been resolve.

On December 26,2003, I called Charter one automatic banking line to check my account which I normally do at least twice a month. I discover that two unauthorized transition was taken from my account. They was a 25.00 dollar fee and 69.00 in debit, which caused me two $30.00 overdraft fees. I immediately called customer service to inquire about these transactions. I was told that the twenty five dollars fees was from megarewards membership through Charter one which I did not authorized and a debit of 69.00 dollars from a company call Imperial Majestic Travel Resort which withdrew from my Charter One Master card. This made me very upset because, I had changed my Charter One Credit card twice because of fraud.

On December 26, 2003 that same day, I requested that Charter investigate this fraud and customer service at Charter one told me that they would credit me the 69.00 dollar, 60.00 overdraft fees and 2500 fees back to my account which would have put me back in credit balance. I requested the number of the company that debit the 69.00 dollar from my account. I called the company inquiring how they get my bank card number and were told by this company that my bank credit card division gave it to them. They said it was a joint venture with the bank to get company. When I told the bank what the company had told me, the bank denied it. The company did agreed to credit the 69.00 dollar back to my account on January 02, 2004

On January 07,2004, I went to Charter One Bank to close my account. when I arrive at the bank, I asked for my balance and the bank teller told me that I had a $151.36 balance. I attempted to withdraw and closed my account when I realized that I had a $25.00 check out. The bank teller then told me that I cannot closed my account because I had a check out and it would only open the account back up. At that time I withdrew $12500 and left a balance of $26.36 to cover the $25.00 dollar check. On January 12, 2003 Charter One debit 69.00, 25.00 check and charge 33.00 on January 17, 2004 overdraft fee. Note that Charter One said to have credit me on December 31, 2003, $69.00, 60.00 and 60.00 dollars credits which do not add up in accounting. These figures total $189.00 this is their balance on December 31, 2003.

I went to Charter One to complaint about these overdraft every time I attempt to close my account. I was told that they took back the 69.00 dollars that they had credit to my account after the company had credit me. It is evidence that Charter One had made an error crediting more then the 69.00 dollars back to them. When I tried to point the error out to the Customer Representative, Ms. Javon Harris she became angry did not credit a $33.00 overdraft fee which the bank manager had instructed her on January 16,2004. This caused me another overdraft because my balance was -$90.64. If Ms. Harris had given me the 33.00 dollars credit when her manager instructed her to, that same day Charter One Mega Rewards credit me $63.00 dollar which would have given me a total of $96.00 which would have left me with a balance of $4.64.

On January 23, 2004, I went back to the bank to inquire why Ms. Harris did not credit the $33.00 dollars to my account. Ms. Harris told me that I told her the I did not want the credit, which was appalling. she simply lied and again another overdraft fee was charged to my account. At that time I was still left with a balance of -$1.36. as of January 23, 2004. Before I left the bank, I deposit $10.00 dollars to cover the negative -$1.36. when I check my account today, February 05, 2004, I found again Charter one still have my account wrong. I should have a balance of $8.64 instead of $1.36.

These are an account of my Credits and Debits since December 26, 2003. The figures do not add up. Charter One refused to credit my account.

Credits Debits

12/26 70.00 12/26 -69.00

12/26 60.00 12/26 -42.17

12/31 69.00 12/26 -30.00

12/31 60.00 12/30 -29.99

12/31 60.00 12/30 -30.00

01/02 6900 01/07/04 - 125.00

01/14 10.00 01/12/04 - 69.00

01/17 63.00 01/12/04 - 25.00 #1413

01/21 25.00 01/12/04 - 33.00

01/22 59.00 01/17/04 - 30.00 unknown fee

01/20/04 - 9.00 service fee , automatic teller

01/23 10.00

___________ ___________ Customer Account Balance as of 02/05

$555.00 ( $492.16) $62.84

Can you help me with this matter. This is criminal!! My son had the same problem.

BY the way this company that obtain my credit card number is out of the country.

I am also forwarding this information and other document to the SEC, Banking Regulator and Illinois Attorney General along with documentation.

Sandra G

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44dde3e1, 2008-01-10, 09:06PM CST

I am submitting this against Charter One Bank. They are deceptive in regards to their so-called "Totally Free Checking". Several times I have overdrawn funds because of service fees that were put onto the account. If something is "Totally Free" then why are they charging fees for it? Also if you try to make good on funds that are overdrawn, they make you jump through hoops.

For example, I deposited $500.00 in my daughter account who is a college student at IU. She had overdrawn her account by $12.00 and within 3 days, they had assessed $450.00 in over draft fees and my daughter ended getting only $50.00

Charter one uses their employees to allure people to open accounts and promise more than banking services. I met Jennifer branch manager at Charter One in 2004. Jennifer promised me to watch over my accounts (three of them) and help me pick up my checks from the post office and deposit them in my account for a fee. I paid Jennifer hundreds of dollars for this service. While I was traveling in 2006 Jennifer picked up the mail for me and opened it and read it to me on the phone and I wired money to her account for this service. I trusted Jennifer on my accounts and mail and she had keys to my office, POBox and house. But Jennifer was not trust worthy because from no where in January 6 2008 Charter One bank assessed a fee of 461 dollars on one of my accounts claiming that it was money owed to pay an account that was over drafted in 2006. When they took the money from my account they over drafted the account $199.19. I paid my rent on January 2 and the check cleared the bank on January 6 before that fee hit the account. Jennifer who denied knowing anything about the problem even though she was the one who received all my mail in 2006 and took care of my accounts. Jennifer promised to fix the problem and get my money back. But the next day she called and told me that the rent check was reversed and my rent funds never reached my landlord and that I have $200 in my account instead of $-199.19. I had to pay my rent allover again on the 8th with penalty. When I talked to Jennifer the next day and I was mad. Jennifer promised to get most of my money back and pay the rest out of her pocket. She also said she will loose her job if Charter one knew that she was picking up the mail for me. I told Jennifer that I will not take any money form her and asked her to stay away from my accounts. With all this going I forgot that she still had my keys. I called 4 times today to ask for my keys back with no luck.

Charter one employees get involved with their customers on a personal level, they even sleep with their clients. This is not a bank. Their must be some regulations to control the behavior of the people who work for this bank.

I have never asked a question and someone in that bank knew the answer. None of them is sure about anything. They can't even update and address or a phone number unless they screw up something else.

75e9a3f0, 2008-08-18, 08:27PM CDT

I just want to add another complaint / I am currently a property owner with all my properties and finances froze with my divorce situation. At the current time I am on a very tight budget with 5 children. I put in an overdraft request (which I never had because I never needed it). I was in hopes of an amount such as $250. They said the smallest over draft protection was $2,500.00 and denied my request. I have gone over a few times and have been blasted with overdraft fees. I know it is my responsibility not to go over but I feel it is very unfair to be charged a 39.00 fee for going over in an amount as small as $3.00. As when I so go over it is a very small amount and a little overdraft protection would cure the situation. To have no compasion for a customer going through a terrible situation they know will not be the financial state of the customer forever. When I do have my income property freed and when I am ready to purchase a new home you can be sure I will never do business with charter one. As far as I am concerned they are anti-american. I will make sure all of my friends and my childrens friends parents know how my experience was with them. Also being into real estate any future buyers will be warned of this banks way of doing business in america.

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