Costco, Richmond, CA - trouble with return of 2 motorola radios (model T6400)

Posted on Friday, February 6th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by a7f50815

Company: Costco, Richmond, CA - trouble with return of 2 motorola radios (model T6400)

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Costco, Richmond, CA - trouble with return of 2 motorola radios (model T6400)

Costco Customer Service To whom it may concern, 2-3-04 I wanted to write you to notify you that today, I had one of the worst and most embarrassing customer service experiences of my life at the Costco Store in Richmond California. I purchased 2 Motorola 5 mile radios on December 5th, 2001 at the San Leandro, California store. The 5 mile range radios had just come out and I paid a high price of $99.99 for each radio. I have the receipt and did take it to the store with me along with the radios, manuals, warranty cards and all of the parts. The radios are supposed to be 5 mile radios, but they don’t reach a third of that even in the best of circumstances and the reception is getting worse (despite the fact that the radios have literally been used less than 10 times and are in perfect condition). I was complaining to a friend about how I paid $200 for a set of radios that are “lemons” and he told me that since I had bought them at Costco, I should be able to bring them back because of their generous customer service return policy. So today at approximately 1pm, I went to that store in Richmond (#482) to return 2 motorola radios (model T6400). I waited in line for my turn and put the radios on the counter and explained my dissatisfaction with the radios. The lady (whose name on her badge was “Ursula”) asked me for my receipt and asked me how long I had had them. I told her that I have had them now for 2 years and 1 month and that the problem with the radios has steadily gotten worse each time that we have used them. She said “Well, I am going to have to call the manager to see if he is willing to return them after 2 years.” She shoved my items to the side and told me to wait to the side while she helped other customers. The manager comes up and looks at the radios and looks at my receipt and tells the Ursula that “yeah, well take these back” and the turns around and walks away. To make a long story short, she rings it up and credits me $108.24 and gives me the store credit and card. I said excuse me, but this is only for one radio and she turns to me and says sharply “well you only retuned one set”. I explained to her that when I bought the radios, they were sold as a single radio. Both she and a different “Supervisor” standing behind the counter (whose name was Brent) started telling me in a condescending manner that they have “never been sold as single radios”, “I have worked here for years and we have never sold just one radio”, “they are always sold in pairs”.

They were actually raising their voices at me in the store in front of the other customers. I was very embarrassed that this was happening and strongly felt like they were accusing me of lying and trying to get away with something. I said there is no reason for everyone to get involved and start raising their voices, but I did buy these as single radios and all I am asking you for is that there has to be a way to look up the items that were sold at that time so that we could see that they were sold as singles.

Brent said to me that here was “no way to look them up to see that they were sold as singles, because they were never sold as singles, SIR!” Both he and Ursula were so sure that they were right that they wouldn’t even give me the time of day. They didn’t even entertain the thought that I might be right, nor did he agree to spend any time listening to my arguments that I bought them as single units. He had completely shut me out. I have never been in a customer service situation like this before, where they literally wouldn’t even consider something that I know is fact.

He told me that the only thing that I could do is that I could take my receipt into the San Leandro store and talk to them about it because they would be able to retrieve a copy of the receipt. I told him that I have the receipt in my hands now and how am I going to go into the San Leandro store without the radios that I have just returned and try and explain to them what has happened (empty handed). I told him that I would want the radios back if I was going to have to go down to the San Leandro store.

I told him that I wasn’t going to accept this and that I wanted the radios back and he said that by returning the radios and receiving the gift card that I had already “made and agreement with Coscto for the return amount of $108.24” and finished this transaction”. I told him that this is unacceptable! I want the radios back so, if I am going to have to go to San Leandro. He finally agreed to give me the radios back and he took their store credit card back (which was still on the counter). At this point, I don’t care about the radios. I care that the people that you have appointed as your customer service” representatives conduct themselves like this. Making me feel like a “liar” and a “shyster” is not good customer service. I did buy these radios separately and there should be a way to look up past inventory from this time to see what was sold and how it was sold. I don’t care about getting my money back now, and I will just chalk the radios up as “lemons”. Please don’t put your customers through this sort of nonsense and bad behavior. I am done shopping at Costco, because I don’t want to have to see these two employees again, I don’t want to have to be humiliated again. This is the first time that I have ever had to return anything to Costco for any reason and this was my experience. I will tell everyone that I know about this experience. Sincerely, Darrin K

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