1999 Toyota Camry - clear coat peeling

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Company: 1999 Toyota Camry - clear coat peeling

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1999 Toyota Camry - clear coat peeling


In October of 1999, I purchased a new 1999 Toyota Camry from Towne Toyota of Ledge wood NJ. Although I took impeccable care of the car, my clear coat began to peel. I first noticed this, during the summer of 2003. The location was on the driver's side, rear door. However, I thought it was just some type of foreign substance that could be removed via a washing and/or waxing. It was upon waxing the car during late November 2003 when I noticed that what I thought was a foreign substance, was actually a clear coat application defect. This was confirmed by a local body shop.

Prior to noticing this defect, no painting had been performed on the side of the peeling clear coat. During September 2003, I did have bodywork performed on the driver's side fender. However, the body shop that performed the work did not perform any painting, blending or any other type of bodywork to the door on which the clear-coat is peeling. I contacted Towne Toyota, and spoke to the Service Manager. He observed the car, and noticed that after market bodywork had been performed on the car. He declined to take responsibility for the damage. I forgot, however, to inform him that I had noticed the peeling earlier during the summer before the bodywork was performed.

I then contacted the body shop that conducted the aforementioned repair. As it was my intent to determine if the body shop was responsible for the peeling, I asked them if any painting or any other type of bodywork was performed on the door where the clear coat is peeling. I explained to them that I was inquiring about this, to determine if I could wax that portion of the car, without damaging any fresh paint. To preclude them from attempting to hide faulty work, I did not mention the peeling clear coat. They politely informed me that they had not performed any work on that door what so ever, and it was safe for me to wax that area. Upon further contemplation, and "putting all the pieces together", I later recalled noticing the peeling clear coat over the summer (which I thought was merely road debris). At the time that I initially observed the

defect, the car had approximately 61000 miles accrued. By the time that I was informed of it being a defect, 67000 miles accrued. Considering the durability of today's automobiles (especially Toyotas), I was very surprised and disappointed to learn that my clear coat is peeling already.

I must, therefore, conclude that the peeling clear coat is due to faulty work performed either on the manufacturer's assembly line, a mishap during delivery, or while at the dealership. The estimated repair cost is $500. I owned a Toyota previously. As a potential future customer, I would appreciate if a Toyota body shop would honor this repair, or if Toyota could reimburse me for the cost of the repair.

K, Anthony

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