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Posted on Wednesday, February 11th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 8547a308

Company: AOL

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The reason being is that whenever you call them you can be assured that you will never accomplish what you ask them to do, you will never get the same person twice and that noone ever knows anyone you have spoken to before.

I recently tried to cancel my acct and was offered 2 months free which I accepted. Then after the 2 months I went to cancel my acct and was offered another 2 months free. Who doesn't like free? But that's when the problem began. AOL doesn't like to lose their customers and when it looks like they are going too even after all the "freebies" they resort to Plan F- the Fraud plan.

In my case, I had already switched to RoadRunner but was keeping my AOL account for my teenage dtr. At the end of my 2nd set of free months, I called AOL to cancel and they told me that I had an outstanding balance of $299.22...that I had changed my acct to a "limited bring your own access" acct at $14.95/month then $2.95/hr status. Well my dtr can be online for days, w/her away message on!! So I am certain that I would NEVER do that. Of course I got the run around, but they promised to credit my acct. however, 3 days later no refund! I called AOL and was told it was credited.

After talking to several people, they routed the "refund" and found that it did not go to my acct. Since then, the account billing was transferred to my ex-husbands acct since my dtr has moved there. Somehow the refund was sent to his credit card...but that info wasn't even on the acct for a week!! Well, he called in and told them and they attempted to rectify the error but ended up taking out the $350.22 TWICE!!! The idiots!!!! Now they have yet to credit his credit card if you are following...AOL now owes me and my ex-husband $350.22 each!!!! No one will speak to me now about this acct because I am no longer the billing contact...yet I was when they "stole" my money!

As of this date 2/10/04 I have yet to be contacted by my "contact person" Chantel Preece after leaving her 5 messages. I have spoken w/ Richard, Paul (he was in So Africa and a jerk!) Sheena, JoJo, Rasta, Brad, Gwenique (she's in their fraud dept.) , Ronald, Chantel Preece 1-904-357-7124, Forest Wright 1-904-357-7056, some supposedly supervisor by the name of Neil ID# 12620 ( if he wasn't a liar too) and Benjamin. (actually nice but wouldn't talk to me because I was no longer part of the billing) ..there were a few others but they were foreign and I just couldn't catch their names.

I was sort of odd at one point and here is why!!! at about 8:15pm on Sat 2/7/04, I called after receiving a letter in the mail from AOL thanking me for continuing my service per "our conversation"....I was livid!!! I called and when the first person answered ...his name I could not understand...I immediately asked for a supervisor stating that I was furious and didn't want to speak w/anyone else but a supr. At that point I had not given him any information concerning myself. I did not call from my home phone but from my husbands' cell phone.

After a few minutes, this man comes on saying, " Janey???" well, that is my ex-husband's wifes' name...I sd...."NOOOO, this is LISA!!!! he stumbled around and then I asked him how he knew her name? He said it came up on caller ID where the call is placed from...well, if you're still following this "book" I'm writing, then you know her name is not associated w/my current husband of 13 years cell phone!!!! These people at AOL amaze me. Anyway, I think I am doing everything possible at this point but if someone can think of something more, please contact me.

I have contacted the FCC...the Federal Trade Commission, the Attorney General's office, the BBB, emailed an atty regarding a class action suit (available on request), and am filing this w/you today. Please help!!! I will never pay for a service like this again where they access to your credit card or checking acct.

Thank you,

Lisa M


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