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Posted on Friday, December 10th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 5827af80

Company: The Picture People / Pictures

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The Picture People / Pictures

The Picture People / Pictures

The Picture People Location: Spotsylvania Mall Fredericksburg, VA Complaint: BEWARE!! 1.) I called to make an appointment to get my 11 month old daughters Christmas pictures taken. The employee acted like I was being an inconvenience. She told me, "Now your appt is at 4:20, and you better not be late." 2.)Picture Day Arrives!! My mother took my daughter into the store at 4:10p.m.,while I was parking the car. When I got into the store my mother told me that she had to pay $20.95 up front because the employee said, "Well I will not check her in till her mother pays the $20.95, and she better hurry up because she might lose the appt." We were 10 minutes early, and I was just parking the car!! 3.) We waited almost 1 & 1/2 hours to just get our pictures taken. Why was the girl so adamant about me not being late?? Apparently having an appointment means NOTHING!! My 11 month old was getting tired and cranky by this time. It was going on 6p.m. 4.) Some high school aged employee tells us to go to picture area 1. She comes over, and takes her shoes off. I thought it was a little strange, but whatever we are finally getting out pictures taken. So the employee tells me "get in position." She tells me to turn my head, and I did it. I figured she is the one looking through the camera, so it must took good. She takes 2 pictures of my daughter & I. 5.) There was a 7 year old girl in the store. The girl was into everything!! My 11 month old was not paying attention to the camera lady because this 7 year old was saying, "Baby Baby Baby", and waving things at my daughter. I was pissed. I told the girl to get lost, and to go find her family. She said that her mommy worked there. So apparently The Picture People is also a daycare. The girl was consistently in the way!! 6.) I wanted a few pictures of just my daughter. The employee brings out a stool for my daughter to stand next to. The stool was filthy dirty, and had marks and nicks all over. I said something to the girl and the appearance of the tool, and she told me, "Oh it wont show up in the pictures." Next pose the camera girl gets these big plastic prop snowflakes and sets them on the backdrop. The big snowflake was not sitting on the flat part. I told her that it was not right and it was going to fall. She told me, "Its fine." I put my 11 month old on the floor in front of the snow flakes, and the girl walked over to the camera. THE BIG SNOWFLAKE & THE MEDIUM SNOWFLAKE FELL ON MY 11 MONTH OLD DAUGHTER'S BACK & HER FACE HIT THE FLOOR. I ran over to pick up my daughter, and the camera girl NEVER budged. She said "ok lets try that again." I said "NO THIS IS SO OVER." She said "ok well come back in 2 hours to look at your pictures" I thought that it takes 45 minutes!! That is what they advertise!! 7.) We arrive at closing time to look at my daughters pictures. They were HORRIBLE!! I am looking off to the side, and you can barely see my face in the picture. THE EMPLOYEE TOLD ME TURN LIKE THAT!! The picture of my daughter with the stool was a good picture except for the dirt and marks all over the stool. (Guess what honey "THEY DID SHOW UP". ) Oh the best picture of all was the one of my daughter screaming and crying with the snowflake on her back. Apparently the girls first reaction was not to help my daughter, but to take a picture of her in pain. I told them "I am not buying these, and I want my $20.95 back, and I am appalled at her taking a picture of my crying baby." They refused, and told me I could have a reshoot. NO, ALL OF THE PICTURES WERE OFF CENTER, AND LOOKED LIKE CRAP. HEY DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING I WANT, and I AM NOT GOING TO PUT MY BABY IN A HARMFUL SITUATION AGAIN. 8.) 3 Days after my hellish experience. My friend took her 2 sons to get there pictures done at the same store. She told the employee "Do not put him the the sleigh". The employee told her "step behind the curtain because you are interfering." My friend heard her son crying, and went to see what was going on. The girl put the 18 month in the sled and he fell out of the sleigh and busted his face and head on the floor. She went to look at her pictures the next night because they were so backed up the day she went!! When the employee brought out the picture she was told "We didn't print out a few of the poses because his goose-egg on his head was to visible." Nice huh!?!?! 9.) I still have not gotten my $20.95 back, but it has only been a week. The manager gets a phone call from me everyday. Yesterday she got 2 phone calls. I WILL GET MY $20.95, and I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THE PICTURE PEOPLE. THEY HAVE THE DIRTIEST PROPS AND STORE I HAVE EVER SEEN. NOT TO MENTION THE RUDEST EMPLOYEES!! BEWARE!! W, Ashley

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7970295b, 2008-03-10, 06:19PM CDT

I had a very positive experience with this company, but I am in California. Maybe its the area you live in. These people took the most amazing pictures of my son, were quick, and very courteous.

491ef72d, 2008-04-02, 12:54AM CDT

well, i live in california but the picture people that i went to is very rude too. i tried sears and jcpenny and i told my husband for a change lets try picture people i guess they are good, better than sears and jcpenny. i am dead wrong. the staff are very rude, even the photographer. i am game with any fun posses and props that they can offer my family but it didn't happen. our photographer is kinda impatient when taking my daughters picture, well, my daughter is only 7 months old what do you expect she sees a stranger that is forcing her to smile. our pictures turn out good and here comes the worst part that me and my husband hates so much. of course we are just going to buy pictures that we needed, we end up paying for less than $10.00 because they are giving too many coupons so i used it. they said that it will show up online in 24 hours, 24 hours past there's no picture online. so, i called the store they told me that i have to wait for 72 hours, ok. i waited for 72 hours, it's still not there. me and my husband called the store(we've waited for 1 week-i guess my math is correct that is more than 72 hours). they told my husband that the email address that i gave there store is incorrect. my husband is so upset because nobody contacted us regarding the incorrect email and here we are that they making us so stupid giving us the run around and keeps on waiting. it's 1 week and a half past and our pictures is not accesible online yet, so what i did i visited their store and asked them in a nice way to please upload our pictures online because it's been a week and a half. the lady that i talked to told me very rudely that it's not their fault anymore because there is a third party involved regarding posting it online. she keeps on repeating that it's not their fault and the look on her face is like saying do understand what i am saying!!! all im explaining about is im so disappointed and i've been waiting for our pictures. i not telling them that it's somebody's fault, i am not pointing fingers all i want them to do is upload it online so that my family and friends can access our pictures.

now, my husband is so upset we are going to report them to better business bureau here in california. everything about them is so rude, their pictures are good, it's cheap because they are giving out a lot of coupons. but, those doesn't mean a thing if they have bad customer service.

b644e2c3, 2009-11-23, 09:43AM CST

That is appalling!!!! I am so sorry you had to go through all of that... I am like the other consumer in that all of my experiences at Picture People are amazing... My family and I get our pictures taken there every year at least a few times and EVERY time it is even better than the last... I love them, but then again, I live in Indiana... It must be your location... If I was you, I would book an appointment at another Picture People studio just to see if you have a better experience... Good Luck

103836d2, 2010-05-23, 08:03AM CDT

Are you sure it was Picture People....They don't charge sitting fees.... so you would not have paid them $20.95

00b3292d, 2011-07-29, 11:02AM CDT

I've had good experiences with my photos for my kids in the Spotyslvania Mall location. I've been 2 or 3 times now to this location over the past 3 years. Hopefully the person you dealt with is no longer working there.

I will be sure to be treated appropriately tonight, especially with a 4 month old and a 3 year old. I will not disappear (if requested) or allow my kids to be put in a potentially harmful situation. Hope all goes well tonight, we have another appointment scheduled.

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