T-Mobile Service Agreement

Posted on Friday, December 10th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 93960330

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T-Mobile Service Agreement

T-Mobile Service Agreement

I have been a subscriber since October 2001 to Voicestream and then T-Mobile wireless service. My original plan and agreement (or which I still possess a copy) was for 300 wk day/300 weekend mins. Because of moving plans and using my phone more than usual I noticed that I was paying an unusually high bill. Upon enquiry I was told I only had 300 mins in my plan. The second time I called, I was told that someone switched me in 2002. Inspite of evidence to the contrary, faxed to T-Mobile (original agreement), I was given multiple and differing stories by various people as to why I was no longer on my original plan...all of whom could not provide written confirmation that I had ever changed my plan. The very nature of the differing reasons leads me to believe that they are making up certain information to cover the fact that they choose to no longer honor the original plan which they now claim was "changed by the dealer" who sold me the plan and since this person is no longer in business, they cannot honor take responsibility for their plan or agreement, and hold me liable for payment of said bill. PLEASE NOTIFY OTHER CONSUMERS OF THIS TYPE OF FRAUD IN T-MOBILE DEALINGS WITH THEIR CUSTOMERS. IT IS APPARENTLY QUITE POSSIBLE THAT YOUR PLAN CAN BE CHANGED WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE, CONSENT AND NOTFICIATION RESULTING IN HIGHER BILLS WHICH YOU ULTIMATELY BECOME RESPONSIBLE FOR. Upon producing the original agreement I was told the new and latest story that the dealer had changed the plan himself in 2001. I was told 3 different stories every time I produced evidence to the contrary ! PLEASE WARN CONSUMERS!

Z, Lina A Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_70850# Consumer

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ca957c48, 2008-10-30, 04:32AM CDT

i have a mobile nomber 07985472985, n i have now took my chip out, cos im not happy with my bill.i need to have internet for sending pictures to my friends, yet i get a bill for 500,i have strest my voise about this, an its not the first time eather, i agree they must of found an erreor n refunded the bill which was 3300, OF WHICH I NOT UESED, BUT A FEW WEEKS LATER THEY DO IT AGAIN ! they then said i uesed 3500, IM NOT IN PRESSED!I HAVE NO TIME TO UES THE INTERNET,ON MY PHONE,IM A TRUCK DRIVER,AN IM WORKIN LONG HOURS,if i wish for this service i use alo, in my prsonal pc at home thank you, n why are they sendin me this robin bill, when they send me a masage to use internet on phone for just 1 aday,there is no justification for this bill what so ever,n since then they have sent me the billfor649,n iv not had my chip in this phone for 2 weeks,iv also requested that my contract to be termanated aswell ,,,i wonder if they did that,this matter needs sortin cos im not prepared to pay this bill, iv bean charged 44 +a month when it sapost to be 35, AND I DONT USE ALL MY CREADIT EATHER thats the best bit, im takin this further, and i wont stop till this bill is crushed!please can you sort it for me while i take my letters to a hire point please,thank you

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