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Posted on Wednesday, December 8th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by db2bc885

Company: Rooms to GO - rooms to go delivery

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Rooms to GO - rooms to go delivery

rooms to go delivery

Copy of Letter and email sent to Rooms to GO Tuesday, December 07, 2004 Dear Customer Service: 10 min wait time to call center @888-709-5380 Talked with a Bonnie Straford at the customer care center very rude person, she gave no assistance to the situation what so ever. If anything she made the matter more confusing than being a help to the situation. Could not even tell me why this policy was in place to wait 48 hours, said the system locked the representatives out. Why would the company do this? Said there was a 48 hour wait time in order to schedule a redelivery. Even though in the computer it already had it as me not being at home to get the delivery. Why would you need to wait 48 hours to schedule a redelivery when the computer system already has you as not being able to take the delivery? What if you were not able to call back in 48 hours? Would the truck not be unloaded within the close of business? I am assuming that you have a 24 hour shift at the warehouse, so it is possible to do this within 24 hours, correct? Why not 24 hour wait? Why not be able to call the truck and reschedule the delivery? Why not leave a door tag with the information on it instead of a garbled message on the answering service that makes you guess at the phone number after numerous times of replaying the message repeatedly. Why give a four hour window? Why not 2 hours? More convenient when a working person has to take a day off of work and has to speculate when the delivery might be there. I got the run around from all the representatives when asking if it was possible to pick up the furniture from the Suwanee center. Said would have to wait 48 hours to pick it up. Why is this? I even called the Suwanee warehouse and the person there put me back through to the main system. I was trying to ask her if it was possible for me to come and pick the furniture up and she could not even answer the question. Did not have time to get her name because her immediate response was to direct my call to somewhere else besides the local warehouse where I could pick up the furniture. I will not recommend any of my colleagues, friends, or family to do business with the Rooms to Go Company. Your policies do not make sense. If you are true leaders in the furniture industry you would think that your delivery policies would be innovative instead of archaic. I will wait the allotted 48 hours and I am sure I will again be given a 4 hour window to delivery. I only hope that it is delivered within that 4 hour span. I will assure you once we receive the furniture from your company, we will not do business with the Rooms-to-Go Company or any of its affiliate companies again. This was sent as an email to your online support on 12/7/04 @ approximately 11:20 am. This letter will be sent to the mailing address listed on the company website as follow-up. A very frustrated and disappointed customer, C. Hamilton

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