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Verizon Wireless – Fort Worth, TX - My complaints with this company stated shortly after I bought a phone and signed a contract in a RadioShack store. Two days after purchasing the phone, I accidentally left it in the dressing room at a nearby mall, and a person without any common decency walked off with it

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Former Verizon Wireless Customer – Fort Worth, TX My complaints with this company stated shortly after I bought a phone and signed a contract in a RadioShack store. Two days after purchasing the phone, I accidentally left it in the dressing room at a nearby mall, and a person without any common decency walked off with it. I reported the theft immediately. Service was suspended until I could purchase another phone, which cost me $399.99 plus tax. At this point, their incentives were lost to me. Then I notice that not only do I not have service in my home, the phone does not consistently work in my neighborhood or inside any building where I need to conduct my business and errands. A Motorola representative gives me another phone in addition to the one I bought. I use my employee discount plan and join the two accounts. Roughly 10 months later, I am pregnant, on bed rest, and cannot find the phone. I call Verizon, tell them that I can’t find the phone, but to flag the account if calls are being made on it before I call them back. Two and half months later, I discover that not only has someone been using that phone, they went over my minutes, used the 411 service a few times, and managed to change the password on my voicemail – all this without my authorization. I call Verizon to find that not only was my previous call not documented, neither was the call where they changed the voicemail password for the thief. Instead of fighting the obvious fraud, I pay the charges, close the account since the contract was completed, and wrote off my losses. Only recently did I discover that the thief actually called them after I turned off the number to try and access the account again. No one at Verizon thought this was important enough to notify me about. They had a thief in their grasp, and let him slip right through. Wouldn’t you think that someone working there should have the decency to call the police? Apparently not at this company, they don’t. After roughly two years of service, I ‘port’ my number over to Cingular. I know they have good service in my home, neighborhood and just about everywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, so I see this as a beneficial change. I get 2 free Motorola camera phones, roll-over, and they are partnered with my local phone company and DSL service. The problem now comes because I was four (4) days shy of completing my 2 Year contract with Verizon. My fault for not digging through my files for the contract agreement, but after completing more than 99% of the contract, and on top of all the issues I’ve had with this service, I think they should reconsider the $175 Early Cancellation Fee. When I spoke with Lawena (might not be her real name), she told me that the only way that Verizon would drop that charge was if I ported my number back to Verizon and completed the contract. This is just the bare bones of the conversation, but after repeatedly refusing to let me speak with a supervisor, I gave her a call back number. I call Cingular to tell them what the situation is and their 30-day policy is flexible enough to allow this. I call Verizon back. I get transferred over to Robert in the sales department. I go through the process of re-setting up this account, only to be told that I am signing up for another two-year contract and no, they’re not removing the $175 fee. I stop the sales guys and tell him that I have no intention of staying with a service that does not work in my home. I have to leave to pick my son up from school, so Robert gives me his direct line to call when I return. It takes over 2 hours to get a hold of him again. When I do, he tells me, again, that the charges will remain. I ask him to please let me speak to a supervisor. After nearly 40 minutes, Mary gets on the line. I explain, again, what I’ve been going through and what can she do for me. She tells me that what the first Customer Service person told was incorrect, and that she would contact him (Lawena is a female) and his supervisor, and CC the supervisor’s boss and what number can I be reached at when they determine what should be done in this case. She said she would like to promise a resolution that I would be happy with, but couldn’t at that time. I gave her my cell number, because I be in and out of my home the rest of that evening and most of the following day. Less than an hour later, I have service neither on my Verizon nor my Cingular phones. I still don’t have service The following morning I call back again. Since the last number I gave them is currently not in service, here’s my husband’s new cell number that I’ll be keeping with me. I explain to Butch, who, light years above and beyond every person I’ve ever spoken to at Verizon, seemed honestly and sincerely concerned with what was best for me, rather than for the company. This is a quality I believe ALL customer service/care/relations persons should have. He promised to call me back by 5pm on Saturday, but I haven’t heard from him. So tomorrow, I’m certain I will begin another round of fighting with this company. In the meantime, I am thanking this country’s forefathers for the First Amendment. . This is all over a matter of 4 days. Four days that I will gladly pay a pro-rated service for, but I will not tolerate being punished by corporation that advertises greatness and delivers mediocrity. Julie B Fort Worth, TX

Julie B

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