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654a736b, 2008-03-22, 08:01PM CDT

Beleive me, unless you have a Dan Ryan Home nobody would beleive you. He's the MOST DISHONEST CROOKED BUILDER AROUND.

He built our basement below code. It

flooded & wipped out our entire finished basement. He added to the flood by continuning to build & pumped

water from other lots & hauled dirt to

raise the elevation. He REFUSED to take

the blame. We sued him. (It took five

years) Dan Ryan & his people LIED under

oath. (He probably paid them). His lawyer was crooked. She hid receipts & other info we were entitled too. The Judge sactioned her. Anyways it was a long five years but this Wednesday the

Jury awarded us a little over 1/2 million dollars. It's a mere drop in the bucket for someone that made 248 million last year. I wish yiu the best.

Hang in there. Remember God doesn't like UGLY. He'll get his.

14631528, 2008-04-24, 03:40PM CDT

I to had the same issue but there are so much more at hand. Please dont ever buy from them and make sure the PM knows what he/she is doing.



I have gotten as far ad Ken Gardner and that is it.

March 17, 2007- I signed contract for the Auburn model end unit lot 32. Stated to Chara Kirkman that we would not be able to move in until the end of January due to apartment lease agreement. Put down $500 to have contract written up.

April 2007- Went to model townhouse home to pick out options. Chara did poor job of going over options. She didnt explain all the options we had to choose from. Asked about the sump pump being moved under the stairs with water heater, etc and she stated she would let us know about it after speaking with the project manager.

May 2007- Paid the rest of the $3000.00 to get the house started. $2500 total.

June 2007- Still havent heard about sump pump location. Chara is poor about returning phones or any correspondence for that matter.

October 16, 2007- Went in to model townhouse for our pre-construction meeting with Chara and Jamie. Made a clarification for the darker wood stair railing for up and down stairs. Told the home would be ready for move in by the beginning of January 2008.

December 2007-Ground just broken. Called Chara numerous times to find out the timeframe since we had to let our apartment complex know if we would be renewing, renewing to a month or month, or moving out at the end of January. Chara explains that Dan Ryan will reimburse us the difference in our rent.

January 2008- Chara stated our house would be ready in February. Went to look at our soon to be new home and saw dry wall was up. We never had a pre-dry wall meeting. Chara said she would call us on Tuesday, never got the call, she said she called and we had to reschedule the meeting.

February 2008- Bernie went to the meeting for what was supposed to be the pre-dry wall walkthrough. Everything looked good and Jamie stated that there was bad communication. Yeah, no kidding. Jamie stated we would close the beginning of March and we would receive the letter stating the time and place of settlement in a couple of days.

March 2008-Received certified letter with the time and place for closing and pre-settlement walkthrough.

March 5, 2008-Showed up at lot 32 for the pre-settlement walkthrough and Jamie was not present. It was scheduled for 1:00P and at 1:30P we decided to go to the model home to find out what was going on. Chara was surprised to see us and informed us our closing and walkthrough had been rescheduled with out a call to us. Carrie Yeakle never called or anything to state these times had been changed. We found this completely unacceptable and had no choice to close the week we were supposed to. Jamie, Chara, and Carrie made it work out so we would have our pre-settlement walkthrough and closing on the same day.

March 13, 2008-We should up at the house at 12:30 for our pre-settlement walkthrough and meet with Matt. Matt seemed very inexperienced and we felt like we were being rushed through the walkthrough. Matt informed us that the 2nd bathroom bathtub upstairs was white and that he knew it was supposed to be bone colored. Also, our stair rails were of a natural color and not the darker color we had chosen. Our kitchen sink was chipped and had to be replaced as well. Matt stated he would get someone in there the next week to completely replace the sink. Matt stated someone would contact me about coming in and painting the wrong colored bathtub. We noticed that our siding was extremely badly buckled. It is not supposed to be buckled right after it is put on. Matt stated he would get someone out there to correct it.

March 17-21, 2008-Had to repeatedly call Matt about replacing the sink, correcting the siding, and the bathtub. After the sink was finally replaced, the plumber was supposed to come out and hook up the faucet. It took two days for the plumber to come out and hook the faucet back up. The siding was never replaced.

End of March 2008- Al from Renew It All contacts me about setting up a time for him to come in and refinish the wrong colored bathtub. I check out his website to find that he is painting the bathtub and there are many donts on how to care for it, scratches easily, cant scrub it, etc. I am very leery of having this done, but decided to give it a chance. Bernie calls Matt, Jamie, home office, and other people about getting someone out there to fix our buckled siding.

April 2008- Jamie calls to let us know they will be fixing the problem with the siding. They fixed it, however, now the buckling is down closer to the front of the house.

April 14, 2008- Al from Renew It All comes out to refinish or paint the wrong colored bathtub. I immediately did not like it. The color doesnt match the rest of the bathroom and every other bathroom the fixtures match perfectly. There is are runs in the paint on the bathtub. Al leaves a care paper and you cant do anything to this tub. You have to be so careful, and having two boys and maybe more children on the way that is not going to fly.

April 16, 2008- Bernie calls Matt to let him know we are not happy with the bathtub and we want it replaced. Matt doesnt know what to say and said we wont be able to do that. Bernie states to Matt that he is a poor project manager and should be checking the fixtures to make sure they are correct before they are being installed into peoples homes. Matt says he will give him a call back after he speaks with his supervisor. Never calls back.

April 23, 2008- Bernie calls and leaves a message stating we will not deal with Matt or Jamie anymore. They are young, very unexperienced, and extremely unprofessional. We threaten to get a lawyer involved. Receive a phone call back from Todd but Bernie doesnt return it until the next day.

April 24, 2008- Bernie speaks with Matt and Jamies supervisor Michelle. Michelle is very unprofessional and just rude. Bernie and I look into complaints online about Dan Ryan Builders and not surprisingly there are many complaints and/or lawsuits involving them. Bernie speaks with Todd. As a rare commodity to Dan Ryan Builders, Todd is very professional and explains to Bernie about the coating put on the bathtub. Bernie is okay with it, but just states Al needs to come back out to take care of the runs in the paint. Todd states he will let him know to give us a call. Bernie states that the siding still has not been corrected, and Todd states he will come out to take a look at it. Also, our basement door leading to the outside is leaking. Todd states he will be out tomorrow to fix the gaps on each side of the door. Bernie and I still plan on reporting Dan Ryan Builders to the Better Business Bureau along with telling our story to all the local Martinsburg area newspapers.

This is as of April 24th and still no resolution.

Anonymous, 2008-09-03, 05:55PM CDT

We bought our house in Riverside Villages in Falling Waters, WV in september of 2007. Our backyard is a pond there is no grass growth and numerous efforts have been made to get Dan Ryan to fix it. The only thing they did to correct the problem was put dead sod down on my property. Dan Ryan Builders as a company is a joke, and I certainly will not buy or refer anyone to buy from Dan Ryan Builders.

9004199c, 2009-11-24, 07:52AM CST

Dan Ryan Builders suck period. I know this for a fact lets just say I have inside information. They use cheap products and beat up the contractors so bad that we cannot use the correct products and make a profit. They aren't paying us enough money so we cannot build a good home. I have done work for them in South Carolina for 3 years and they are always asking us to drop our prices and they keep there margins the same or in some cases raise them. The company builds a very bad product and if you are thinking of buying a home PLEASE go and knock on several doors before doing so. Do this on your own without asking them first.

Here is one example I couldn't use the correct amount of nails as they aren't paying us enough to do so, so every stud gets 2 nails only, same with floor boards and don't even ask about the roof lets just say we hope the wind never blows over 70mph or they will have a mess on there hands.

ccd024b1, 2009-11-29, 08:26PM CST

Dan Ryan is a scan artist, and Ken Gardner was caught committing grand larceny. Their all a pieces of shit!@!!

fc5c54ba, 2010-06-27, 09:26AM CDT

I feel your pain. Dan Ryan simply sucks. They lie to get you to buy and once you do you are screwed. They dont care if you sue them. I live in Riverside Villages in WVa and they have allowed a contract Postal Carrier to lower our property values by placing all the mailboxes of the single family homes on one side of the street. They did nothing to support the homeowers. And let's not talk about the DAN Ryan handpicked HOA that was forced on us.GOOD LUCK. THIS WAS A GREAT MISTAKE

0bf44780, 2011-09-12, 02:16PM CDT

OMG We moved into Riverside Village in March 2010, What a mess. Our 120 consisted of Brian who is such a flirt and smooth talker he just tells you want you want to hear and makes so many promises. The 120 was bad they missed tons of nail pops, cracks in corners, the carpet on the first landing was not installed correctly and all they did was send a guy out to pull the corners and thow a bunch of staples in it. then I was told last year that they would fix the big crack in the flooring in my hallway downstairs that never happened. The best part is the frozen water in the toilet, they cut open the wall, chipped my dryer top, strayed some foam in it and left, the touch up paint did not match the pain in the house and we still do not have grass in the back yard. BUT THIS IS THE TOTAL KICKER!!!!! MY PARENTS ARE DISABLED AND I NEED TO CONVERT MY GARAGE INTO A LIVING SPACE FOR MY PARENTS....KNOW WHAT i WAS TOLD? SELL IT GET A SINGLE STORY AS THE HOA DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO CHANGE IT TO LIVING SPACE......ANYONE KNOW HOW TO OVERRIDE THIS?

2nd Cav Veteran, 2013-01-16, 08:57AM CST

Dear Ed--Per our conversation, Dan Ryan Builders is cancelling the contract

on Lot 147 Cypress Lakes Village for non-performance of contract as per

their Cancellation document. As soon as Mr. & Mrs. Brunson sign & you return

by email, fax or in person to Coldwell Banker Advantage the two attached

documents, Coldwell Banker will release the $1000 Earnest Money Deposit.

This will preclude the need to meet face-to-face on Monday as scheduled.

Thank you very much. --Malcolm McFadyen

Malcolm McFadyen

Coldwell Banker Advantage

3800 Raeford Road

Fayetteville, NC 28304

910-483-5353 (W)

[email protected]

2nd Cav Veteran, 2013-01-16, 12:47PM CST

Cypress Lakes Village, Hope Mills

Just file my complaint with Fair Housing in Raleigh against Dan Ryan Builders

2nd Cav Veteran, 2013-01-18, 08:27AM CST

So far my complaint is going well. So much information is needed and it is great that I had all my information in order. For anyone that has or is filing a complaint make certain that you have all of your information in order.

This is for all the Veterans that have been discriminated or unlawfully abuse by your realtor company. Dan Ryan have not return my earness deposit of $1000.00 dollars which is a plus. I will be taking them to small claims just for the pride of it. Malcom Macfayden and Rad Brown thought we were dumb clients.

Well fighting for all of our Veterans and Cypress Lakes Village. Hud in Raleigh doing a great job in my process.

4b21c16b, 2013-09-26, 05:59AM CDT

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