Monitronics, International, Inc. 12801 N. Stemmons Freeway, Suite 821 Dallas TX 75234-5879 - I have had so many problems with this company that I am not sure I can even list them all.

Posted on Saturday, December 4th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by 69e3be56

Company: Monitronics, International, Inc. 12801 N. Stemmons Freeway, Suite 821 Dallas TX 75234-5879 - I have had so many problems with this company that I am not sure I can even list them all.

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Monitronics, International, Inc. 12801 N. Stemmons Freeway, Suite 821 Dallas TX 75234-5879 - I have had so many problems with this company that I am not sure I can even list them all.

Monitronics, International, Inc. 12801 N. Stemmons Freeway, Suite 821 Dallas TX 75234-5879 I have had so many problems with this company that I am not sure I can even list them all. * I signed up for a two-year contract (so I was told by the local company who originally signed me up), but now Monitronics claims that I have a three-year contract.

* When the service was installed, I was told that I would get a keypad by my front door. When the installer came out, he didn't do it and said he wasn't told to do it. I tried to call Monitronics and the hold time was so long that I gave up, thinking they would just send someone back out to finish the job. I called Monitronics to complain about it and they said they would charge me more than $100 to have a keypad installed at the front door. Bear in mind that I had a complete system already installed in my house and basically all they had to do was program it and turn it on. I told them that I was disabled and unable to get across the house to the garage door, in the utility room, to disarm it in time, and yet they wouldn't budge.

* I received a notice of a rate increase. I didn't think that was allowed, but when I called, it was indeed in the very fine print of the contract. I can't find the letter, but I swear it said I could cancel because of the rate increase. When I called to cancel, they denied this.

* I discovered during a phone call that I had not been monitored for the past 19 months, since the second month of my contract! I had been setting my alarm all this time and was not connected! The problem was that I got a new phone number, which I called and gave them immediately. They claimed that they never got my new phone number until I pointed out that the new number was the one they were calling me on right then! They apologized over and over and told me that they would send someone out to take care of it right away. Monitronics called me back to tell me that my local third-party program would be calling me to make an appointment, which they did.

* The technician came out, fixed the problem, and then told me that there was an $85 charge. What? Nobody ever told me that. I refused to pay it. Then the phone calls started. I can't get these people to call me to save my life when I need them, but if they think I owe them money, they will call me every night and rudely dun me.

* The day after the technician left, I tested my system. Monitronics still didn't get a signal! They told me that the 3rd party local company must have done something wrong, that it was tested silently and worked. I hated to have the local company come out again since I refused to pay them the last time, but they were nice, called me, and talked me through manually programming the system. The local guy told me that the problem was on Monitronic's end. I called back and tested and it worked.

* During all of these issues, I called frequently. I was continually told the same things, that I should have read the contract better, that it's my responsibility to test frequently, and they tried to sell me a warranty. It was as if they were trained parrots. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that the supervisor would tell me the same thing. If I insisted, they would tell me a manager wasn't available. Once I left a lengthy voice mail message for a manager, and I never received a call back. Once a manager did return my call, but I couldn't understand the message on my voice mail and couldn't call back because I couldn't hear the extension number.

* I have tried to cancel and I am repeatedly told that I cannot. One supervisor told me that he would waive the $85 charge, yet I continue to get dunning calls and bills. When I told the rep that I was promised the charge would be waived, that person said there was no record of anyone telling me that. I am sending a letter to the address at the top of this complaint. This is the address they told to send a complaint or cancellation to. After reading all of your complaints (thank you so much for taking the time to report this), I will send it by certified mail, return receipt requested. Thanks for hearing me out. Anything you can do to help is appreciated, or even if one person is made wary of this company, it will be worth it. I will let you know how this comes out. Karen D.

Austin, Texas


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3aa6bfc1, 2008-06-20, 10:34PM CDT

What you stupid people do not understand is for your sake when you sign contracts or agree for services you need to read the contract and its entirety... As the consumer you are responsible for what you are getting into because in the eye of the law you cant save your own a** because you agreed to those terms...also in the contract its states there is a yearly rate increase of no more than 5% of your monthly cost...usually $1.00 and is legit...dont complain because of your mistake and lazyness to disregard reading the contract...monitronics offer the same terms and agreements that other alarm companies do...Brinks, ADT ect. has only three year agreement/terms...during that term and you wish to cancel there will be a penalty...After that three year agreement you can cancel at anytime w/o penalty...Same goes for seems as though you people call these companies and are so upset that you hear nothing the rep says or try to explain...instead of cursing, screaming, and threatening these people you should be patient because majority of the times they can help to the point where you may have the system running correctly and free service...(depending on the situations and by law what can be done w/o changing the contract and loss of business)...just use this as a wake up call people...READ WHAT YOU SIGN EVEN FINE PRINT...then these problems will stop...another thing...when you call...getting upset never solve anything because the reps are trained never to take anything personal...But never disrespect someone over the phone who you dont know and could possibly have your info...come on these people could be very offended by what you say...this is common sense...that goes for anywhere...GET IT TOGETHER FOLKS AND WISE UP!!!

fbf4df0e, 2008-08-28, 11:49AM CDT

I have a comment for the person that is complaining about people complaining- This is What do you expect to read?

You get it together!

8aefbf80, 2009-07-14, 04:55PM CDT

I do not know where you get your call lists from, but I am on a do not call list and your number came up.

I do not have an account with you, so this had to be a solicatation call.

Please check the do not call lists before you place that call, or you could be fined. Thank you.

3246e5cf, 2010-01-29, 04:22PM CST

Don't feel to bad, my grandfather tried to cancel the service for 5 years. He even disconected the unit. When I caled them to cancel it because he had died, they actually told my that they eeded to speak to the account holder! I said that they would need to contact Lazeruth.

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