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Posted on Saturday, December 25th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by b7029fd3

Company: North American Outdoor Products - Garage-in-a-Box

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North American Outdoor Products - "Garage-in-a-Box"


I'm complaining about North American Outdoor Products ( model number 62655A called "Garage-in-a-Box". I paid $465 including $97 for shipping on 11/17/04. Yesterday, 12/23/04, we had a very windy day, and 5 parts sheared apart -- 2 parts sheared at the welds, and 3 parts

sheared where bolts attached to other parts. The covering itself had started to rip as soon as we put the garage together.

Their advertising says "All-Weather Shelters" "Affordable Instant Garages" "Protect your investments from sun, wind, rain, sap, and snow!"

Yesterday, in ~30mph wind gusts, the entire garage collapsed and cracked the windshield of my car. I called the company to ask for my money back, and they said they do not guarantee their products

against weather! The lady said they guarantee only against manufacturing defects. I said that welds shearing apart should qualify for manufacturing defects, but she said it was caused by wind, and they don't guarantee the shelters will hold up in weather!

She said many people in New York had called to complain about their shelters falling apart in the wind,

and they don't guarantee their products will hold up in the wind. Mind you, they know where they are shipping to when you order, and they don't say anything about how their shelters crumple in New York

weather! I'm dumbfounded. I want my money back.

Yours truly,

Pat B Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_71395# Consumer


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bafc1193, 2008-03-01, 08:09AM CST

I live a half-mile from the ocean in Florida and I have used the 10x20 for years and found well worth the price. My latest just shredded in a high wind but I had it for severaboxl years. I had a garage in a box that I used for storage and it was twisted apart by a storm but that one was called Wilma. I tie mine down using dog tie out screws and run line through all the grommets and around the poles and fasten one end against the house. George LaMothe, Lake Worth, Florida.

76914caa, 2008-04-14, 07:36AM CDT

I have two of these garages and live in upstate New York, they have both been up for 5 years with no problems except the little bungies get all stretched out, I would think your installation was improper.

JERRY V., 2013-07-26, 06:20PM CDT

I have a cover and frame I purchased several years ago and cannot find the directions for assembly. Please help. Model # 25777. Please reply to [email protected] I need to assemble tomorrow Saturday July 27 if possible. Thanks Jerry Vail

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