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Posted on Thursday, December 23rd, 2004 at 12:00am CST by a196fee5

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Hershey's Gifts

Hershey, PA

I placed an order for a corporate gift to one of my best clients, on 12/09/04. I requested a delivery date of 12/21/04 so that it would arrive in plenty of time for their company Christmas party on 12/22. When I called my client during their party on 12/22, I was very dismayed to find that there was no delivery from Hershey.

I then placed a call to their customer service line to inquire about my order.

I found that not only was the delivery not made on 12/21, it still had not shipped! I was told that it would go out today for delivery tomorrow 12/23. That's great, except for the fact that they are closed for Christmas tomorrow and Friday! According to the Hershey website, I could have placed this order on 12/18, and still have had the requested delivery date met. Obviously, this new delivery date was not acceptable.

I guess my biggest surprise was the atitude of the "customer service?" personnel. There was no offer to do anything to correct their screw-up. They could have offered to deliver the item after the holidays with a note about their error, or something! There was never an offer of any kind to do anything other than to say "we're sorry, we've been real busy."

Translated- "Hey buddy, we're Hershey". We don't have to do anything that resembles customer service, we're too big for that".

In closing, I would suggest that you not order anything from Hershey's gifts that requires it to be there at any specific time. I placed this order two weeks in advance, and it was only going across the state of PA to my client in the Phila. area. It is clear from my experience that they will indeed make mistakes, as do all people sometimes, but they will make absolutely no effort to make anything right for the customer, once the mistake has been made. Needless to say, this is my last order to them.

Tim R

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8597dc05, 2008-01-05, 08:17PM CST

I will never order from Hersheys gifts again. I placed an order for my business to deliver 6 baskets to arrive before christmas to very important clients. I was called and left a message over 2 weeks later after I placed the confirmed order to tell me my order was never shipped and 4 of the six baskets were cancelled. All they said on the message was they were sorry for the inconvience. I called hershey to see what they were going to do to fix the problem and one customer service person hung up on me. I called back and finally got a "manager" and he just said there were too many orders. He could not even tell me when my order would ship so I ended up cancelling and had to start all over with another company. The customer service dept did not even care that my order was cancelled. I could not believe the treatment I received. I will never attempt to order from them again. My experience was horrible.

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