1999 Pontiac Montana - intake gasket

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Company: 1999 Pontiac Montana - intake gasket

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1999 Pontiac Montana - intake gasket

I also am the unhappy owner of a Generic Motors defective vehicle. I have grown up in a GM family. All I have ever owned is GM vehicles. Being 30 year old now I sit back and think of growing up in a GM family This has made me a very good mechanic. The resent vehicle is a 1999 Montana. I Purchased it in 2001.

The first thing I noticed was the air bag lite came on at around 58000 miles, which still comes on from time to time. It has to be on when I take it in or they can never figure out what it is.The next thing was the transmission went out at around 70000 miles. Which cost me around $2000 bucks. Which I realy didn't like my wife and kids being stranded on a four lane highway in the middle of rush our but that is what I get for buying another GM.

About four months after the transmission went out the coolant light started comeing on from time to time. This is when I started to question myself and venture to find out what was going on after the third or forth time topping it off. Looked inside the valve cover and it looked kind of like vasoline and pepto mixed. Let me tell you this isn't an easy fix and it's going to run into some money. Tryed to cantact the lot where I purchased it and they wern't any help. Which is Sale Auto Mall In Dalton.

I have a guy who workes for me know who told me a thing or two about this place. See he used to be a mechanic for them and he says they are not worried about the drivetrain. All they are worried about is if the car looks good. Even the salesman that worked there moved to another stealership due to these problems. I can tell you I will never purchase another GM product again. It will make my father mad but I dont like my family being stranded.

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