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This is a letter, I sent to Applebee's after they basically emptied out my bank account. Dear Applebee’s,

I was in your restaurant on Saturday, December 18th, 2004, at approximately 5:00 PM, at 9142 Roosevelt Blvd., in Philadelphia, PA 19115.

My bill was $24.29, and I gave a tip, for $3.71, which would make my total to $28.00. When I was at my bank two days later, on December 20th, I saw a debit on my credit card from (Roosevelt) Applebee’s for $24.29 and also for $57.65; Commerce bank informed me of all of this, today.

When I came home, I pulled up my receipt and talked to junior supervisor “Charles,” from 9142 Roosevelt Blvd., Applebee’s about this at 5 PM, on Dec 20th. I was very upset, because this ran my bank account down to approx. $9.00. Charles said he would find out what happened and call me back. He called me back 3 hours later and told me that this shouldn’t have ever happened. Charles then

went on to say, that Applebee’s waiter, “Matthew L.” ran my credit card for $24.29, then accidentally used my credit card to pay someone else's bill for $57.65, then he voided it out, so the money should have never come out of my account.

Then he told me I would get my money back 3 days later. I got upset about this, because I won’t receive my paycheck for a few days, and my account is down to approx. $1.00. I told him, I need my money back, and this incident really screwed me over. The phone conversation ended with him basically telling me this shouldn’t have happened, and I should get my money back in 3 days,

that he will call my bank for any overdraft if I want, and something about discounts.

He was also upset with the way I was talking with him, and asked me in a rude tone, “Do you got it?” and spelled out his last name for me in a rude manner. The problem is that with my credit card down so low, and not being paid for a few days, I had to walk about 15 blocks, to buy food today, from a place that would take credit card, without the required purchase of over 10.00. Also, I have to have meetings with the bank for any possible overdrafts ($10.00 purchase from last night, could put me in a negative balance), and I feel like Charles could care less about any of this. By your waiter running up someone else's bill on my card, it really screwed me over royally.

I need the money back ASAP, for food and public transportation, before my paycheck comes in. I’m a full time student at Temple U, and roughing it with finances, between semesters. I needed that extra 50.00 to make ends meet this week. And now I’m digging change out of cabinets, to buy bread today.

As a part time accountant, marketing consultant, and experience with credit cards and customers, I find this very unacceptable.


Rodney G

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