Emachines rebate scam -- class action law suit

Posted on Sunday, December 19th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by dbc4a918

Company: Emachines rebate scam -- class action law suit

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Emachines rebate scam -- class action law suit

&#160 I recently purchased an Emachines T3092 from a Circuit City in Irvine, CA with the promise of a $50.00

Emachines rebate. I simultaneously purchased a monitor from a different company and source, also with a $50.00 rebate. I sent both rebate forms off within days of making the purchases. I received the monitor rebate check as promised; from Emachines I received a letter informing me that my rebate had been refused because I had not postmarked my request within 30 days of making my Emachines purchase. My wife and I phoned Emachines immediately. The person we spoke with repeated the information on the letter, but could not tell us the date our request had been postmarked (upsetting, since this was the reason that the claim had been refused). We asked to speak with a supervisor and were transferred to a person named "Mark." Mark, who was extremely rude, told us to fax our rebate forms (for no reason I could discern-- the issue, evidently, was the phantom postmark) with an explanatory letter. We did this two days later. We have just called Emachines back at the number they gave us and spoken to Mark again, who told us that our fax had not been received. A quick scan of numerous similar claims on the internet assures me that Emachines is running a policy of refusing rebates, regardless of merit. Perhaps this has something to do with Gateway's recent acquisition of the company (they might not want to accrue additional debt, etc.). This is an abusive and

dishonest policy toward consumers and must not be tolerated. I wish to pursue a class action law suit against Emachines. If you have a legitimate rebate claim

against this company, please e-mail me at COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_71617# Tell me what you purchased and how much the rebate was for, and please include an e-mail address with which I can contact you. Thank you. Russell F

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sandra c., 2013-10-22, 03:23PM CDT

I recently received my certificate from emachines for a rebate for $365.00 and went online to purchase a new laptop for 349.00. I then received an email stating my order had been cancelled as this item was not in stock and to please place another order. I went back online and ordered another laptop that cost $332.99 and I was charged the amount as my certificate# was invalid and or not found, (due to the first order had not been credited back of course). Now I can't get in contact with anyone. So I mailed a letter to the address on my certificate letterhead and hope that I can get a response from there.

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