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Posted on Tuesday, December 14th, 2004 at 12:00am CST by f6fda713

Company: Wireless Warehouse / Metro PCS Atlanta

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Wireless Warehouse / Metro PCS Atlanta

699 Ponce De Leon Avenue Atlanta, GA 30308 I have a super neighbor who does not own an automobile and asks for rides to pay his bills. He has neither checking nor internet so he must pay in cash. Twice I have driven my neighbor to the Wireless Warehouse for Metro PCS Atlanta located on Ponce De Leon during the business hours posted on the door, only to find the door locked and no one available. This happened most recently Saturday, 12/11/2004 just after 6 p.m. Closing posted on the door is 7 p.m. This also happened in early November but I cannot remember the date. My neighbor’s bill indicated payment must be received by SUNDAY, 12/12/04 in order to avoid interrupted service. I would think since the business was closed early Saturday and the payment was due Sunday (business is not open on Sunday), the service should/ would not be interrupted BUT IT WAS, unfairly. When I got home from work tonight, my neighbor called and asked if I would drop by his workplace, get the money from him and pay the bill so his service would be restored. I did this and found the door, to the above business locked at 6:35 p.m. and again, the door to the business indicates closing to be 7 p.m. After knocking and knocking, a very disturbed looking (and acting) Asian woman came over and asked, through the door, “What do you want? I told her I wanted to pay a bill and she reluctantly opened the door. When I asked about the hours, she indicated they close at 6:30 and not 7:00 as indicated on the door. Then she changed her story and told me the business does remain open until 7:00 but skirted the issue when it came to explaining why the door was locked early tonight and Saturday. She then proceeded to, RUDELY, ask for the phone number and name for the account I wish to pay, then gives me an amount due 3.00 higher than the amount of cash my neighbor gave me to pay. She, Jenny, told me the additional 3.00 was a service charge as this business was not a payment center and if you do not pay via mail with check or via the internet, but rather in person with cash, which is the only method of payment she will accept, the customer is charged an additional 3.00. I hope my service, Cingular, does not do this, if they do, I quitting them as this guy should quit Metro PCS Atlanta. By now Jenny is really rude and I am pissed especially since she just told me the amount I had, 50.22, not 53.22, was not acceptable and she could not help thus my neighbor is still screwed out of his service. At this point I asked for her immediate supervisor because, 1. Jenny knows nothing about customer service and 2. if this place had been open Saturday as advertised on the door, this would have be avoided all together. Jenny told me she is the manager and would not offer her Supervisor, Manager, Director’s name nor the phone number I would need to understand this poor customer service. I told her I had not choice but to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to which she replied, “Go ahead, I don’t care!” Another customer walked in and gave me 3.00 since she too, was treated rudely and the offer of money united to very pissed people. Then Jenny did not want to take the payment, now 53.22, at all, just out of rudeness but eventually did but again, not without slamming things around and making faces. What is up with Metro PCS Atlanta? HEY METRO PCS ATLANTA subscribers, come over to CINGULAR where you will find all service centers opened as advertised and the reps friendly!! Shame on you Metro PCS Atlanta and Jenny. Doug J

Doug J

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1a6057cf, 2007-11-21, 12:38PM CST

I quit using Metro PCS for the same reason. The cellular service was great, with no problems. The plans offered were excellent. However, there is absolutely no customer service from the company. If you have a problem, just give up before you waste your time. Metro PCS uses questionable franchises sell their merchandise, use their logo, and qualify as "service centers", which is really a joke. You can't find a corporate service center anywhere. These franchise stores are usually run by scam artists. I've been sold a battery and a phone from a franchise Metro PCS store, and they didn't work from day one. It took 6 months to get a credit back, because there is no corporate customer service office to handle problems. Jenny discussed above sounds like every single person I've met working in a Metro PCS store. They are awful. If the service and price is good, but the company allows thieves and incompetents to represent them at their business locations, it doesn't work.

ea7ac16c, 2013-01-29, 10:01AM CST

That Metro store needs new management. Its a disappointment every time!

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